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Bagore Ki Haveli Museum is one of the major atteactions of Udaipur City in Rajasthan India. We visited here on our trip to Udaipur. Although, before going here, all I could imagine was, yet another museum with old artifacts and all. But, to the contrary, I found it to be so much interesting upon visiting. Bagore ki Haveli museum is divided into five major sections:

  1. The Puppet museum
  2. The main haveli
  3. The Turban museum
  4. The Weapon museum
  5. The Wedding Depiction Section

And each one of these is beautiful and well maintained. Apart from that, what added to the charm of visiting here was the fact that it was not at all crowded. In fact, we got to see only one or two other tourists in the whole premise. Let me take you through a walk of the museum.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

History of Bagore ki Haveli

Bagore ki Haveli was built by Shri Amarchand Badwa, who was the Prime Minister of Mewar from 1751 to 1778. The property was a part of Mewar state till independence of India in 1947. And after independence, the government started using the building for housing Government employees. However, it was a national property with not much of vested interest from any party, for almost 40 years the building was ignored and almost reached a deprecated state where it would have collapsed one day. But finally, the government was persuaded to take care of it. And thus, it was converted into a museum. We are really glad about the step taken to convert it into a museum. Now, one of the reminiscent of the glorious past of the kingdom of Mewar is secured!!

A tour through Bagore ki Haveli

As you enter inside Bagore ki Haveli Museum, there is a big open space. Crossing this space, you reach the actual building, the haveli. From here, you take a flight of stairs and reach the first floor. And there is a courtyard at the first floor. A stage is setup here for music and dance performance called Dharohar show, which happens towards the evening. But we visited here in the afternoon. So, we escaped this section and went on to the other side of the stairs, that leads to the puppet museum.

The Puppet Museum at Bagore Ki Haveli

As the name suggests this section of Bagore Ki Haveli Museum has lots of puppets on display. Puppets are an integral part of Rajasthani culture. Thus, the museum totally makes sense. I loved this section and so did my little daughter. There are different kind of popular puppets adorning the different parts of this museum. A section of the room has a king’s darbar (courtroom) setup in the form of puppets, wherein, you can see the king, queen and various other ministers sitting across one another.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

Then there are horses, elephants, and many other beautiful puppet dolls of all shape and size in the museum. At the entrance are some miniature puppets and other decor items , all handmade. You can actually buy one from here if you want. There is a caretaker sitting in one corner of the museum. Apart from that, no one else was visible. Actually, it was more like a big room filled with the colorful puppet dolls. No wonder the little one enjoyed so much. (She actually wanted to sit on that elephant and shake hand with all the other puppet dolls. 🙂 )

A tour through Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

The terrace

After making a round of the puppet museum, we took another flight of stairs. At the end of the stairs were two doors. The first door leads to an open terrace that opens towards the side facing the beautiful lake Pichola. From here, you get wonderful views across the lake, overlooking the Oberio Udaivilas Palace Hotel, Taj Hotel, City Palace and many other landmarks built right on the banks of the palace. We stood here for sometime, looking at the wonderful views.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

The lobby or passageway

Next, we exited the terrace and took the other door. It brought us into the second floor of the haveli. This floor of the haveli has been converted into a full fledged museum. There is an open courtyard in the ground floor of the haveli. And all the other floors of Bagore ki Haveli museum open to this courtyard. Each floor has a lobby that runs all around and then there are rooms on all corners of this lobby. Each of the room has been converted into a setup for the museum.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

The rooms

One displays a bedroom setup from the old haveli. It has an old bed in a corner, with basic stuff that the old bedroom used to comprise of. Yet another one is setup like a living room. It has rugs on the ground, with beautiful cushions and 3-D models of people sitting around. When you look at them you get a feeling that they are going to start taking and walking any moment 🙂 Similarly, there is a kitchen setup. The kitchen consists of old earthen utensils that were used for cooking in the good old days when the haveli thrived with it’s actual inhabitants. And there are other rooms – leisure, game etc.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum
A setting for the Game of Chausar

The paintings

Apart from the rooms, there are a number of beautiful paintings hung on the wall of the lobby. These paintings depict scenes from the royal era. And some also have a description of what they represent. These include paintings of women enjoying along the bank of lake Pichola or doing some household chores. Also, some depict kinds preparing to go on war. And yet others depict the family hierarchy of the residents of Bagore ki Haveli.

