5 lovely gardens of South India

There are numerous gardens in India. Some very lovely ones are located in South India. Here I am listing the top 5 gardens of South India that I have been to personally. I loved to spend time in each one of these. All these gardens are beautiful, green, abundant in massive varieties of plant species and sprawling over large areas. One should set apart considerable time when visiting these beautiful gardens. Relax under the roof of nature , read a book, watch your children play or listen to the chirping birds and rustling wind with your eyes closed 🙂

Brindavan Garden, Mysore, Karnataka

This is a garden developed in the mughal style of garden landscaping. It is located across the Krishnasagar dam built on top of river Kuaveri in Karnataka, India. The garden is very refreshing and beautiful. It’s major attraction are the musical fountain show conducted every evening around 7.

Mysore Garden
Brindavan Gardens Mysore

brindavan gardens fountain
Musical fountain at Brindavan Gardens Mysore

Lal bagh, Bangalore, Karnataka

Lal bagh is a botanical garden in southern Bangalore which was originally commissioned by Haider Ali, the ruler of Mysore. It was finished by his sone Tipu Sultan. It is sprawled over 240 acres. It has a pond on one side and also includes a glass house. The garden also has a sprawling nursery with lots of different plant species and all kinds of gardening tools. Lal bagh hosts numerous flower shows and other environmental awareness programs. The one week flower show held in January (The republic day week of India, around 26th Jaunary) and another one held in August (The independence day week of India, around 15th August) are particularly famous. People turn in huge numbers to watch the flower show during these weeks. Although the greenery is a treat to the eyes any day , all year round.

lal bagh botanical garden
Glass house at lal bagh

Botanical Garden, Ooty

The botanical garden of Ooty was laid out in 1848. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I was mesmerized by its beauty when I happened to visit this garden. It is built over the slope of the hill, like a velvety green carpet rolled out on a huge set of stairs. It has several sections, each having different kind of plant varieties. There is a nursery also in house on the garden. One can easily spend half a day here.

ooty garden

Ooty garden 1
Inside the glass house at botanical garden ooty

Botanical Garden, Coonoor

This is yet another huge botanical garden, built nicely on the slopes of the hills. It has some children’s play areas, swings, water bodies and other such attractions inside the garden. There is a nursery available on the premises of the garden from where once can buy various exotic plant seeds and plants.

coonoor south india garden

Byrant Park, Kodaikanal

It is a botanical garden nested into the heart of Kodaikanal, another beautiful hill station in South India. It is very near to the Kodai lake and the Coaker’s walk. We happened to visit this garden in June 2015, when it was in full bloom. The rose beds were full of roses of different colors, shades and sizes, in full bloom. There is a big lawn area where one can site and relax, or picnic with family. The park also houses a small nursery.

kodai garden

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34 Responses

  1. Sid

    My favourite of these is the one in Coonoor! It’s such a hidden beauty and not as many people visit it. I really feel like visiting the place again today write about it…

  2. Jetsetter Jenn

    Oh wow, these are all so beautiful and different from each other! Love the variety. I have never encountered a musical fountain in a garden before but I’ve heard of them. I’d love to visit all of these, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Neha

      The musical fountain of Brindavan Gardens is quiet a hit Jenn..do visit when you get a chance

  3. Carmen's Luxury Trvl (@carmensluxtrvl)

    I’m a sucker for a beautiful garden and am happy to see India has no shortage of stunning gardens! Musical fountains are always a fun site to see and my kids love them. That botanical garden in Coonoor is my favorite I think. Bookmarking for the future!

    • Neha

      Glad you liked these gardens. I hope you will love them even more when you get to visit in person

  4. The Tales of a Traveler

    Except Kodaikanal, I have been to all other lovely garden mentioned on the list. I love visiting Lalbagh and Brindavan garden on week days rather than weekends. On weekends they are hell crowded 🙁

    • Neha

      Unfortunately there is so much traffic outside on weekdays that we are not able to think about going on weekdays

  5. Parnashree Devi

    Great list of gardens . I haven’t been to any one of these gardens, but I love visiting garden. I heard about Botanical gardens in Coonoor 🙂 Nice posts.

