A beautiful weekend at Casa Coorg Homestay

Casa Coorg Homestay is a beautiful homestay in Coorg that we spent our weekend at. Located amidst lush greenery, the homestay provides a very serene and relaxing environment for a weekend getaway. Although we have lived in Bangalore for almost a decade now. And we toured through so many weekend getaways around Bangalore including Ooty, Kodaikanal, B R Hills, Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, Mysore and Hampi to name a few. Ironically, we never happened to visit Coorg yet, which is located quiet close to Bangalore. Thanks to Casa Coorg Homestay for extending us an invitation that led to a wonderful weekend in Coorg.

Casa Coorg Homestay

The glimpse of Casa Coorg Homestay alongside it’s sideway

History of Casa Coorg Homestay

The Casa Coorg Homestay is run by a retired army couple. It was born a little over 5 years back. After the couple retired from their jobs, during which, they have stayed at many different locations in India. Finally they have settled in Coorg in a serene part of Virajpet, which they fondly call their own small slice of paradise. And rightly so. But in this case, they have opened their gates to the travelers from around the world, so that everyone can have a bit of this Paradise experience.

For those who are not aware of the geography of the region, Coorg / Kodagu is a district in Karnataka. It is very rich in flora and fauna, marked by wildlife sanctuaries like Nagarhole, numerous waterfalls and beautiful natural landscapes. Pertaining to it’s beautiful landscapes and surroundings, it is often referred to as the Scotland of India. Also, it has a pleasant climate all through the year. And it rains abundantly here. So, it is also fondly called Cherrapunji of Karnataka. (PS: Cherrapunji is a district in India that records highest rainfall).

Reaching Casa Coorg Homestay

We didn’t have much trouble locating Casa Coorg Homestay, as, it is located just 2km inside from the highway. The last 1.5km stretch to the homestay is marked by beautifully landscaped and well maintained golf course. Which makes the whole region so much more charming. Visitors are not allowed inside the golf course. But you can always take a walk on the road along the boundary of the golf course. And the walk is as refreshing and charming as ever.

Casa Coorg Homestay

A view of the beautiful golf course from across the road near Casa Coorg Homestay

A tour through Casa Coorg homestay

Entrance & Front Lawn

A sloping driveway from the main road leads to the front lawn of Casa Coorg Homestay, which looks nothing less than a beautiful small bungalow. There is a front entrance here, across a verandah, mostly used by the couple themselves and their staff. On one side of the driveway is the parking space. And near it is a beautiful landscaping including a swing. From near it, cobbled pathways lead to the back side of the resort.

Back side

Casa Coorg Homestay

The cobbled backyard pathway and Verandah leading to guest room

As we reached Casa Coorg Homestay, we were cheerfully greeted by the hosts. After unloading our luggage, we followed them through the cobbled pathway to reach the back side of the homestay. On the back side, there is a verandah overlooking greenery in the backyard and vast stretch of meadows beyond. This Verandah has entrance to one of the guest rooms.

There is another door besides the guest room door, from this Verandah, leading to the dining and living area. Further down the pathway, there is yet another guest room tucked neatly at the end. The Verandah of both the guest rooms have chairs and tables to sit and enjoy the serenity around. There are wind chimes hanging from the Verandah that sing melodiously as the crisp air rustles through them all through the day.

Guest rooms

The rooms are simple, elegant, airy and very spacious. As soon as you enter inside, you will feel right at home. They have spacious attached bathrooms. Drinking water is provided in re-fillable water bottles inside the room. A small token by Casa Coorg Homestay towards being environment friendly. After showing us our rooms, the hosts left us to get fresh, and decided to serve us some warm coffee. We found our seats around the beautiful verandah. And we watched the sun go down behind the mountains visible at a distance while we sipped our refreshing coffee. Thereafter we retired to our rooms to take some rest after a day that included a drive from Bangalore to Coorg and quiet some sight seeing in Coorg.

Casa Coorg Homestay

One of the guest bedrooms at Casa Coorg Homestay

The dining experience

In the evening, Colonel called us over for dinner. This is when we discovered that the hosts like to share the dining area with the guests. Guests are invited to have their meals here. And this is also the time when the hosts engage in conversation with the guests over the meals. The food is a blend of north and south Indian cuisines. Guests can specify their food preferences, aka, veg or non veg. Accordingly the hostess herself prepares the meals. Nevertheless, they are bound to be tasty and healthy too 🙂

Rest of our experience at Casa Coorg Homestay

A beautiful morning

After having our dinner, and a good conversation with the hosts over the dinner, we retired to our rooms for the night. Next day, we wanted to roam further and see more of Coorg. But as we woke up next morning to the melodious chirping of birds and rustling of the soft morning breeze against the trees in the backyard, our plans slowly changed to stay put in the homestay and enjoy the serene laid back environment.

We had a nice breakfast on one of the Verandahs. Post which, we sat in the open air for quiet a long time, having conversations with our family amidst the perfect green and peaceful atmosphere. A family gathering and heart to heart chats is something that becomes really difficult once we are back to our busy city lives. So, we really didn’t want to prioritize anything else over it. In the meanwhile, our little daughter was having a wonderful time roaming around the verandah and exploring the flora of Casa Coorg Homestay.

