Travel friendly products for kids & Toddlers that made our life easier

We have tremendous love for travel. And we couldn’t put a stop to it even when a new member got added to our family. We had our first trip with our baby when she was just 8 months old, to Hampi, Karnataka, India . But yes, things change once you start traveling with a toddler. And so they did for us too. There was a lot more planning and research involved to ensure traveling comfortably. What made the travel easier for us was toddler friendly travel tips that we learnt over a period of time. As well as many toddler friendly travel products some of which we researched and others that we got as gift. Here we list our favorite ones that have become part and parcel of our travel life and will be helpful to you too if you travel with a little one.

In case you have a little one and you will like to travel with them but you are just not confident enough on how to manage the same, again these products will come to your rescue. You can rather take this list as your one stop shop for the travel requirements of your baby or small kid.

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Travel friendly products for kids #1.1: Organic baby-care products by Mamaearth

Sometimes, we don’t bother to carry our own bottles of toiletries because we feel either the hotel will provide us the basic minimum or we can purchase the one at the destination. But can we do the same for our baby or kid’s toiletry needs? Definitely not. Given that they are so soft and sensitive, we will rather like to carry with us products that we know suite them. And that also, organic and chemical free products.

That is why I was super delighted when Bhavana from Mamaearth sent me this little cute hamper of baby-care products. It included a baby lotion, baby massage oil and baby shampoo and conditioner. The products are purely organic and very mild to a kid’s skin. They have a vast range including mosquito repellants, body lotion, body massage oil, shampoo and others. Mamaearth is a brand started by a parent like us, who wanted high quality chemical free products for their babies. And later, they decided to start a product series for all the other babies out there.

Travel friendly products for kids
MamaEarth kid friendly travel kit – click on image to buy



Travel friendly products for kids #1.2: Aveeno baby lotion

My daughter has an extremely dry skin. And it tends to get drier when we travel. Since sometimes, she drinks less water and at other times she goes through different geographies, facing varying weather and climatic conditions.  Recently, I got introduced to Aveeno baby lotion. And I found it like a magical formula for dry skin. This body lotion is deep moisturizing and lasts really long. It is working wonders on her skin. And has reduced my worries about her dry skin a lot. Aveeno has a many other products also, some of them even suitable for allergic skins or super sensitive skin types. You might want to check their range out.


Travel friendly products for kids #2: formula milk container

We used to feed formula milk to our baby. Carrying a big pack of formula milk was a pain. So was the process of taking out milk from the container on the way, in moving vehicles, without spilling. That is when our search lead us to this cute milk container with 4 compartments. Each one has a sealed lid of it’s own and then there is a no-spill cover that makes it so much easier to prepare milk on the way. In my opinion it is a must for parents who have to travel with babies and toddlers. We also use the containers to store snacks like small portions of cut fruits, biscuits, cheese cubes or any dry or wet items.

Travel friendly products for kids
meme no spill milk container – click on image to buy

Travel friendly products for kids #3: Bag organizer cubes

We all know how tiny the stuff of babies are. Like their hankers, socks, mittens, gloves, caps etc. Can you imagine them being places in a corner of your bag and later having to rummage through the bag to get to them? We didn’t use travel organizer cubes very frequently until our baby arrived. But with these cubes, life became so much more organized when traveling with her. We pack one small cube with all her tiny clothing. Another bigger one with her cloths. And yet another one we keep to stuff the worn cloths that we are not able to wash while traveling. Apart from that, I use one small cube to keep one pair of her changing cloth and other such handy items in the travel backpack or my purse that is always accessible.

Travel friendly products for kids
organizer cubes – click on image to buy

Travel friendly products for kids #4: Toilet seat sanitizer

Hygiene is a big concern when traveling and using public restrooms and toilets frequently. Particularly in the developing countries and India. It becomes even more essential to address when you have small kids. The last thing you want on your vacation is for your kids to get infected while using the public restrooms. We were particularly paranoid about this part. So, our hunt led us to Toilet seat sanitizer. And we started using pee-safe sprays. We don’t know how much of it’s claim of killing 99%+ germs in initial 3 seconds holds true, but it has managed to keep us safe so far. So, we are totally happy with this product. Now we keep one with us all the time in our baby’s toilet bag.

