Places to visit in China – the land of diversity & discovery

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If you are eagerly looking for your next trip and struggling to zero down to a place, then we have a great suggestion for you – China – the land of diversities. Diversities that China has to offer in terms of culture, civilization, architecture, places, landscapes etc. are rarest of its kind. China can prove to be a single destination which can help you in striking off a number of pending items out of your travel wish list. It can range from amazing landscapes to splendid mountains to magnificent sea beaches to divine religious sites to sunning and amazing architectural marvels. Thus, each and everything you can get in a single country – China. Also, China is a true blend of modern era and glorious reflection of history. There are many famous places to visit in China.

Places to visit in China

About China In Brief

Although famous as the most populated country in this world, China is also the 4th largest country in the world. So, this huge spread of China provides the kind of diversity which can just blow off the mind of any traveler. Moreover, reaching China is very convenient from any part of the world. It is well connect by Air from all part of the world. Also, one can plan to visit China through out of the year. As all seasons have their uniqueness to offer. Here we take you through some famous places to visit in China.

China’s Culture and Tradition

China is one of the world’s oldest civilized nation, which dates back to more than 10,000 years. The 5,000 years period is commonly used as the date when China became unified under a large empire. China’s culture covers a large geographical region in eastern Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly between provinces, cities, and even towns as well. Traditional Chinese Culture covers large geographical territories, where each region is usually divided into distinct sub-cultures. Important components of Chinese culture include ceramics, architecture, music, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts, philosophy and religion. Festivals and foods are also integral part of China’s culture and tradition.

Some famous places to visit in China

Beijing – the shining capital city of China

Lets start with the capital City of China. Beijing is located in northern China and is the world’s third most populous city. Also, it is the second largest city of China. The city’s history dates back to three millennia. Beijing is an ever-changing megacity rich in history but also truly modern. Also with its perfect blend of modern and traditional architecture, Beijing is able to meet the expectation of all kind of travelers. Among major attractions of Beijing are The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven,  Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Hutongs, , Beijing Opera etc.

Places to visit in China

Xi’an – The cradle of Chinese civilization

This ancient town has very rich and culturally significant history. It is often called as birthplace of Chinese civilization which is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The historical and cultural significance of Xi’an stretches through China’s ancient past and into its bright future. Located in north central China, Xi’an is a popular tourist destination with foreigners and locals alike. Travelers marvel at the numerous historical sites and cultural relics in the city. But recently discovered Terracotta Warriors have become the most famous attractions. These have become an international symbol of China’s history. A visit to this museum is considered as something that simply cannot be missed in your trip to China.

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Shanghai – the ultramodern reflection of China

Located in East China, Shanghai is the biggest city of China. Also, it is a global financial hub. It has been described as the showpiece of the booming economy of mainland China. It is renowned for its Lujiazui skyline, museums and historic buildings, such as those along The Bund, as well as the City God Temple and the Yu Garden. This city is a perfect example of journey from a small rustic village to a global ultra-modern city. It is a blend of Eastern and Western culture. Also, if you are looking for an ultimate shopping destination or want a glimpse of ultra-modern architectures, Shanghai is your answer.

China Tourism
An amazing view of the city of Sanghai

Hangzhou – China’s paradise

One of the famous places to visit in China is Hangzhou. Popularly known as China’s paradise, Hangzhou is located at a distance of around 200 Km from Shanghai. One of the most popular sight of Hangzhou is West Lake, a UNESCO world heritage site. The West Lake Cultural Landscape covers an area of 3,323 hectare and contains over 60 of Hangzhou’s most notable historic and cultural sites and several attractions of natural scenic beauty. Also, Hangzhou is a good place to visit a tea plantation.

Places to visit in China
West Lake , Hangzhou China

Jiuzhaigou – picture perfect town of China

Located in the mountainous region of southwest China, Jiuzhaigou or Jiuzhai Valley is a picturesque city, featuring breathtaking natural scenery of colorful lakes, splendid waterfalls, and mountains. Anybody who really admires natural beauty will definitely feel blessed in Jiuzhaigou. Particularly in autumn, beauty of Jiuzhaigou reaches to another magnificent level.

Places to visit in China
A mesmerizing view across the lake in Jiuzhaigou

Apart from the above, there are many other famous places to visit in China such as Suzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Yangshuo, Yunnan etc. Further, different parts of China are well connected with each other by air and high speed rail links. Traveling from one part to another is quite easy and comfortable in China.

So what you are waiting for? Pack your baggage, prepare your travel documents, make necessary travel arrangement and head to China.

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  1. China is beautiful. I’ve always dreamt of visiting an Asian countries and China is on my list. With your list now, I can have more to visit for China. And Shanghai is so beautiful in your pictures. Its high time I packed my bags and travel to one of my dream country

  2. I really hope I get the chance to visit China! Your pictures are amazing and it looks like such a beautiful country despite the smog. How did you find the visa process?

