Things to do in Interlaken

Interlaken is a beautiful fairytale resort town in central Switzerland. It lies between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Both these are huge and beautiful lakes with emerald colored water. Interlaken is particularly characterized by beautiful gardens, old fashioned vintage timber houses and parklands on either side of the Aare river. Add to it the fact that Interlaken is perfectly located. It is surrounded by dense forests, Alpine glaciers, ever green meadows and natural lakes. As a result, it forms a perfect destination for hiking, winter sports, paragliding and several other activities. Thus, there are a lot of things to do in Interlaken. And even if one is not really looking for any activity to do in Interlaken, still they can enjoy the place. As it has so much of natural beauty that it is a must visit for everyone.

Things to do in Interlaken
A beautiful landscape in Interlaken on the road side alongside a restaurant

We visited Interlaken for around half a day from Lucerne. And we mostly spent time absorbing the beauty of the place. Apart from visiting a few iconic places which have come to make Interlaken all the more beautiful. And if you are planning for a day outing to Interlaken, here are some top things to do in Interlaken.

Visit Hoheweg

The number one of the things to do in Interlaken will be paying a visit to Hoheweg. Or, rather, starting the trip from here. It comprises of a big area sprawling over 14 hectares. Which was developed into a beautiful open area long back by a group of hotel owners and developers. It runs from east to west avenue across Hoheweg. On one end, across the green fields , it provides magnificent views of the Jungfrau mountains. There are hotels locates around it, landscaped with beautiful flower beds here and there. Particularly remarkable is a flower clock and a beautiful central fountain just in front of it, right besides the line of shops along the avenue. Our bus dropped us here when we reached Interlaken. Our kid in particular had a wonderful time here running around the fountain and the green velvety grass.

Things to do in Interlaken
Krussal Casino garden and fountain

Instagram worthy and refreshing as ever, we would highly recommend you add Hoheweg to your list of things to see and do in Interlaken. Actually, while we were there, we saw some photoshoots going on in the surroundings!! A perfect location for the bridal suites amidst the flower beds and around the dense trees with the perfect backdrop of the Jungfrau!! The flower clock and the fountain lie in the gardens of Krusaal Casino.

Things to do in Interlaken
Flower clock in the garden

The Casino Gallery & Market

Just in front of the Casino Krussal lies the road that runs east west. While on one side of the road is the Casino. On the other side lies the green fields that we talked about. And on the same side as the casino are a number of shops lined up. So, in case you were planning to do some shopping while in Interlaken, this is the perfect place for you. For, you will find here one or two shops of all kinds. Including those selling garments, designer products, handbags, swiss watches, chocolates and sweets that are trademark of Switzerland. In between the shops you will also find cafes and small restaurants tucked neatly to satisfy your hunger and taste buds in case you feel tired doing all that shopping :). No wonder the street is called The Casino Gallery.

Things to do in Interlaken
Landscaping and flowers along the casino gallery


After reaching one end of the Casino Market take a left. And walk some 500 meters to reach the Schlosspark. A beautiful serene patch of green with benches alongside the road where you can rest your feet. While you sit here, you can watch those enjoying paragliding go high up against the backdrops of Jungafrau. There are small food stalls across the street. You can just sit here for hours and enjoy the beauty around. The typical beauty for which Switzerland is so famous and Interlaken is a must visit.

Schlosskirche Church

Another must do in our list of things to do in Interlaken will be visiting the Schlosskirche Church. Just across the Schlosspark lies Schlosskirche church of Interlaken. A simple, elegant and very peaceful church amidst all the other old, historical and iconic churches of Europe really made it standout for us. Don’t be startled by the automated gates as you step onto the pavement and head towards the church door. Coming to the architecture of the church, it’s ceilings are high and walls all white. The church is lit by many candles by the day as well as night. And that adds to the serene atmosphere and utter peace inside the church. Do visit when in Interlaken and spend some peaceful moments here.

Things to do in Interlaken


Interlaken is a perfect spot for paragliding. With the backdrops of the Swiss mountains and the vast green landing sites, it has everything that paragliders seek for. As you walk from Casino Gallery street to Schlosspark, the Interlaken Paragliding center lies right in the middle of the road. For sure you won’t want to miss a paragliding experience after reaching here. And definitely, it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Things to do in Interlaken

Lakes surrounding Interlaken

As the name ‘Interlaken’ suggests, the city is located right between Lake Thun on the west and Lake Brienz on the right. Both of these are narrow lakes surrounded by mountains. With the characteristic emerald blue water of Switzerland lakes. And they are surrounded by high mountains and beautiful valleys. The scene that they produce is simply captivating. The best way to get the maximum out of your journey to these lakes is to take a boat trip through them. Also, you can do a picnic by the side of one of these lakes. There are paddle streamers also available to enjoy the views across these lakes.

