Beleza by the beach Goa

How did we stumble at Beleza by the beach Goa ? Last week we went for a trip to Goa, but this time the aim was to just relax, eat and sleep (I know some of you would think…what a waste!! But believe me, to get a few nights at a stretch to sleep 8hrs per night and to get food without really cooking it is worth all the luxury for those who are parents to little ones). After much research, we finalized on “Beleza…by the beach“. I thought to dedicate a post to the review of this property, which can help others in making their decision for staying here.


Beleza by the beach Goa 1
The way to Nazare

This property is located in south Goa, and has a direct access to the beach from within the property itself. The beach was kind of serene, clean and calm, in a complete contrast to calangute or baga which are overcrowded and thriving with activities, shops, eateries etc. But, don’t head to this beach with lots of activities and food on top of your priority list. Unless ofcourse you want to be heavily disappointed. Although, you would love it if your motive is to take a leisurely walk alongside an almost empty beach or a peaceful sunbath. Or, have a relaxing time with your friends or family.

Beleza by the beach Goa

Nazare – the beach shack

Beleza by the beach Goa has a huge sprawling campus. As you enter through the main gate, towards the left , a narrow cobbled pathway leads to the dining restaurant and bar, ‘Nazare’. It has a cool sitting arrangement. And, from this restaurant, you can get a wonderful view of the sea and the sunset over it. From near the bar itself, a small door leads on to the beach. There is a register kept near the door to maintain the entry and exit to the beach through this private property. And, towels are also provided by the resort at this point.

Beleza by the beach Goa 2
Nazare and the beach beyond

The private property of landlord

Besides the beach shack Nazare, lies the private property of the landlord. I assume he must be either owning Beleza by the beach Goa. Or, at least, he must have owned the land on which the resort stands. Either way, he is having a great life, that I was instantly jealous of. The property consists of a huge garden, well manicured, and directly facing the sea. On the other end of this garden lies the bungalow of the landlord.

The reception

When you take right from the entrance gate, you arrive at the reception to Beleza by the beach Goa. The reception is an open area, made in the shape of a traditional hut. There is a small desk with one person behind it who will be ready to assist you with anything you need anytime. Once you arrive at Beleza by the beach, your cab will drop you at the reception. From here you can collect the key to your villa and proceed further.  Right behind the reception lies the villas in a row. And, a small lane between the villas, from near the reception, leads to the fine dine restaurant Tentacao.

Tentacao – the fine dine restaurant

Tentacao is the fine dine restaurant in Beleza by the beach Goa. Again, the restaurant is formed in the form of a hut. There are tables both inside the restaurant and outside around it. We had most of our meals in this restaurant itself while we stayed at Beleza by the beach Goa. The breakfast spread was decent. While the lunch and dinner menus could be more elaborate. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the overall ambiance of the place.

There are some pet cats in the property premises. They will mostly be circling around your tables as you have your breakfast and dinner. Although tourists are requests not to feed the animals, at times it becomes irresistible. Particularly, my little one had a wonderful time trying to make the cats eat their breakfast. While, we had an easy time feeding her while she was busy with the cats.. you see.. another plus point when visiting with family, particularly small kids 🙂

Beleza by the beach Goa 8
A night view of tentaco across the swimming pool

Swimming pool

Besides Tentacao lies the swimming pool. Not a big one, but a small and clean one. It is well maintained. The view around the pool is great, with most of the sides covered with green bushes and trees. And the changing rooms and spa at one end of the pool. We did have wonderful time along the poolside, particularly by evening.

Beleza by the beach Goa 7
A view of the swimming pool and spa from the room balcony


Just besides the pool at one end is the spa. We did enjoy some great and relaxing foot massage here. Although, I felt the prices are on a higher side for the spa. Nevertheless, a good relaxing option right on the hotel premises is welcome.

Children’t play area

After crossing the spa, you come across a small play area designed for children. Nothing fancy. It has a small slider, some small swings and some other hurdles to climb on etc. But a good enjoyment for smaller kids. They will surely get busy with trying out stuff in this play area while you can have a wonderful time elsewhere. My toddler did enjoy the area. Just opposite to this children play area was our villa. Every time we crossed this area, she wanted to end up either on the swing or on the slider.


