How to develop a budget before setting out on a tour to India

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A tour to India is about exploring the wealth of nature and history besides carrying snapshots of precious moments that add to your pleasant memories. At the same time, you must also count upon a few expenses that you can’t evade. That’s one reason why you need to work on an initial budget before being ecstatic. Consider a few important budgeting steps before you set out on your tour.

Amer fort trip to rajasthan
The grandeur of Amer fort in Rajasthan India

Compare transportation methods

There are a few tourist hotspots that prove to be expensive in terms of transportation cost. You may need to board a plane or rent a car or book your seat on a cruise ship. You would be the last person to face any hassle while you’re on vacation and return empty handed. You must determine the cost of renting cars, boarding a plane or traveling in a ship depending on your requirement. You must remember that traveling by air is often more expensive although it saves much time. So, you ought to choose your transportation options according to your budget.

Even after you’ve reached your destination, you may need to spend a good amount over local transportation both to and fro. You may even need to set some money aside for sight-seeing purposes. So, you’ll need to do some research on the cost of local transportation within and around your destination in advance. You may check the rates by calling any car rental agency that operates over your chosen vacation spot or you may check the rates online.

Houseboat Kerala Tour to India

Consider lodging expenses on your tour to India

Lodging cost is another important factor that you need to consider in advance. You must determine your exact needs when it comes to lodging options as they tend to vary both in terms of quality and cost. You’re likely to come across a wide range of resorts and hotels if your destination invites large masses of tourists. You must choose a hotel that’s closer to your place of attraction and within the vicinity of all modes of transport. You’ll end up saving much in terms of travel costs.

Count the cost of meals on your tour to India

You must create a budget for your meals and that includes meals while you’re on the move. The cost of food items may vary between different places, so you must do your research on the local foods and their costs. You may choose to book a room with a hotel that has a kitchenette attached to it. It would certainly help you save much if you can manage to buy raw stuff from the local market and do a bit of cooking.

Determine the cost of sightseeing on your tour to India

If you’re traveling to a far off place, it’s natural for you to visit a few nearby sights of tourist interest. Many of these trips take a number of costs into account e.g. admittance, transportation etc. Try doing some research on your sight-seeing options. Take into account all costs pertaining to a visit to your favorite tourist spot. You must include them in your budget. It might help you save more when you opt for package tour options. These packages often include visiting the best sites and prove to be very cost-efficient.

hilltop_4_rv tour to India

It’s truly a nice idea for you to develop some comprehensive budget on traveling before your tour to India. You may consider the tourist reviews that you come across in search engines like Yelp and Google. By doing your research, you’re bound to get a fair idea of quality and quantity for your specific budget when you set out on a tour to India. This is truly important when you need to consider all daily expenses that you ought to fend for during your tour to India.

These days, you’re likely to come across a few websites that tend to provide you with great discounts on flight and hotel booking. You may choose to compare all Ixigo coupons on hotel stays and flight bookings and find out the best options. It will be of great help if you work towards setting aside some money every month prior to your visit. Also, if you are planning to tour India, you might want to checkout how to get a tourist visa for India specifically from USA on arrival. It’s always good to be prepared with all your documents for a hassle free travel.

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  1. chikonahoka

    Usually I clear lodging and transport for when I’m travelling Asia. Because then that covers most of it – with sightseeing being discretionary. Hopefully India will be the same since I’m intending to go to Uttar Pradesh next month…!

    • Definitely, you have it shorted. If you have the lodging and transport done, then rest all is super easy.

  2. I somehow find there are very few websites that help you plan most of these things. Travel should really be like shopping on Amazon. That would make it mechanical, but at least the basic headaches of managing connections and food and transport should be easier to manage. What do you think?

    • Thats right. The easier the planning and organization part becomes the more people will love to travel. Already lots of forums and websites are coming in this quest. Hopefully your dream will soon come true 🙂

  3. Thanks for these guidelines for developing a budget… I found it useful, not only for India but even in traveling to other countries as well,

  4. This is a really useful post. I’m planning a trip to Mysore to do yoga for a few weeks but I want to do some traveling after. I know this is going to coming in very handy for when I’m planning my trip!

