5 Things To Do On A Trip To Ibiza

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Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean sea. It lies off the east coast of Spain. Ibiza is universally recognized as a unique brand of island paradise. Yet a lot of us only have a very vague understanding of what it’s like there. In part, this is because the island has been promoted largely through hip-hop and pop songs. And it has become known as a celebrity hangout with a pulsing nightlife scene. Although, this isn’t necessarily inaccurate. But it also fails to encompass the beauty and broader appeal of Ibiza.

A gorgeous sunset across Ibiza

Situated among the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and officially a part of Spain, Ibiza is a beautiful island. It has as many quiet beaches and small villages as it has busy cities and nightclubs. In short, this means it makes for a good retreat for just about anybody. But read on for our picks of five things you really must do on a trip to Ibiza.

Explore Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is a great way to shock yourself into the realization that Ibiza is far more than a party island. It’s basically the highest and most noteworthy part of the “old town” portion of Ibiza Town. And it is marked by ancient fortifications and a stunning Gothic cathedral. They’re the sort of landmarks you might expect to see in old European cities, like Rome or Florence. But something about exploring them on a beautiful island really makes you feel the history. It’s just incredible to think of fortifications like those at Dalt Vila having been necessary to fend off 16th century pirates. Thus exploring the Dalt Vila is one of the top ones on our list of things to do on a trip to Ibiza.

Relax At Babylon Beach

“Relax” isn’t a word that necessarily goes with some of the busier beaches on the island. Because of the aforementioned focus on nightlife and club atmosphere. At Babylon Beach however the emphasis is, as one account noted, on chilling out all the time. Located outside Santa Eulalia, it’s a picturesque beach. Here, you can enjoy some seaside dining and drinking and then simply enjoy your surroundings in peace. It also makes for a perfect spot for family holiday. Particularly when you have kids around. Since, beaches always make for perfect vacation spots when traveling with kids.

Things to do on trip to Ibiza

Take A Boat Out

There are various ways to take a boat out when you’re staying in Ibiza, including joining a group day cruise or chartering your own vessel. Regardless, the island is a perfect base for a little bit of exploration on the water. Particularly if you head out with friends or family. Also, if you organize an opportunity to do some swimming or snorkeling, it’s a wonderful time. Being an island, Ibiza has plenty of grounds (read “waters”) around it to explore. And so are the number of boats in this island, ready to explore the surroundings. It’s such a pleasure to take a boat out with your group and just explore in whichever direction you desire. So, do keep a boating experience like this in your list of top things to do on a trip to Ibiza.

Visit Casino de Ibiza

A must have in your list of things to do on a trip to Ibiza is a visit to Casino de Ibiza. It is the gaudiest attraction on our list. It’s a major casino attached to the Ibiza Gran Hotel complex and located on the “Golden Mile” beaches. Naturally it tends to be packed with tourists. But it’s a more complete attraction and entertainment venue than the average club around town. A list placing it among the best casinos to visit in the summer noted that it’s famous for its artwork, beauty, style, food, and creativity, and that its owners work with Cirque du Soleil! That gives you an idea that this is more than just a casino or nightlife venue. This means, even if you are not into visiting regular casinos, you can still visit Casino de Ibiza and enjoy it’s artwork and food. No wonder it is so famous amongst the tourists.

Catch The Sunset At Cala Comte

Things to do on trip to Ibiza

If there’s one thing Ibiza is as famous for as its nightlife, it’s probably the sunsets. In part that might just be because as the sun goes down the parties come to life – but the sunsets are visually gorgeous as well. Cala Comte is a beach area with pretty, transparent shallows and soft yellow sand, known for stunning views of the amazing sunset each night. It’s a place you won’t soon forget if you have the chance to sit out on the sands for an afternoon and evening. We have seen several sunsets on our tours, including those on the banks of rivers, in the hills like that of Coorg, or on the sea beach, like the one we saw in Goa and Mahabalipuram or across the Thar Deserts, Rajasthan. But, to see a sunset on an island is a dream come true. That is why we put in our list of top things to do on a trip to Ibliza, a sunset.

So, have you been to Ibiza? Do you plan to visit here in near future? We would love to hear from you what are you favorite list of things to do when on a trip to Ibiza. Who knows, we might get some which will enhance our own list. Moreover, when we visit Spain in future, we definitely plan to include Ibiza in our itinerary. And hope to have a wonderful vacation here visiting these top attractions.

 5 things to do on a trip to Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean sea, and a part of Spain

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35 Responses

  1. Nicola

    Ibiza has such a reputation as just a party place that it’s great to hear so many other things to do there. The beaches looks gorgeous and Dalt Vila sounds like an interesting place to wander around.