After the children’s play area is a small lawn. It has a beautiful shaded seating at one end and soft grass all across. Good to take a stroll in the morning. Because, there are mosquitos here in the evening. And it is too hot to try out during day time 🙂

The villas of Beleza by the beach Goa

The ground floor

Finally, coming to the villas. The whole resort has around 10 villas. Each villa has 3 rooms. It is indeed constructed in the form of a house. The ground floor consists of one room, a living area where a sofa is set, and a dining area where a small round dining table is set. The dining area is adjacent to a huge beautiful open kitchen.

Beleza by the beach Goa 3
The living area setup

Seriously, if you want to take away some idea for a beautiful house, this is the perfect setup. There are stairs leading to the first floor on one side of the dining area. Below the stairs, there is a door that opens up towards the reception and front side of Beleza by the beach Goa. While, the living room area has doors that open towards the back, facing the spa, play area and restaurant. Although, the kitchen is huge, I would have loved it if it were equipped to cook a few basic things. But alas, there is no utensils in the kitchen. I couldn’t understand why.

Beleza by the beach Goa 4
The dining room and the kitchen as viewed from the stairs


Beleza by the beach 5
Dining room from another angle

The first floor

The stairs lead to the first floor, right into a huge family room. This room has a sectional sofa and a central table. There are two rooms at one end of the hall. We stayed in one of these rooms. And, we had most of our meals in this family room, when we ordered room service. The whole room is artistically done with some beautiful paintings, vases and antique pieces.

The bedroom

The bedrooms are quiet good in size. They are tugged with all the basic facilities that one will need for living comfortably through the stay. They consist of a nice bed, a huge bathroom, an attached balcony with a seating for two, huge glass doors towards the balcony overlooking the pool and the greenery beyond, a mini freeze, tv, water heater, tea, coffee etc. The rooms are also air conditioned. Overall, the rooms were very pleasant to stay in.

Beleza by the beach Goa 6
The bedroom


The terrace

The stairs of the villa lead all the way to the second floor which is the terrace. Couple of sacks are put here in case one would like to sunbath right on the terrace . The overall setup is very lovely, I must say.

Hospitality at Beleza

Coming to another most important aspect of a place we choose to stay in, the hospitality. There were no issues with respect to anything while we stayed at the premises. The staff are warm. And, the requests of the guests are attended to promptly. There were certain moments of warmth that I actually felt while here. Like, when we first headed from the resort to the beach, we asked a gardener for the directions. He stopped what he was doing. And, he actually came with us all the way until the beach was in plain sight. Who would do that!!

Similarly,  there was a high tea arranged for the management and the guest. The manager came up to me and talked to me, addressing me by my name. Which was a pleasant surprise given I had interacted with him only over email. Still, he recognized me, and he had the courtesy to come address us and have a little conversation with us. Apart from this, everything else was fine. Be it room cleaning or room service or an assistance required with respect to booking the cab.

Final verdict

In conclusion, this resort+beach is well suited for families/groups that want leisurely and peaceful vacation and don’t really care too much about the thriving night life and too much of water activities. Since the resort has 3 bedroom villas, it’s particularly awesome for a group of 3 families or similar group of friends. What I mean is that if you could book one villa all to yourself, you would have an awesome time with great privacy. This can also be a great place for destination weddings. It will become like a home away from home.
Overall there are only some 10 plus villas which means never having an overcrowding in the resort, even if its fully booked. In case you want to venture out and hit other parts of Goa, the resort does provide for vehicles at fixed rate, which, you might find a little overpriced, but of course,  there’s always a trade off between price paid and the comfort received 🙂 (To be precise, a half day trip to Panjim and rest of Goa would cost anywhere between 2000-3000 INR (Depending on the distance to be covered or the time involved))
Here’s a brief list of pros and cons of the resort, as perceived by my family during our stay there:

Pros of stay at Beleza by the beach Goa

  1. Courteous staff. And I literally mean it. You would be greeted where ever you were spotted. Staff would be willing to go out of their way to help you out. A gardener left his work and strode along with us to show us the path to the beach. A waiter approached us and had a hearty chat while we were standing near the restaurant. Was it a necessity? No, it was courtesy. And the list goes on.
  2. Vast stretch of green lawn, decent swimming pool, on premises spa facilities, private access to beach, plus a children’s play area that was big relief for me as my little one is used to it back home.
  3. Very good location and facilities to enjoy a leisurely vacation. We had leisurely walks across the beach, we could enjoy the sunset scenes on the beach sitting into the shack at nazare.
  4. The property is a collection of 3 bedroom villas, having 1 bedroom at ground floor along with kitchen and dining and 2 bedrooms on the first floor with a vast sitting area. The terrace had benches to sunbath and enjoy a glance on the stretches of the resort. The rooms were air conditioned, had a mini freeze tucked-in, a very easy to operate locker and a water heater kettle as well. Laundry service was available on the premises. In short, all basic amenities that you could ask for a comfortable stay were present.
  5. Free wifi but the strength was not that great in the rooms.

Cons of stay at Beleza by the beach Goa

  1. The biggest con was the food options available on the premises. Since the property is a little far from major markets, restaurants and other ready food options, until you are willing to venture out for long, you have to satisfy yourself with a limited menu. There are two restaurants – tentacao in the middle of the resort and nazare – the beach shack. Ambiance wise, both win. But food wise, both fail to satisfy. The breakfast option is decent, but for lunch, snacks and dinner there are very less varieties to choose from. Plus, we felt the food was overpriced for the amount of satisfaction it gave to the taste bud. Goan bun was way too chewy and we had a sundae which didn’t have brownie!!! (essentially , it was two scoops of vanilla icecream with a  little chocolate sauce).
  2. Little thoughtfulness was missing here and there : like no bucket in bathrooms!! (I had a hard time giving my little one a bath), no mosquito sprays (due to greenery there was a abundance of mosquitos but the provided repellants were not sufficient and they didn’t have a spray available on the premises which we could use – again my baby came back home with quiet some gruesome mosquito byte marks), no refill/replacement of toiletries even when they got exhausted, no plane drinking water in site on the breakfast buffet spread etc. These are very little things that if not overlooked, can make the daily stay of a customer much more convenient and pleasurable.

Cost of stay at Beleza by the beach Goa

Coming to the cost, the rooms were rated somewhere around 5000-6000 INR per night. But we contacted the resort directly and got a better package deal from them that included breakfast, airport pickup and drop along with stay.

Shall we return to Beleza by the beach Goa?

Finally comes the question, if given a chance I would again consider staying here. Perhaps yes, for the sake of the ambiance and hospitality. And, perhaps no, for the food. (Maybe , non vegetarians will not feel so much limited with respect to the menu) But, overall, got to admit, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.
Tripadvisor link for the hotel (No I don’t get any commission out of it, it’s just for your convenience).
PS: We often visit Goa for it’s world famous beaches. But did you know, there is much more about Goa than the beaches. Read : Things to do in Goa beyond beaches
Beleza by the beach
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  2. I would be instantly jealous of the owner too if I could live in a beautiful house with a garden facing the sea. They definitely know hospitality and great views because the restaurant is right next to the pool. I’m glad they also have a play area for children so that the parents can relax and have a good time.

    • You are so right Gina.. their hospitality is really great and they have put thought into everything

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  4. I most certainly do not think a few days of relaxation are a waste! Travel can be hectic and everyone needs a moment every now and then. And who can so no to a foot massage!

  5. Looks like a perfect luxury resort for a wee family holiday. But even if I were to go solo, I think the place looks perfect for doing nothing and sleeping in for the day. Thanks for writing this!

  6. Looks like a luxuriuous resort well suited to relaxing. Good to see there is plenty of space there as the rooms are huge. I wish the food options were better for veggies but it looks like you could self cater in that huge kitchen.

    • Sadly, the kitchen was not equipped. So, we couldn’t self cater. But yes, we were able to manage with the menu that was on offer

  7. bruceschinkel19

    Thanks for this review, sounds like an interesting place to visit … as long as you don’t mind standard food options. I’ve always been a fan of taking some time out of a busy travel schedule to relax

  8. Great comprehensive review. I think that spending some time to relax and recharge sounds like a great thing to do! I know I need to do that sometimes!

    • Thanks Claire. We all need to slow down and have a relaxing holiday once in a while

  9. This place looks lovely! I especially like the fact that it looks so colourful spacious, clean and well organised. Perfect place for a little vacation. Too bad there were few things that were missing from the room, but luckily it didn’t ruin your stay.

