Must have during travel Part 2 : Travel Organizers

This is the second part of the series on must have during travel. The first one being electronic essentials that we must have during travel. In this second part, we intend to cover organizers. To be honest, till a few years back, I didn’t know much about travel organizers. Neither did I think of using them. But after I got introduced to one, and then started using one after the other. I must say, travel has never been the same as before. And for the good. It has been much more better and hassle free with these travel organizers. So, here, I Introduce you to the travel organizers that we use now on a daily basis so that we can be much more organized and prepared during our travel

1)Packing cubes as our first travel organizers

travel organizers
travel cubes : click on image to buy

travel organizers
travel cubes style 2 : click on image to buy

Yes, the first travel organizers that we ever used were our lovely packing cubes. I had to get them under compulsion when we got a little one with her little stuff to share our trolley bag. And the first thing that came to my mind after using them was – how I ever managed without them. And the immediate next thought – I am never going to travel without them now. Now there are many different varieties of these travel organizers available in the market. They mostly come in set of packing cubes. But I like these two the most. The first one is a set of 4 cubes while the second one is a set of 3 cubes and 3 pouches.

The set comprises of cubes of different sizes. And based on the size of your cloths and their type, you can arrange them in different ones. For instance, our little one’s little socks, mittens, gloves and other small stuff go in the small cube. All neatly arranged. And we don’t require to dig for them all over the trolley anymore!!! Things like scarves, hankers and other smaller items get really very neatly arranged with these packing cubes. These cubes become all the more handy if you mostly travel with cabin luggage and use a single travel rucksack or a travel backpack like this one wherein you would like to arrange everything neatly.

2)Purse organizer

A purse often contains a lot of stuff, mostly small ones. And when you are traveling, last thing you want to do is rummage through your purse to find that one tiny lip balm. Or rather, you will not want one item like your goggles get scratches due to the others. That is where a purse organizer really comes handy. Since I have a lot of things in my purse (like any other lady) including my basic toiletries, goggles, wipes, some energy bar and snacks, wallet and so many other similar things. When I first started using a purse organizer, I felt like I have stumbled upon a life saver 🙂 Here goes some of my favorite ones that I have used and recommended to friends and family :

travel organizers
purse organizer: click to buy

travel orgainzers
purse organizer: click to buy

3) Pills Box as travel organizers

I know these pills box are supposed to carry pills. And they are beautifully color coded to help us remember and organize our pills. But somehow, I personally don’t feel like using them for pills. For me, the pills are better kept in their original pack. And what I use these pills box for is organizing my fashion jewelry when I travel, particularly those small earrings, loops, drops, studs and others. That otherwise tend to entangle with each other and sometimes even break also. But not anymore 🙂 And what’s more, I can even color code them with these beautiful and colorful pills boxes. You can also think of other innovative ways of using these pills boxes to store other tiny items that you use during your travel.

travel organizers
Pills boxes as earring boxes – click to buy

4) Documents travel organizers

There are so many essential documents that we travel with us during the travel. Some like our passports, their copies, visa copies and others are really very important. Then we have our cards, important contacts, some extra cash that we want to tuck away and not carry all the time and many more. What organizers them really neatly for me is this documents organizer that we carry on all our travel now. This has been really helpful. So much so that we can’t do without it when we travel now. Have you given one a try yet? If not, try them out right away. We are using this one:

travel organizers
our favorite travel document organizer

5) Toiletries kit travel organizers

There was a time when I didn’t know about these refill travel bottles. Like a foolish person I used to carry all my big bottles of toiletries where ever I went. And that increased my travel toiletries bag to four times of what it should be. Then I stumbled upon these beautiful refill bottles that changed my travel life forever. Now I have refilled them a couple of times already. I have labelled them. And this has literally reduced my toiletries bag size to many times of what it used to be. And I love these tiny bottles. Even for my baby, I use these for taking small portions of the cream, lotion, baby bath and other essentials that I know suite her skin. I am amazed by the size of my travel toiletries bag now. It is as small as a little purse now.
travel organizers
Toiletries travel friendly refill bottles – click to buy

6) Electronics travel organizers

In our last post of the series we talked about electronic essentials that we carry with us where ever we go. Again, some of them are super tiny. While others have many accessories that we need to travel along. For instance, a camera or video cam has charger, extra batteries, cables to connect it with laptop and transfer photos. Then a phone has charger, usb cable, earphones. We also carry some small items like usbs and power banks with us. So, overall with so many accessories and small electronics to travel with, it becomes important to segregate them so that we don’t loose them or we don’t have to again put too much effort in finding them when they are scattered through our bag.
That is where this electronics organizer comes to our rescue. We really like it for the thoughtfulness that has gone into it’s manufacture. Taking care of making a space for everything that we need to carry along during the travel – all those small electronics and accessories.
travel organizers
click on image to buy




7)Toothbrush travel organizers

Some of you might be thinking by now what is the big deal with this one. Toothbrush need to be stored very hygienically while you travel. Ideally they should not come in contact with any other cosmetics or toiletries in your travel bag. That is why I started looking for the best possible way to store our toothbrush during our travel. And when I stumbled upon these beautiful toothbrush travel organizers, I really loved them. Now, they are another integral part of our travel. And we always store our tooth brushes hygienically and isolate them into these pretty containers.

