153 Biere Street – No, not a street

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153 Biere Street is a European themed restaurant cum bar in Whitefield, east Bangalore. So far, we had not gone here because we don’t drink. And we had heard it’s a drinker’s paradise. But this time around, we thought enough of waiting, lets go here, if not for a drink (oops..forgot to mention we don’t drink) then just for the ambiance and some quiet relaxing time. So finally, one Friday evening we made a reservation here. We headed here right after work.

Biere Street
Entrance to the restaurant

How to reach

The location is quiet straight forward. Head to forum value mall (which is known to everyone in Bangalore) . Head a little further. There is a street at the left hand side . A little inside the street , almost 300 meters down the lane, you will find 153 Biere Street on the left hand side. We made an early reservation on purpose. Because we wanted a quiet evening and the place starts getting crowded by the night.

First Impression

When you walk in here, it really looks like a quaint european street, but actually it’s not a street. Actually, 153 Biere Street is a collection of restaurants and boutiques. It is made on the theme of a cobbled street with tiny boutiques and shops lined on side of the street and eateries lined on the other. The open area in the middle provides rustic benches, chairs and tables for dining under the stars. The ambiance definitely is one of a kind and immediately impressed us as we entered here.

Biere Street

The setup

A lot of detailed thought has indeed gone into the decor of 153 Biere Street to give you that impression of being in a mini – europe right in the heart of Bangalore. The cobbled pathways, the shades on the sitting area, the shades across the restaurants, the colorful boutiques lining the other side of the campus and the windows on the first floor all add to it. Indeed it all works together to bring the theme out. And, you will love the ambiance for sure.

The restaurants

153 Biere Street has three different restaurants : The Biere Club, which is a microbrewery, Mustard and Cress which is a casual dining and Everything stops for T – a desert parlor. Check here for details of the restaurants, timing, pricing and reviews. Since we arrived early at the restaurant, we chose to sit at the Biere Club and order something light. The place was not at all crowded at this point of time (around 6 in the evening). We spotted only a couple of other groups sitting far off in another corner. Apart from this, only the restaurant staffs were there.

Biere Street

The good part is that all of these restaurants have different timings. Due to it, you can head here any time to enjoy the place. You need not wait for that typical lunch or dinner time if all you want is to enjoy the ambiance of the place and some quiet time in the morning or the evening along with your near or dear ones. If you want to have a party in a bigger group, the place is perfect for that as well.

The food

I won’t talk much about the food. Being the weird non-alcoholic vegetarians that we are, we obviously had a very limited option to choose from when it came to food. What we ordered was decent but nothing extra special compared to many other restaurants of similar cuisine in Bangalore. However, the restaurant has a good rating on all the review sites. So, the non veg and the pub must be good I assume. However, the service was quiet slow, I guess they are trying to blend the slow paced lifestyle with the theme 😉 .

But the ambiance definitely wins the heart. Even if you are not a crazy for food or an avid drinker, you can just walk in here and spend an evening to experience the unique theme of the restaurant and the great hangout atmosphere. It is like a mini picturesque Europe inside Bangalore. We ordered a simple veg platter which consisted of some roasted cottage cheese (paneer tikkas), roasted mushrooms, barbecued potatoes, vegetarian Kebabs with different dips. The platter did look beautiful.

Biere Street
Our veg platter with masala sodas

The boutiques

After we were done with the food, we decided to take a stroll to the exit along the boutiques. There are several small boutiques lining one side of 153 Biere Street. Some of them were closed at this point of the time. I guess these boutiques lining one side of the “street” in the restaurant need a special mention. They were very cute, dipped in different colors and selling equally cute items. As you can see in the picture below, they were painted in shades on blue, deep pink, yellow, light pink, green etc. , looking like a rainbow of boutiques. There was a baby cloths and accessories boutique at the beginning, just near the entrance, that I loved the most, although we didn’t have time to venture inside any.

Biere Street

Will we go again?

Yes, definitely. For the sheer love of the ambiance and the quiet atmosphere. But this time around, I will prefer going later in the evening. I have heard the place looks even better at night with all the lighting and the people around. The atmosphere then is quiet charged up and vibrant. I also couldn’t take a peek into the boutiques, so , I will do that next time. And my sweet tooth has not got a taste of the desert parlor, neither did we try mustard for dinner. So, definitely I have to go here again. And once I come back, I am definitely going to share with you the night time view, and my experience with the fine dine and the desert parlor.