A fun ride across the Casino Gallery

Last but not the least, you can take a fun ride across the Casino Gallery or the main road. There are hop on hop off options available. As well as beautiful toy-train like buses like these which will take you for a circle around the area. So, don’t miss hopping on to one and enjoying a scenic ride through the streets of Interlaken.

Things to do in Interlaken

Tips on visiting Interlaken

  1. Wear comfortable shoes as the place is best explored on foot.
  2. You will get water fountains easily, so just carry a refill water bottle.
  3. When we visited in April end, it was pretty cold. And we required a couple of layers of warm cloths to keep us comfortable.
  4. You can as well stay in Interlaken for a few days. There are plenty of stay options ranging from budget accommodations to luxury resorts.
  5. We stayed in Lucerne during our trip of Switzerland. And the journey to interlaken from there was just about an hour. So, it worked perfectly for us. However, in case you want to explore Interlaken extensively, take up paragliding and other activities available, then it might be good to stay over for a night.
  6. Interlaken is well connected with most of the other towns of Switzerland including Lucerne and Zurich by road as well as rail.
  7. There are lots of small towns near Interlaken, including Grindelwald, which are very beautiful and worth a visit.
  8. You can visit Interlaken in both summer and winter. While in summer you can enjoy the green fields, tulips and several other flowers in bloom. At the same time, winter calls for lots of winter sports in the nearby Alps as well as in Interlaken. So, depending on your preference you can visit either time.

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  1. Just judging by your photos this looks like an incredible fairytale town. It looks like Arendale from Frozen. Have you seen that movie? Also, I’ll keep in mind the tip where there are water fountains everywhere so just keep a reusable water bottle on me. In some places in Europe, free water is a luxury!

    • Thats so right Gina. Free water is a luxury not just in Europe but in other parts of the world as well.

  2. How beautiful is Interlaken! It totally looks like a fairytale town with a lot to do and see. The architecture looks so beautiful, but it is the nature around that really takes my breath away. Looks incredible!

    • It is so very beautiful. One place not to be missed when visiting Switzerland.

  3. Interlaken is so beautiful! I visited this resort town during my last visit to Switzerland and I completely loved it. But I haven’t explored much of the place, hope I can do it on my next visit. The pictures are so lovely, the floral clock is stunning.

    • Definitely Suma, Interlaken is a picture perfect place one must visit when in Switzerland. If not for activities then simply for it’s natural beauty

  4. Interlaken looks so pristine and inviting. The colourful flowers, striking architecture and the endless vistas- everything looks so perfect.

  5. Interlaken is yet another priceless gem in the beautiful mosaic that Switzerland is. I really loved the pictures of the colourful flowers that you have captured. They give such a fairy tale appearance to the place. Interlaken is definitely a dream come true.

    • Agree. Particularly when we visited in the season of Tulips and other blooming flowers

  6. I fell in love with those flowers! Omg the tulips look so so pretty! Loved the colour burst! 🙂 I had heard about this lake and this looks so scenic and picturesque! The architecture looks so gorgeous and I am sure I would love to paraglide here. With such surreal views!

    • Great to know Divyakshi. Looks like you will enjoy Interlaken a lot when you go here

  7. Interlaken is a gorgeous town situated between not one but two lakes. It’s pretty gorgeous Swiss town resort perfect for spending languorous moments of peace and tranquility. Wish to return so can do paragliding as we missed it the first time.

    • Same here. We couldn’t do the paragliding. but we want to return here, not just for the paragliding but for the beauty of the can never be tired of looking around here.

  8. bruceschinkel19

    We spent an evening in Interlaken when staying in Lauterbrunnen and i agree that the entire area is magical! Reading this article I see a few places I missed during our trip … a great excuse for a return trip 🙂

    • For sure, even we want to return to Interlaken and overall to Switzerland some time

  9. Mario /

    Nice summary! Interlaken sure is a great place – as someone living just about 400km away from it it is even quite simple to get there. What’s also quite great about the area is its low lightpollution: Where elsewhere in Europe it’s hard to have a clear sky here you can see the Milkyway 🙂 Have you also been to the Entlebuch Biosphere nearby?