A lazy afternoon

Lunch is normally not provided at Casa Coorg Homestay. Because mostly, the visitors venture out to explore rest of the Coorg. So, while we decided to stay back, we didn’t want to really trouble the hosts with lunch preparation for us. Thus, we ventured out in the afternoon to have lunch outside. Post this, we had a lazy afternoon. But soon it was followed by a beautiful evening.

The beautiful evening

Did we tell you, we also made two awesome friends at Casa Coorg Homestay – a pair of very friendly pet dogs – simba and kuro , who were the center of attraction for our kid during this trip.

As the sun started drifting towards the west, we thought to venture out, and do a little trekking on the roads besides the golf course. And these new friends decided to accompany us on our walk as well, making it all the more memorable. After some initial pet animal spotting, like hens, cows and dogs, we ventured towards the golf course. A walk along it’s edge with the setting sun and cool breeze in the backdrop, turned out to be one of our most memorable walks that we took while in Coorg. The whole area is very off beat, peaceful, beautifully landscaped and neatly maintained. And the canine friends accompanying us showed us the way, and also kept other stray animals on the bay.

After a refreshing walk, we came back to the homestay. Only to discover more beauty. As we watched a beautiful sunset from the verandah of Casa Coorg Homestay. Later in the evening, we had yet another delicious dinner. So much so that my mother couldn’t keep herself from asking the host the details of a couple of recipes that we just had. And the hostess delightedly shared her cooking secrets with my mother.

Casa Coorg Homestay

A beautiful sunset from across the Verandah of Casa Coorg homestay

The next morning

After dinner and a nice conversation with the host, we retired to our beds. Next day morning, we started early on our way back to Bangalore. In conclusion, it was one of the most serene weekends that we got to spend in Coorg. If you are looking for a home away from home, amidst pure and peaceful environment, yet not very far from the bustling town and activity centers, Casa Coorg Homestay is just the perfect answer.

Crisp notes on visiting Casa Coorg Homestay

  1. Casa Coorg is located almost 6-7km from Virajpet town, in the lap of beautiful nature that Coorg boasts of
  2. Lunch is not provided in the stay plan here as most of the time the guests venture out during the day. If you have lunch requirement, you can discuss it beforehand with the hosts.
  3. The whole setup and the food is very homely.
  4. Internet connectivity is not available, something that the host is trying to get soon.
  5. Overall, the place is just wonderful to spend some time at peace with nature in a very fresh and beautiful surrounding. It particularly suites nature lovers, golfers (given that the golf course is just a stones throw away), bird watchers (numerous different species of birds can be seen right from the Verandah of Casa Coorg Homestay) or someone who simply wants to relax and rejuvenate in absolute peaceful homely atmosphere.
  6. The hospitality is wonderful.
  7. If you are not comfortable with pet dogs, not at all an issue. Let the owners know and they will ensure the pets don’t interfere with you. We, however, had a wonderful time playing with them. On the other hand, if you love pet dogs, you will have a gala time while staying in Casa Coorg homestay.

Official website of Casa Coorg

Trip advisor link of Casa Coorg

PSThough we were invited by Casa Coorg Homestay to stay over with them at Coorg, the views and opinions expressed here are solely our own and completely based out of our own experience during our stay here. 

Casa Coorg is a beautiful homestay in Coorg | Kodagu | Karnataka | India. a home away from home.

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  1. This place looks like its more than a homestay. This is so serene and beautiful. Awe of the golf course greens and the way the entrance is. It looks like a resort. I cant believe someone built a home this way. I have heard about Coorg being called the Scotland of india, but I am not so sure about it being the Cherrapunji of India. I think that place maybe Agumbe. Nevertherless I am sure it rains more than usual in such places!

    • It definitely rains a lot in Coorg. And yes, that homestay is located at a very beautiful place and also in a very charming way. The best part is, although staying in the same house, the host and the guest have their own sections of the home at their disposal which are separated from each other. And it ensures complete privacy for the guests as well as the hosts.

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  4. This looks like a lovely little place to stay. Very romantic and cozy 🙂 Looking forward to try it out one day very soon!

  5. I can see why it’s called a little slice of paradise. The nature around it is so serene and beautiful! I like how the Colonel is so accommodating to giving guests vegetarian and non vegetarian options.

    • In India, the vegetarian and non vegetarian choices are like mandatory. You have such a big vegetarian population that not giving the choice will mean hurting your business. But yes, they have the option to go all veg and not consider non-veg. But still they ask the guests their non-veg preferences

  6. I always like staying at these plantations. These are the best places for a short vacation. Coorg has so many wonderful places like these. I especially like them when they are coffee plantations! 🙂

    • True, staying within a coffee plantation is another great option to explore in Coorg. And of course, it is got to be a homestay for me.

  7. The homestay seems so peaceful and homey. I can see why you wanted to hang out there and enjoy the environment. Lovely place!

    • Indeed.It was such a relaxing retreat. And you know, coorg has a beautiful environment. I had a bad persistent cough when I headed here. And I came back all healed

  8. I love homestays very much. It’s one of my top things in traveling. The place looks very relaxing and indeed homey. It’s like home away from home. Very true! Couldn’t agree more to that!