    • Thanks Claire. This is great to know. There are many places around Mysore that you can visit on a budget.

  5. Great post! I have just been researching a trip to India this morning actually so this post is great timing for me! Will be looking on your blog for many more tips over the coming weeks!

    • Wow..thats a coincidence!! I will be so happy if it helps you plan your trip

  6. Very comprehensive guide on how to budget for india. So many things to consider but it would be good if you included some average costs for people to have a rough idea of price. Thanks for sharing and happy travels.

    • So many readers requested for the same. We will definitely try and do that

  7. These are really great travel tips to help tourists when coming to India. Tourist hot spots make everything more expensive and the transport like flying, taking a train or a bus can really add up. I’m sure there are a lot of cheap local and vegetarian options that keep food costs low.

    • You are right Gina. India has loads of vegetarian options and most of the places, particularly tourist places have good connectivity by bus and trains

  8. Thanks for sharing great tips on budgeting before trip to India. I haven’t been there yet but I’ll definitely use your tips before I go 🙂

  9. Really great tips for developing a budget before travelling. Nothing worse than running out of money while on vacation, but you also don’t want to be left with a bunch of foreign currency that you can’t use 🙂

  10. It’s very important to make a budget for every trip. I haven’t been to India yet, so your tips might be very useful in future. Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are really good travel tips. I have not been to India yet. I am considering to communicate with a travel agency to ask for tour recommendations. I am not good in planning a budget for my travels. I will also try my best to do my research first.

    Iza, Fill My Passport

  12. Good thoughts!! Bookmarking this as a reference for my future trip to India. Also, I love the photo of Amer Fort!!

  13. Good advice no matter where your destination. Budgeting is really important as well as planning so you aren’t stuck in a situation where you spend more than you can afford.

  14. yay! Great tips never fail! That photo above tho, that’s so amazing! Never have seen something like that before. I wondered if only India has this kind of transportation? The coolest! x

    • I guess you are referring to the backwaters of Kerala. They are definitely a unique experience. What you see in the pic is a houseboat in which you can stay over as well as explore the backwaters. You can check our post on backwaters of kerala for further details

  15. A great post with great insights. It is going to be a great help for anyone planing their trip to any part of the world not only India. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I generally do not make a budget before heading out for a domestic tour. But will keep your points in mind lest i feel guilty about the expenses like i generally do.

  17. Great set of budget tips. I generally do not follow a budget while heading out on a trip and i feel very guilty at the end. Will keep your mentioned points in mind.

  18. I always plan thoroughly before I travel anywhere; I’ll do tons of research to make sure I budget for the things I really want to do on my trip. Your post was a useful reminder on what every traveler should keep in mind. I’d love to see an update of this post, with a bit more detail re actual costs or at least an estimate of daily expenditure. Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s difficult to provide an actual budget as there are loads of options available in India suiting all budget range. We can provide an example, however, for a particular destination and the minimum budget in which we think it can be done

  19. I haven’t been to India and I’m really planning to visit. This is truly a big help for me and for those that are planning to visit India on budget. I like how you include all the necessary information. Your photos are really stunning. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  20. These are really good tips. I have been thinking of visiting Goa because it has a lot of beautiful beaches and delicious local cuisine. I would probably need to bring a lot because I want to do so much. The hotels are probably expensive too but maybe there are budget hotels.

    • There are budget hotels and then there are homestays and holiday rentals in abundance that are much cost effective. Go through airbnb , I am sure you will find something suitable in your budget

  21. Great tips 🙂 Especially in a place like India, where you can get really cheap to luxury prices for everything from accommodation to food, setting a budget can help. Also reviews help in deciding whether it’s worth splurging or not.

    • Absolutely right. We always check reviews, even if it’s a place we have been invited to

  22. Holds true for most places. Very useful tips for any one headed to any part of the world. It really helps you plan better!