Travel friendly products for kids
pee safe toilet sanitizer – click on image to buy

Travel friendly products for kids #5: Foldable potty trainer seat

There will come a point anytime after your toddler crosses her first birthday when you will decide it’s time for her to get out of the diapers and start potty training. And you definitely won’t want your travel plans to reverse the training or put a stop to it. Neither would you want it to stop your travel plans. The same happened with us. And that is when we decided to get a foldable , easily portable potty training seat for our little one. It comes with disposable liners as well. So that you can use it anywhere including your car seat, or outside in the open while you take long road trips. Even when we travel by plane , we carry it where ever we go. As, it becomes really convenient for our little one to use the hotel restrooms with this seat. Since it fits conveniently on any standard toilet seat as well. We guess, this is going to remain our close companion for a while now. As we definitely do not want to put her back in the diapers at any cost.

Travel friendly products for kids
Travel potty seat – click on image to buy

Travel friendly products for kids #6: Hot water thermos

Hot water is a must have when traveling with a toddler. Be it for preparing formula milk or for washing her snacks bowl. Or any other such purpose. We have always carried a hot water thermos with us everywhere we have traveled with her. We get it easily refilled from hotels, restaurants or even using a hot water kettle in our hotel room. Particularly when traveling in colder regions it helps a lot. On our recent trip to Palampur, we always mixed hot water with the normal water to make it lukewarm for our baby to drink. And that helped her stay warm and keep the cold at bay.

Travel friendly products for kids
No spill hot water thermos – click on image to buy

Travel friendly products for kids #7: Baby bag

A baby bag has many advantages when traveling with a toddler or kid. First of all, it is an extra cabin luggage in flights that you can carry with you along with your handbag and backpack/cabin bag. On top of that, it has well organized pockets where you can store the basic needs of the baby neatly. These might include milk bottle, no-spill water bottle, wet wipes, hot water thermos, milk containers, snacks containers, her  necessary medicines, toiletries and other things that she might need during the travel, all the time. Wow! Didn’t realize how many products need to be handy for these babies and toddlers 🙂

Travel friendly products for kids
Baby bag – organized and travel friendly – click on image to buy

We have been using one since the day our baby was born. Now that she is little older, we don’t exactly need the bigger one, but now the smaller counterpart proves to be so much more handy.

Travel friendly products for kids #8: Finally a cute baby trolley bag

This is not really a requirement. But when our little one became 2+ years old, we got a cute baby trolley bag for her. And since then we keep all her cloths and accessories in that bag. She carries it herself now where ever she goes. And actually she is over cautious that her bag has all her stuff and it should not go missing anywhere 🙂 . We feel she is developing a sense of responsibility and learning to take care of her stuff this way.

Travel friendly products for kids
Kids travel trolley bag – click on image to buy

Overall, there are so many travel friendly products for kids and babies as of today. That you just need to pick the right travel friendly product for kids and then traveling with them is a fun rather than a mess. Our daughter has already travelled with us to so many places that we are almost loosing count. She has been to Hampi, Goa, Shimla and Manali, Kodaikanal, Udaipur, Jaipur, Wayanad and Mahabalipuram. She has also done some day trips to Mysore Zoo, Gery Martin’s farm and various other places. And just like us, she totally loves to travel.

Hope these products will help your travel with your little one a breeze as well.

Travel friendly products that made our travel with our toddler a breeze

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  1. I’m not sure if I’m ever gonna have a kid, but if ever I do, I’d probably take the kid with me too. I think it’s quite important that we teach kids the importance of traveling at a very young age. I think the very cute trolley will be useful, easier to carry around.

    • Definitely Marge. It is a delight to see the kid mature as they travel

  2. This is such a great comprehensive list – even some items suitable for someone without children! A great post to inspire family travel and make people aware of products that can make life on the road easier!

  3. I’m definitely going to send this to my friends who have kids and say they can’t travel because of their children. The no spill formula container is a great idea and my mom used to carry something of the sort when my sisters were little. It’s a legit life saver. I also didn’t think about the toilet seat sanitizer, but I think everyone can benefit from that.

    • Thanks Gina. Indeed these are very useful, some even when you don’t have a kid, and all of them with a kid. Travel life gets so much easier and smoother with these things at our disposal

  4. What a comprehensive list! This would be so handy when traveling with kids!

  5. siddharthandshruti

    Definitely will share this with my friend who is expecting a baby this year. The foldable potty trainer seat sounds quite useful for toddlers.