The beautiful swing

There is a beautiful swing hanging from the roof in the lobby. The swing is visible as you take a turn at the first left corner at end of the first lobby. Although I wondered looking at it how in the ancient times the ladies of the haveli would have enjoyed swaying here.

The Turban section at Bagore ki Haveli Museum

As we completed the tour of the first floor of Bagore Ki Haveli Museum and came down to the ground floor, we encountered another beautiful section of the museum. This sections hosts different turbans from different states of India. Turban is a piece of clothing worn on the head. And it is particularly worn in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

Although the style and the color and print of the turbans vary from one state to another. For example, in Punjab, you get to witness Turbans made of plain cloths in different colors. Rajasthani Turbans are made of the typical tie-dye fabric in different vibrant colors. While Gujarati Turbans are also similar to Rajasthani, but differ in the choice of colors and size. As you walk through this section, you get introduced to all these different turbans, which are an integral part of the culture in this part of India.

The weapons section at Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

After visiting the turban section, we came out of the main Haveli. And headed to the next section – the weapons section – at the other end of the courtyard. This section is actually located right besides the entrance gate. And as the name suggests, this section hosts a number of weapons on display. These are the weapons that were once upon a time used by the kings and their armies in the battle. In conclusion, it is a small section and can be covered quickly.

The wedding section at Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

As we came out of the weapons section, we thought we were done with all that was to be seen in Bagore Ki Haveli. And thus, we decided to proceed towards the exit. But then we saw on our right hand side, a board indicating an entrance to yet another section. Intrigued, we headed to this section. This is a small section again wherein using a 3-D model, the different stages of an Indian wedding are displayed. Again, it is a very cute and beautiful section. Overall, it was real joy going through it and understanding the significance of the numerous customs that mark an Indian Wedding. And also how far in history the origin of these customs goes. Which once more proves the deep routes of the Indian culture.

Bagore Ki Haveli Museum

If you are interested to learn more about the different customs, and see how this beautiful section looked, you can come on a virtual tour of the wedding section at Bagore Ki Haveli Museum with us, in this post.

In conclusion, we had a wonderful time walking through he Bagore Ki Haveli Museum and exploring it’s different sections.In our opinion, it is a must visit when in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Tips on visiting here

  • Bagore Ki Haveli Museum is located in the heart of Udaipur, on the bank of lake Pichola. It is at a 5 minutes walking distance from Jagdish Temple and almost 8 minutes walking distance from Udaipur City Palace. So if you happen to visit one of these, you can easily walk off to Bagore ki Haveli museum from there.
  • The place is easily reachable from other parts of Udaipur by various means of communication like hiring a cab or an autorickshaw.
  • Also, it is open all days of the week from 10am to 5:30pm.
  • There is an entry fee along with camera fee that can be purchased at the entrance of the museum
  • There is a special Dharohar Dance show that is performed on the terrace of the museum in the evening. However, we couldn’t stay back for it since we visited in the afternoon. So, if interested, you can time your visit accordingly to catch this show. I have heard it is quiet good.
  • Carry your own water and snacks. There are no food shops or outlets inside the museum.
  • Also, wear comfortable shoes as there will be lots of walking to be done all through the day.
  • And wear comfortable cotton cloths if visiting in the summer. There is no AC inside the museum. It is an open haveli.
  • Finally, it will easily take around 1.5 to 2 hours to cover the complete museum. So, provision for your time accordingly.

Bagore ki Haveli Museum in Udaipur, Rajasthan is a must visit place. It has various beautiful sections that introduce us to the culture and the ancient history of India at the same time

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110 Responses

  1. It’s weird not to visit this museum when in Udaipur. It is actually located in its heart so every visitor must check out the place. I love how the culture and tradition were presented in the musuem.

  2. […] outside, in a small roadside café. From here, we used our google maps and started walking down to Bagore ki Haveli (which was just 7 mins walk from the palace). We immensely enjoyed our visit at Bagore ki Haveli. […]

  3. Thank you for sharing this interesting post of a place I had never heard of. So inspiring

  4. While I do agree that the puppets look quite creepy, the museum building itself is just amazing! I hope to visit this lovely museum one day!

  5. the architecture and rich culture of India made me feel so exited to visit this country!

  6. The view from the terrace is so beautiful! What an interesting museum too. It must have been nice exploring it without any crowds. I didn’t realize that turban colors varied based on region. There is so much I want to learn about India, I would absolutely love to go there some day.