Tips for visiting

  1. Directions to the place : 153 Biere Street is located just besides Prestige Ozone. It is on Hagadur Main road. (the first right after crossing forum value mall, when commuting from Kundanhalli signal towards Hopefarm). One can check the directions on google map as well.
  2. Timings : Different restaurants inside here have different timings . The Biere club starts around 3 in the evening and continues till 11 pm. Mustard Cess , being a casual dining, its opening hours are 12pm-3pm and 7pm-midnight. The desert parlour is open 11:30 am to 10 pm.
  3. Should you book in advance? Yes, particularly on weekends since the place seems to get overcrowded on weekends.
  4. Commute : You can drive down here, take an uber or ola taxi, take one of the 333 series buses that comply in this route or take an auto. The place lies in the heart of the city, so you will have no problem reaching here.
  5. Avoid going in the afternoon during summer months, because you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful outside sitting here.
  6. I will personally not prefer to go to this place with children and toddlers who are quiet mobile. Since there is not much space to move around. Also, there will be a lot of smoking going on in the area, particularly in the evening.

153 Biere Street


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43 Responses

  1. anceantovska

    That seems like a perfect place for Bangalore’s visitors. Great photos!

  2. great post, i never would have thought this was in India. just goes to show how diverse that country can be!

  3. It looks like a great place to walk and relax at the same time. The veg plate looks delicious! Will check it out when we are in the area 🙂

  4. It looks like a lovely place! I’m not much of a drinker either, but the food looks delicious, and it seems like the place has a nice atmosphere too. Thanks for sharing, Neha.

    • Thanks Vicky. Definitely a place where even the non drinkers can relax and unwind with some delicious non alcoholic drinks and food

  5. I love the settings of the boutiques how all lined up with beautiful colors of rainbow. The vegs from the photo sure do look good to taste good indeed! Not tasted India yet but Bangladesh. We’ll be waiting on you for the night experience.

  6. Lynne Sarao

    This restaurant looks like a great choice for visitors to Bangalore. The ambience looks hip and the food looks amazing!

  7. I also don’t drink at all but I would go for the ambiance that you described. The food looked quiet good 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  8. oh wow! This sounds like just my sort of place! I love little spots like this – feels full and ripe with community 😀 Great share!

  9. This looks like a super cool place to visit.

  10. The food looks delicious and the place is beautiful. I would love to dine here then take photos around. Thanks for sharing.

    • The food is tasty too and definitely the ambiance is also better than what a picture can capture. So, you will definitely love it

  11. Jenni Petrey

    This looks like a great restaurant, I definitely wouldn’t have expected this in India. Will hopefully make a trip there one day!

    • Even I had heard of it for quiet a long time and thought it is just another overrated restaurant. But when I visited here, I felt it is no less than what it’s reviews speak

  12. Great post and such a beautiful restaurant !! I haven’t heard for this before, but its definitely on my bucket list..This guide is so useful!! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  13. I would love to visit this restaurant because you mentioned that they served you with “some roasted cottage cheese (paneer tikkas), roasted mushrooms, barbecued potatoes, vegetarian Kebabs with different dips”. I am not vegetarian but I love eating vegetables! I like paneer cheese too. The first time that I saw it, I thought it was tofu. Haha! When I tasted it, I have remembered paneer since then. It was mixed with vegetable curry. I cannot remember the exact name of the dish.

    • Iza, I am not sure how acquainted you are with Indian curries. Paneer is the best replacement for non – veg (particularly chicken) and we have countless paneer preparations here 🙂 Tikkas are the grilled ones and even I love them. You will definitely like the platter and you will love it when you get to try different paneer preparations from India – give it a shot

  14. For me, ambiance is half of the experience when dining in a restaurant. The food does look great. But I have to say I really love the ambiance here.

  15. As a drinker I’m happy to go here! The food looks amazing. I always prefer to take personal reccomebdaitons on places to eat when I’m traveling.

    • I bet you will have a completely different perspective on the place 🙂 with the night time and the drinks , do let me know your experience when you get to travel here.

  16. I’m not much of a drinker either, but it sounds like this place has great ambiance – and it really looks like it’s a street in Europe! I will definitely have to make my way over there if I ever find myself in that part of the world 🙂

  17. lydia@lifeuntraveled

    I’m really surprised this is in India – it definitely looks like a street in Europe! It really is cute and I would go for the boutiques since I don’t drink beer (Biere is French for beer by the way). I’m sure the ambiance is quite different at night but it must be really fun!

    • It is fun. If not for the food and the drink then just for a stroll around the place, one can stop here for sometime

  18. infocultureweddingca

    How stunning is this. My eyes immediately went to the food! Looks so good! This is great!

  19. What an absolutely stunning location! I would love to visit it looks enchanting. Thanks for sharing with me.

    Celeste | ohhelloceleste.com

  20. Isaly Holland

    This looks like a cute area. I love the different colors of the stores. I think the night time would make it even better with the lights!

    Isaly Holland

    • I have the same feeling that at night it would be looking even more fabulous. I will definitely visit some day at night time and capture some snaps

  21. The food sounds like it was delicious and your photos are great!

    • Thanks Holly. The food was good.. nothing exceptional though. But the ambiance indeed was exceptional

  22. You mean this is in Bangalore? Such a colorful place. I have to visit soon.

  23. Non-alcoholic vegetarians, lol. I’ve never heard it put like that before but I guess I am one too.

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