  2. Harini

    Ibiza seems to be a wonderful combination of ruins,modernity and beaches.It seems like an all round vacation spot.

  3. Marjorie G.

    When I hear Ibiza, it immediately conjures images of cerulean seas, bikini clad bodies, and thriving nightlife. Speaking of, I just saw a Netflix movie of the same title and I’m already planning to watch it one of these days.From looking at the photos alone, I can already see why people consider it as one of their dream destinations. I do want to go there myself, hopefully before I turn 40 so I can still party haha… The photo of the Cala Comte is surreal, I can easily imagine myself standing there, gazing at the sunset.

    • Neha

      You can definitely party till you want 🙂 age is just a number. And yes, Ibiza is so beautiful and has so much to offer, you should definitely plan a trip here as well.

  4. Jeams Jully

    I always love the beach and It atmosphere. Because it cool and peaceful, I feel relaxed. Ibiza Is such a wonderful city and Babylon Beach is also a amazing place. I think it is my next trip list place. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Kartik Kannan

    Very nice post and pictures Neha! Loved the place gleaming by the evening sun by the sea and the sunset cover photo! Maybe detailed family friendly guide to Ibiza sounds like a good post. I wanted to do something like that for a similar party island in Thailand (Koh Phangan) which has so many family friendly places!

    • Neha

      Thanks Karthik. Definitely such an article for Thailand will be a great read.

  6. sumit

    the fisrt visual set the tone for the article and actually jolts the user out of the concept of what Ibiza is , lovely post 🙂

  7. Sophie Williams

    Ibiza sounds like it has something for everyone and looks like so much fun – I think you’d find me on Babylon beach!

  8. Kenneth Ephraim Surat

    IBIZA (cue music!). I only know Ibiza because of Pitbull haha. Like what you said in the blog at it is more than hiphop and a getaway for celebrities, that SUNSET is divine!

    • Neha

      Definitely Kenneth. It is a very family friendly vacation spot and quiet unexplored

  9. Crysta Parkinson

    Such a gorgeous place. Those sunsets are incredibly renewing. A trip to Ibiza refreshes the soul!

  10. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    Wow, reading your post makes me excited to traipse my feet here. Truly, it is a paradise and I love that it has so much to offer. The fact that it is a favorite Island of many celebrities, it must be a lively Island with great night life scene. Cruising here is something I should not miss to do, and would definitely just relax near the beach while listening to the calming waves while kissing the coast. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  11. Karie

    Ibiza is indeed very beautiful and I agree where people assume it’s just a place to party. Dalt Villa caught my attention since I love architecture and would love to see the ancient fortifications and Gothic cathedral. Cala Comte seems perfect for a sunset lover like me.Would love to chill on Babylon beach as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Neha

      You seem to be in love with beautiful beaches, definitely Ibiza is going to be a treat for you

  12. Sandy N Vyjay

    Ibiza is a paradise and indeed the stuff of surreal dreams. The sunset looks really magical while the beaches are pure bliss. Would love to wake up in this beautiful land someday. Ibiza is really wonderful.place that is also immortalized in many songs.

  13. Hetal Kamdar

    This post reminds me of the song “We are going to Ibiza”, Since then this place has been playing on our mind. For me I would relax at Babylon beach along with my family and sip on some mocktails and enjoy the view. The other thing that would interest me is to visit the Casino, that is something I have always fancied. Loved the post and all the pictures made me fall in love with Ibiza.

    • Neha

      Well said Hetal. Ibiza does ring the tunes from that song for me too

  14. Anshula

    I’ve always thought of Ibiza as a party spot so it was never on my radar but I’m totally reconsidering after reading this amazing post. I love the way you described the sunsets (I’d want to visit for that alone). And (I say this somewhat sheepishly), I’d want to visit Casino de Ibiza as well (even if it is totally touristy) because I’m obsessed with art.

    • Neha

      Great to know that Anshula. I guess it’s got a stereotyped image which needs to be changed

  15. Team Uy

    looks like a secluded island that boasts pristine beach. reminds me of the movie Moana, such a wonderful island to visit.

  16. Swati Sinha

    I have always , typically, connected Ibiza with parties. I love the fact that the beaches there are fabulous and I fell in love with Cala Comte. I can imagine how beautiful the sunset can be here. So, when are you “going to Ibiza !”

  17. shreyasaha1987

    I would love to add experiencing sunset from Sunset Ashram, that is inexplicable. Also the late night crazy parties of Ibiza. Loved the list anyways. Thanks for share.

  18. Doreen Pendgracs

    This looks like a marvellous region of Spain to explore! I’d love to visit Ibiza.

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