So, what are your favorite travel organizers? Do share with us. Here’s a more comprehensive list of travel cubes and accessories by a fellow blogger. Now we are becoming more and more pro (freak!!) getting organized during our travel. And we are totally loving the paradigm shift. We don’t realize but our travel is so much smoother because of these organizers. We are looking out all the time for more innovative products to help us organize even better. So, we will like to hear back from you about the best travel organizers that you are using as of now. If you have any suggestions, we will love to add that.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, we will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting us with this.

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72 Responses

  1. Red Nomad OZ

    Haha, I’ve never thought of using a pill box to carry jewellery, but that’s a GREAT idea!! I’m SO putting that one on my list! I also like the handbag organiser – I usually use a small backpack, and everything gets mixed up together down the bottom, so this would make it so much easier!

    • Neha

      Great you chose some of the stuff for yourself. I am sure they will help you on quest of remaining organized while you travel through the world

  2. Lydia Smith

    Such a detailed post. These organisers would make traveling easy and no cases of missing properties. I’d be sure to try the electronic organisers. Thanks for the informative post.

  3. AllGudThings

    Neha, all these organizers look wonderful. We have been using some of these during our travels but the electronic organizer is really new to us. We really need to make a purchase of it to avoid mess of chargers and wires. Thanks for sharing..

    • Neha

      Thanks Suruchi. The electronic one was not so much in need few years back when life was simpler, but now we have so many small electronic equipments that we travel with, that it’s a much needed organizer

  4. RedFedoraDiary

    I have seen travel cubes everywhere and I want to see myself if they truly help. Electronics travel organizer is something I would love to try too. I am going to have so many cables on my upcoming trip to Croatia…

    • Neha

      Thats right, the electronic travel organizers are of great help now a days

  5. thatguywithstories

    This is a valuable post for the compulsive traveler..I would add a few more items …a separate folder for telephone numbers for police and doctors, and in case one is travelling overseas, then telephone numbers of the Indian embassies.

  6. The Jerny

    i agree that a few (if not most) of all in this list are required for traveling, especially those organizers. It makes our lives easier! So we don’t have to dig in to our bags like it’s some treasure box lol

  7. Katchutravels (@Katchutravels)

    Very useful. I quite like the electronics wrapping bag. Otherwise the headphones and wires get messed up in the little jungle that my bag is. I have the medicene kit that you talk about. The packing cubes has really piqued my interest if it could create more space in my bag.

  8. thesanetravel

    I must admit I am quite chaotic person in terms of travel packing and believe that packaging of any kind takes valuable space. Saying that I liked electronics organizer very much and would be happy to have one. Thanks for sharing.

  9. bruceschinkel19

    Such great ideas in this post. No longer any reason to be unable to find that important something when travelling!

  10. Doreen Pendgracs

    You’ve got some great options here. I’ve got or heard of several of them, but had never heard of a purse organizer before! What a great idea for those who carry a large bag.

    • Neha

      Right Doreen. With bigger purses, we often have to dig deep to find small stuff that we put inside. This organizer would save us that hassle

  11. Chris

    I worry that if you need to use the packing cubes, you are taking too much!

    A small zippable case is wonderful for all your electrical cords and adapters, but I do worry that putting spare money in a travel wallet/purse is far too obvious a place should any opportunistic thieves get into your bag…

    • Neha

      Thats right, don’t put spare money in a travel purse. But people like us who travel with family and small kid, do need the travel cubes. That help us segregate and organize our stuff in the same bag.

  12. Marlies

    I just love my packing cubes and would recommend it to everyone! I think I also need the Electronics travel organizer. Right now I use the smallest packing cube for that, haha.

    • Neha

      Same here Marlies..I used to use a small packing cube for them but they still used to look like a mess. this organizer really tucks my electronics neatly

  13. Indrani

    Wow You have made packing look so easy with these packing bags. Each one seems to be well designed. They will definitely help prevent mess inside suitcases and backpacks.

  14. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    This is truly a big help for me as I always do backpacking, especially trekking up the mountains and traveling light and packing right should always adhere. I love the fact that you have given us idea on how to pack our stuff by using this brilliant organizers, so we can make use of our bag space efficiently. Thank you so much for sharing this tips with us. I truly appreciate it.

  15. Sara Broers (@TravelWithSara)

    I have an electronics organizer and hands down~ one of the best investments ever. I have yet to invest in cubes, but it appears that they are a game changer for the frequent traveler.

    • Neha

      They definitely are Sara. In fact, now I have some of them permanently packed with stuff I need only during my travel – grab and go kind of

  16. Gareth Goes Places

    The cubes look really interesting! great article with some brilliant tips. I’ll keep these in mind for when I go travelling again. Thank you for sharing

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