    • The Visa process for Indian’s requires quiet some documentation. Although mostly it goes smooth as long as you have the relevant documents

  3. China is a huge country that’s highly comprehensive tourist attractions. Great wall of China is known to everybody, while I really want to see this place, I also want to visit the south of China where locals and amazing structures and other interesting touch can be seen. The lake photo above is just so simply fantastic!

  4. Kevin Nightingale

    It has always been a dream of mine to visit China one day and luckily I’m planning on going in the next couple of years. The terracotta warriors have always intrigued me and I can’t wait to see them in the flesh. I will be keeping your list for reference when I visit. Great post

  5. I’m planning to visit China next year, so this post is so useful for me!
    How much time should I need to visit the most important spots? And how is the cost of living (or travelling haha)?

    Thanks in advance!
    Cheers from Argentina 🙂

    • Thats great Maria. It depends on what destinations you choose. China is a big country. If you stick to one or two cities, then you can do a one week trip and cover most of the spots there. Cost of living is moderate here.

  6. I had never considered China as a destination to explore til I read your post Neha. The Jiuzhaigou, Hangzhou and have definitely caught my attention. However, I ll have tough time pronouncing the names properly 🙂

    • Ha ha.. same here Sindhu. China was not on our radar for a long time. And then we got introduced to these beautiful places.

  7. flamingotravl


    Again, I am here. Thanks for your wonderful sharing and discussion. Your opinion and idea really very great. Thanks for your suggestion. Keep on good work. All the very best to you further ahead.

    Krishan Kargwal

  8. China is always on my list esp. the great wall of china has always fascinated me. But your post has shown me some more angles of china. Jiuzhaigou is really breathtaking. Thanks for sharing this up.

  9. Your pics surely inspire one to travel to China ASAP. The picture of Jiuzhaigou looks postcard perfect. Am sure the beauty of the place must have been left you mesmerized for a moment or so. Would definitely love to visit the Terracota musum in Xi’an too.

    • Definitely, the place has some perfectly beautiful spots to visit

  10. The photos are all so beautiful! I love that a lot of the places mentioned in this informative guide are very historic in nature. China has such a rich history, I would love to visit Beijing and Xi’an some day.

    • You are right Anne when you say China has a very old history. The Chinese civilization is also one of the oldest in the world

  11. I wish it were easy to just pack my bags and go! I’ve been eyeing on jiuzhai for aome time now. Bit i havent gotten i mean renewed my passport yet. I. The next half of this year will be dedicated to travels abroad. These days im completing some items in my local list. Hopefull, i could go to shanghai too!!!

    • All the best to you. I know it is daunting to do all the preparations before leaving.

  12. Wow! What a beautiful photo gallery 🙂 It’s nice to watch it 🙂 A very useful post as well 🙂

  13. I have not been to China and have been skeptical about it.. But looking at your pics there seems to be a lot to visit there. Especially the Jiuzhai Valley! Escaping to such a place and being in solitary is what I always wish for.

  14. I’m always fascinated with China’s history and culture! Definitely it is in my bucket list. Everything here are picture perfect! Can’t wait to visit these places! Thank you for sharing this! I am will save this for references!

  15. Great post to get an overview of must see places of China. Thanks for sharing

  16. Wow, what an amazing country. I love your pics. Very good overview of places which needs to be visited. I believe there is much more to see but for a first glimpse it´s so good. Thank you

  17. China is definately on our travel list, it sure has alot to offer and while the cities and historical aspects would be fascinating to visit, I’d really love to see more of the nature and landscapes over there.

  18. The photo of the lake in Jiuzhaigou is stunning! I have only been to Beijing for 5 days as it was the last stop of my Trans-Siberian Railway journey. China is a fascinating country with so many highlights to see, I should have stayed longer!

  19. did you click these pics…they are amazing

    • Thanks Priya, we haven’t been to China yet, these are the pictures that are inspiring or rather pushing us for a trip

  20. BrianTheAfricanNomad

    China is such a beautiful country I love your post well detailed, I like the recommendations. I have to visit China

  21. So many interesting recommendations! The photos are so inspiring! 🙂

  22. China is really an enigmatic country with a mind-boggling array of attractions and experiences. One of my favourite places to visit is The Forbidden City. Ever since I watched the movie, “The Last Emperor”, I have been enamoured by this place. Were you able to visit it? Must have been a wonderful experience in China.

    • Thank you…not yet visited, but planning to, and this post is a result of the information we have gathered so far. Hope to visit soon.

  23. Honestly, China was never part of my list of dream destinations. It all changed though when I went to Taiwan and fell in love with it. I learned the history of Taiwan and China and how they became two separate nations. Since then I have been aiming to go to China too and my target really is to go to Hangzhou.

    • Same here, we never thought China would interest us. And then Abhishek went on an assignment from his company to Taiwan and our whole prospect changed about the two nations

  24. After the great wall of china and the terracotta armies, I have no other idea about how china looks like. I have never imagined that China has a lot more to offer. You gave me a different view of that beautiful country.

  25. This is an excellent resource to share with someone planning their travels to China! Kind of like a digest

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