  6. Indrani

    Great list! I am reminded of my visits to these gardens.
    The Yercaud botanical garden too is a good one. May be you can add it here.

    • Neha

      Sure Indrani. I will add that. I have not personally visited that one.So, will need to do some exploration. Would you mind telling me a bit about your experience, in case you have been there?

  7. soumna

    I have been to all and I still prefer lalbagh. I just wish it was not that far from my house. Those yearly flower shows are a photographer’s delight. I used to frequently visit Brindavan when I was staying in Mysore.

    • Neha

      Been to lalbagh myself so many times. And I am so eagerly wanting to take my daughter there. But as you said, the distance is putting the trip off. However, have been planning for a Sunday morning to go here

  8. Luca

    I’m not really into gardening, despite the fact I really enjoy spending my time in a green and silent place, but I never heard about mughal style when referring to gardening. I knew the Italian style, the Japanese and English ones, but f course the more you read, the more you discover new things. I see this style is quite geometrical, with pools, fountains and canals. I guess I’d like it!

    • Neha

      Glad you learnt about the new style 🙂 And you got it right. Hope you will like this garden as much in person as well

  9. Adam Biernat

    All these places look just wonderful. I love to visit lush beautiful gardens, it’s such a relaxing time! Also reading about them is really enjoyable, I like your post very much 🙂

  10. Raksha Rao

    I have heard so much about Conoor. Would love to visit the botanical gardens in Conoor someday. Brindavan gardens is my favorite among this!

  11. Ami Bhat

    Yes, these botanical gardens are quite well maintained and nice. Have been to all and must say that my favorite has been Brindavan followed by Lalbagh. I love spotting the birdlife here.

    • Neha

      Have been to Brindavan countless times now..ironically more than lalbagh 🙂 Loved it everytime

  12. Christie

    These gardens look so beautiful! India has been high on my list for places to travel, I will have to keep these gardens in mind for the future. The Botanical Garden of Coonoor looks gorgeous, I love the flowers lining the edges of the water.

    • Neha

      Sure Christie. All of these are beautiful and blooming all round the year

  13. Gareth

    If I’m honest, as someone who has sadly never visited the country (yet), beautiful gardens are not something that I would have associated with India. Clearly your photos however, prove how wrong I was and the botanical garden of Ooty looks particularly stunning. Great job capturing the photos and fingers crossed I’ll have the chance to see at least some of them before too long

    • Neha

      Thanks Gareth. I know there are not numerous gardens in India as such. But at least some of these are very beautiful and exceptional including the ooty one. The garden is witness to filming of countless romantic songs 🙂

  14. travellingslacker

    They do know how to maintain a garden. Even the nondescript Tungabhadra Dam garden near Hampi was pretty well maintained. Used to hang out at Lal Bagh when I was living in Bangalore.

  15. Maps and Merlot

    It seems like Southern India has many gardens to choose from! The Brindavan Garden looks very cool at night (love your photo), so would be very interested to see that. Plus, the blue and purple flowers in the Botanical Garden are absolutely beautiful!

    • Neha

      When you plan a trip to South India, remember to visit these gardens 🙂

  16. Lucile

    Even though I am not really attracted by India (yeah I know, what is wrong with me 🙂 ), your article is still very interesting!

    • Neha

      Thanks Lucile..continue reading as we uncover India for you…I am sure you wont be able to resist visiting here one day

  17. Sophie

    Wow! these are some great ones! but unfortunately when I traveled to India last year I could not travel any of these. But nothing to be upset about I am going to travel India again next year and I will certainly visit all these! Thanks for sharing! Cheers.

  18. Sandy N Vyjay

    Bangalore which was known as the Garden city some years back has transformed into a concrete jungle. But thank God that Lalbagh and Cubbon park survive as lung spaces for the city. My favourite among these parks is the garden in Coonoor.

    • Neha

      You are so right. I wish to take my kid to Lalbagh or Cubbon park. But going there from whitefield and then coming back through the traffic is such a daunting exercise.

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