    • It has proved very useful across our trips this year. We are taking it next overseas as well with us 🙂

  6. I’ll show this useful article to my sister. She’s always stressed when travelling with her 1 year old baby boy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh..I was like that initially, but then slowly with practice and these helpful products at hand, got more and more eased traveling with my little one

  7. Those packing cubes absolutely changed how we pack. They’re fantastic.

  8. Wow~ What a great list for anyone needing some good ideas on what’s in when it comes to traveling with kids today. There are so many conveniences and fun items to add memories to your travels. Happy travels!

    • Right..I can’t imagine how people would have managed traveling around with one or more kids when these items were not discovered 🙂

  9. I started to travel with my baby while he was 4 months old and indeed, it is not easy, but if you plan everything in time and you have the right things everything is getting much better!

  10. Traveling with kids does require much more planning and preparation. Your recommendations are fantastic ways to stay organized and ready for anything. The PEE Santiizer is actually useful for all travelers. We have to get some of that soon.

    • You are right..that one is handy for everyone, including the adults. And when traveling to remote places and not so hygienic public toilets, it’s a great tool to protect your health.

  11. They just didn’t have cute things like these for babies when my children were young. We threw together a bag of diapers, wipes, &cheerios and we hit the road. I have to admit, though, that now that I am traveling with grandchildren, the sanitary spray for bathroom stops would sure be a good idea!

  12. Love this post! Do you have one on active accessories for hiking and being outdoors? I would love to hear what you have to say. I am glad more and more parents are promoting travel and not stopping their lives just for a child. How else are they supposed to learn!

    • Sadly, we haven’t hiked in ages because it’s not easy with kids…but we hope to resume in near future. And then I will add my research on making life easier there as well 🙂

  13. I don’t have kids but I understand how challenging it is to travel with kids. I have traveled with the kids of my brothers. It was fun but there were challenges. These products are for sure helpful for those who frequently travel with kids.

    • Definitely Abhinav, it’s not that easy to travel with kids. That makes planning and being equipped all the more important

  14. Great tips! I am mostly traveling with kids so I am always looking for new products to make our travels more comfortable. We also have a new baby on the way so I enjoyed reading this.

    • Congratulations Paula! Great to know we think so much alike. These products are cute and useful at the same time. Can’t imagine life without them

  15. Whilst I’m not remotely close to travelling with kids, I can certainly see how all of this would help.

    You must carry around with you so much more gear when you have kids however!

    • That’s true Chris. Actually when we didn’t have kid, we used to splurge on our packing, taking as many cloths and stuff as we wanted. Ever since the kid has started traveling with us, to our own surprise, a tiny corner of the suitcase is enough for both of us. And rest all is dedicated to her 😀

  16. SHOWING THIS to my sister ASAP!

  17. Will share this with our friends with kids.

  18. That bottle looks like it’s really useful . I know my little niece will need that

  19. I really understand Neha, how things change when you have a new addition to your family. You have to plan and travel keeping in view the comfort and safety of new one. I feel you really started travelling with him/her at a good time and the list of products you added to your packing list are really cute and helpful. the containers are really cute and it is really good if you are going with those organic products.

    • Thanks a lot Suruchi. Definitely, if you don’t want to stop traveling after having kids then starting while they are very young helps. because then they adopt quickly to it. And my daughter has enjoyed every trip that we have taken, since her first one. Were it not for these products, our travel won’t have been that smooth. Finding stuff quickly and easily, keeping things handy, being able to serve small portions of food and prepare formula milk in moving vehicles and so many other small things are there to take care of which you realize only after you start traveling with a little one…and each of these products I had to hunt down and kind of discover to make life easier.

  20. Andrea Broom

    Cool, gonna have to share this with friends of mines that have kids. I know they are always looking for ways to make traveling easier.

    • Thats great Andrea. I really hope some of these products they will find useful

  21. These all look like wonderful products to make travel easier for parents (or grandparents!) of small children. We’ve come such a long way with travel accessories and it makes it possible for people of virtually any age to travel.

    • So true Doreen. I can’t imagine how I would have managed traveling with my own little one if these accessories were not at my disposal

  22. Very Nice article. Keep it up !

  23. Traveling with kids can sometimes turn tricky. Having the right accessorizes on hand is so helpful in those times. One needs to ensure and take special care that one is fully equipped while traveling with kids. The list of products you have talked about are all essentials to carry when traveling with kids.

    • Thanks Sandy N Vyjay. When we leave behind or forget a few things our own, we can manage. But forgetting something important to the kid, or just not being rightly prepared can turn the trip into an uncomfortable nightmare

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