    • Yes Paula, there were little things missing here and there but the overall relaxing vacation made up for it

  10. Looks like a perfect place to stay in Goa. The ambience and hospitality seems nice and decent.
    The place looks more homely rather than any resort or hotel. Thanks for sharing the honest review.

    • Thanks Sandy N Vyjay. Have got to agree it was a perfect place for a relaxing holiday

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  12. Very detailed and helpful review with the focus on the main important questions! Well done. I see it similar, food is one of the main criteria when it comes to traveling / see other places. And when you are limited there, it can ruin quite a lot.
    Mosquito bites are also not really that funny, so yeah I can imagine that these are points that are relevant when it comes to consider to re visit a place. But the overall impression looks very great.

    • Thank you. You are so right. Food can be a major factor for many when it comes to the place of stay.

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    You got me at relaxing weekend! The place looks amazing and the villas are way more than I initially expected, so big!

  14. Looks like a great vacation. We as a family love to book villas and take it easy and do out own cooking. We actually prefer that over hotel stays so this is perfect in that sense. The place looks clean and tidy and being so close to the beach is of course a huge positive. Many such places have residences of the “owners” … we saw the same in Rishikesh as well … and I agree that is some life.

    • Exactly.. we missed the equipped kitchen here. Had we got one, we definitely would have loved to cook

  15. A great option for those who prefer offbeat accommodation…more homely and private than a hotel / resort. I love the first picture of the way to Nazare. What a start!

  16. Thanks for such a thorough review of this property. Great that it was such easy access to the beach but a shame about the mosquitos!! I get bitten so badly, I hate them!!

    • Have to agree. But all you can do here is be a little more prepared from your end. Being a tropical climate and lots of greenery around, mosquitos can’t be 100% avoided here it seems

  17. fulltimecanada

    Looks like a pretty nice place. It’s great to see a two-sided review as well 🙂

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    • Yes, there are so many things to try and experience. You could choose the one you like the most 🙂

  19. I can completely relate to the feeling of just needed to slow down and relax for a little while! Sometimes it’s hard when traveling because you want to see and do all you can, but you need to so you can be refreshed! I would find it hard to not feed and pet the cats at Tentacao… I have a fond obsession with animals. 🙂

    That villa looks extraordinary and I am quite impressed by the size of the place. I just did a currency exchange and for roughly $75USD/night that is completely worth the stay! 🙂

    • You are right. Between our crazy travels, we try to accommodate these kind of vacations where we can simply relax with nothing much to do 🙂

  20. promisemaxwell

    Well detailed article about Beleza. Despite having all the food made for you guys still can’t resist having to make one or two meals. I can understand because I love to cook myself and with such a beautiful kitchen, why not? Well, no utensils as you said. Thanks.

    • Hmmm… you are right. earlier we never thought of cooking on our vacations. But with the baby, we always look out for options where we can prepare something quickly and homely for her where ever we go. So access to a kitchen is always a great benefit

  21. I love the balanced review. It seems like stocking the kitchen with utensils etc., would really up their game. Then it wouldn’t matter as much that the restaurants weren’t great. Sounds like you had fun anyway.

  22. very informative post I especially like your pros and cons section.

  23. Great and honest review of Beleza… The pros and cons were presented in a way that a reader can decide whether it is worthy to stay in Beleza by the beach or no… If I would be ask, I’ll stay here, enjoy the view and amenities…

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  25. What a cute little place for getaway. I would definitely find time for the spa. Do they have any private villas or cabins just for 2? I prefer to have more own space to relax.

    • The villas are not private Jen. Each one has 3 rooms and if you are not booking all three, someone else is free to book the other rooms

  26. Looks like a wondeful place to relax a bit. I really hope you enjoyed your stay there!

  27. Pretty informative but was it all inclusive i.e was the food already part of your accommodation cost? It is not wasteful to want a bit of relaxation and time away from reality, but it sucks when the food is not on par with the experience

    • The breakfast was included but not the other meals. However, as I mentioned, we didn’t want to venture too much outside this time, and there were very less options just outside this resort, we had most of our other meals as well at the premises.

  28. Even if I don’t have children myself, doing nothing and sleeping in for the day sounds like the perfect holiday. I used to travel only 3 days in each cities packing it with so many activities but now, I’ve come to realize that I prefer slower travel. I guess it comes with age. :p

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