  23. While I like the idea of the article I think an opportunity is lost here. Since it already talked about setting a budget, it would have been helpful if the actual cost of stuff was included here just to give us, the readers, an idea on how to go about setting the budget when going to India. For example, how much do you think a budget should be for a solo traveler or a couple in a 3D2N trip in Goa? Unfortunately, none was given, and it was all just pretty general.

    • It’s very difficult to give one generic estimate because India is a place where you can find accommodation for as cheap as a few hundred Indian rupees and it can go up to thousands of Indian rupees per night. Also, it will depend on the kind of sites you want to visit or what all you would want to do. For example, to quote back from your example, a 3D2N trip in Goa can be done in Indian Rupees 5000 also, and it can be done in Indian Rupees 5 lakhs also. So, it’s about setting your budget and then you can look for options in that range, flexing it a bit

  24. In my opinion, this blog will appeal to the domestic as well as foreign tourists. However, a few tips on how to do bargaining while shopping in India would have been a great help!

    (Ambuj Saxena)

  25. This is true. Before my trip to India, I also laid out almost every thing according to budget. Except that I was not able to book my train tickets from Mumbai to Jaipur (for some reason, the website won’t work in Manila). In Mumbai, my hotel helped me with the booking although the price was a surprise to the budget plan.

    • Oh..that’s bad Joan. You might have booked at the end moment and thus got a ‘tatkal’ ticket and the pricing of that immediate ticket is almost double the normal pricing.

  26. Great tips! Spent two weeks India but I need to go back and see more of this fascinating country.

    • Great to know that. Hope you will have many more wonderful tips to India. There is so much to explore here.

  27. Thanks for pointing out that you should always know what your holidays will cost. I can’t imagine how many people might have shown up without any clue! Of course if people are foolish enough to travel without doing research, I think they probably get what they have coming, don’t you think?

    • I have a little different perspective. Sometimes people are constrained by time. So what happens, they book a packaged tour at the end moment and sometimes pay even three four times what it would actually cost, because they have no clue about the cost. If they plan a little ahead and set a budget aside, they will be able to save so much

  28. this is great because I think so many people assume that India is so cheap (which it can be) that they just overlook their budget but then when they return its like “whammo!” when they see how much they spent.
    When we were in India for a month in January, we loved it and found it so cost effective but every now and again we would over spend on something stupid just because we didn’t pay attention.
    Great tips Neha

    • Thanks Eric! You are right. The range of options – be it accommodation or travel – vary a lot in India. So depending on how much one is ready to spend, everyone will find something.

  29. Kimmie Conner

    These are all really important things to consider! Thank you!

  30. Kevin Nightingale

    Great post. Doing you’re research before you go is important and also another fun aspect of travel. I love finding out as much as I can before I set foot on a plane.

  31. Factoring in travel expenses and comparing one mode to another is super important. Thank you for the helpful reminder.

  32. India has always been on my bucket list and I have been hesitant to travel there. Thanks for the detailed information, will keep this for future use!

    • Oh..if you have any hesitations, feel free to talk to me, I will be able to help you for sure.

  33. Thank you for sharing these tips, because I tend to live a spontaneous lifestyle and not consider everything!

  34. themormonadventurista

    I totally agree with setting out a budget before a major trip. Sometimes it can be really tedious to do, but pays off in the end. I also think it is a really good idea to bring extra than exactly what you’ve budgeted for. Just in case. 🙂

    • Absolutely agree with you. Thats even more important to do when you are traveling from abroad. Because it might happen your bank website won’t be functional or your ATM / Credit card won’t work for some reason

  35. Thorough research and budgeting are very essential since it’s for an out of the country tour. Good thing is it can be applied to anywhere you want to go.

  36. Working on the budget before you set out on your travels is very important. It becomes more important when you want to travel to a country like India with its vast area and range of things to do and visit. You have provided some valuable directions on how to proceed here.

    • Thanks Sandy N Vyjay! It’s indeed very important to set out a budget before heading for a trip

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