    • No Mario , we didn’t go to Entlebuch Biosphere. Because we didn’t know about it. When we return to Switzerland, we surely will. Will ask you even more tips. You are so lucky to be living in such a pristine area. The place where I live, if you look at the sky, you only see clouds and smog and city lights reflecting back, never the stars 🙁

  10. Interlaken has so much going for it! The architecture of Schlosskirche Church is awe inspiring. My favourite pick of all that you listed here is paragliding. With so much beauty around, I can imagine paragliding here would be memorable.

    • Definitely Abhinav, something not to be missed. I could simply sit here forever doing nothing, such is the beauty of the place

  11. Hoheweg looks very Instagrammable and I’d love to visit. I didn’t know Interlaken meant between lakes although it seems obvious now! Visiting the surrounding lakes would be good for my Instagram feed too!

    • Yes, the lakes around are very picture perfect as ever. They do make for a very good instagram feed

  12. Hey I feel so happy to see your photos! The flowers are gorgeous! Your list is indeed very fun to include in thE itinerary! I hope I could go to Europe someday. I feel even a walking tour can satisfy all my senses!

    • Yes , even a walking tour is fabulous. Since what you walk through is such a beautiful place, it can satisfy all your senses

  13. I once had a conversation with a tourism officer of Interaken and he encouraged me to see the lakes. Your post got me more encouraged to go here. Im also interested in seeing the gallery.

    • Definitely, I guess the regular tour operators don’t take you to the lakes maybe for the sake of their time. But you must go to them since they are so beautiful.

  14. Wow, this place looks beautiful. I wish I can come here some day.

  15. Great tips! I’ve never actually been to Switzerland but it looks so picturesque. I’ll save this for my first visit

  16. Interlaken was so beautiful – there was still something very pristine and calm about it despite the urban development here. Your pictures and post brought back many memories of this place for me.

    • You are right, and that is what we loved about most of the small towns of Switzerland. They are just so pristine and the natural beauty has been well preserved in spite of the growth and urbanization, something that everyone should learn to do.

  17. UGH!! So freaking beautiful!!! I only went to Zürich when I was there. You inspired me to go back to Switz and check out Interlaken! 🙂

  18. Awesome place this is..
    fall in love with this place.. Great post.. keep it rocking up !

  19. wow. This is so colourful. I’ve probably never seen a tree in a colour apart from green/brown. The tulips, the still waters, the old houses along side mountains in the country side are so peaceful to just look at. How cheap is staying here neha,even though you mention that there are budget places to stay?

    • I know, Switzerland is one place which seems to have been leisurely painted by God. There are plenty of budget options available starting with Euro 30 per night kind of but you have got to book in advance. The hostels are the most budget friendly, then you can check for rooms and homestays at airbnb. The hotels are pricier than these.

  20. I love Switzerland! Been in Zurich and this Interlaken is also worth seeing! Lovely photos❤️

  21. Alexander Popkov

    I love Switzerland for the mountains! Really want to hike there some day. Wonder if I like it more than Norway.

    • Let’s see. Will wait for your perspective. I haven’t been to Norway so can’t comment.

  22. One of the best destinations in the world. Indeed heaven on earth and closer to Mount Titlis as well.
    Did u get to try out the ice creams near the casino?
    (P.S. I’m not sure if my previous comment was posted. so posting again)

  23. oh my Gosh, you can’t even imagine how many times I have travelled through Interlaken while going to Switzerland. But no stop-over ever! Thanks for letting me know.

  24. yogawinetravel

    Interlaken looks extraordinary! The air must have been so clean, I’d love to try my hand at paragliding over the town – the view must be breathtaking from above.

    • Clean..crisp and moist enough for you to breath at the best 🙂 The air of Interlaken was definitely so clean. Perfect for paragliding.

  25. Can you imagine I have been living in Switzerland for about 15 years and I live like an hour drive to Interlaken but I have really never visited Interlaken! We have stop by quickly but really never walked around! But we will one day and your post will come in handy!

    • I can totally relate to that. Visiting the world, but there are still some gems of places so close to our home that are yet to be explored. We feel like it’s ok, we can go there anytime. And thus it never happens

  26. hi
    this is a lovely article, the Schlosskirche church reminded me of my one evening spent out there , it was in winter when i had been some years back . Truly Interlaken is a must visit !

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