  7. I’m intrigued by this place and the puppets. Seems like this would be packed with interesting facts!

  8. Beautiful place. It looks like I need to visit Udaipur again because I have missed a lot of places in the first round! How much time does it usually take to see the entire haveli?

    • If you are a slow traveler like me who wants to absorb the essence of the places, I guess 2-3 hours will be minimum you will end up spending here

  9. This looks super interesting and beautiful at the same time. I’m always so intrigued by the colours and the architecture of such places!

  10. I missed out on the museum bit at Bagore ki Haveli. and I so regretted it then and even more so now after reading this post. I would have loved to check out all those treasures in person and I know that I would need at least half a day for it.

    • We always need a second chance to head back to these places in Rajasthan and finish all that we couldn’t do on the first trip:) Our feelings are the same with respect to some other monuments and places to visit in Udaipur after our trip there

  11. I enjoyed spending some time in Bagore ki Haveli. The most captivating was those sculptures depicting the complete customs of Hindu marriages. So, agree with you that it is a must visit in Udaipur.

    • Good to know you enjoyed your visit to the museum as much as we did

  12. What thorough and well written post.
    I am going to be going over this again with my kiddo, (we homeschool) as you did a ton of research already, and with all of the photos it’s almost like being there.

    • Wow..thats really exciting. To think that one of my articles can double as a study material for a kid!! Thank you so much

  13. I love it when government takes initiative with things like this and brings them back to life a little! I am not sure if it is just me that gets creeped out a little after watching too many horror movies as a kid but those puppets scare me a little haha. The exterior and the passageway look really beautiful and so intricate!

    • I guess many people here are creeped out by puppets. But the fault is definitely with the horror movies 😀

  14. I would be interested in the turbans sections because, well, turbans are exotic for me. And the museum’s architecture, of course, it is a very beautiful building

  15. I’m glad the government took care of it and turned it into a museum. It’s good to see the quarters and how people live everywhere around the world. Also, it’s good for money and putting others to work. I thought the turban section was pretty cool.

    • You are so right Gina. And I am glad that a heritage kind of property is well preserved and looked after now

  16. This was one big miss I had in Udaipur. After the Jaisalmer haveli this didn’t hold much attraction for me. I think that was wrong. Moreover we had just one day. Hopefully I get a chance to revisit.

    • 1 day is not at all enough in Udaipur. I hope you enjoyed the one day that you spent there. And I will definitely recommend you revisit, with more days at hand 🙂

  17. travellingslacker

    Glad to see another detailed post focusng on one particular attraction. Seems they are not only makng puppets but also showing a slice of their lives.
    I like the severed heads of puppets. Good to scare children. he he

    • OMG..I didn’t see any severed head anywhere…what are you talking about? I guess the turban models?

  18. Ah! I love puppets! I would love to see this museum, oh man! They look so wonderful and it reads as super interesting. Definitely putting that on my list whenever I make it to India. The turban museum looks like it’d be really fascinating too, and culturally enriching.

    • Finally…one reader that doesn’t feel the puppets are scary and creepy 🙂 I am so happy you loved the description of the museum

  19. Wow, stunning architecture! The puppets are amazing, although these heads with the turbans on are a bit spooky, don’t you think? LOL I love your images , the buildings really look well maintained. Lovely place!

    • Thank you. I never thought about the heads with the turban 🙂 to me it appeared more like models displaying the garment 😀

  20. I have heard alot about this city, I am planning to visit it next year with few more cities of India, this one certainly is going in my list, lovely museum, so many beautiful things to know and see about the culture!

    • Great to know that Sophie. You can PM me in case you will like to get further information

  21. wow, this are really nice collections, and this museum? i think its a nice place to visit

  22. Oh I’ve been to Udaipur but I didn’t know about this Bagore Ki Haveli Museum, I only visited the Udaipur Palace (which was fascinating & beautiful) – this looks similar actually and good to know there’s a dance show in the evening too to stick around or come back for

    • The Udaipur Palace is indeed very beautiful and the major attraction. But then a trip to Udaipur can’t complete without visiting the other landmarks as well , like this museum

  23. I remember the Bagore Ki Haveli from my visit to Udaipur. I didn’t got a chance to visit the museum but after watching the beautiful sunset, I did attend the traditional Rajasthani dances from the terrace. I was lucky to have a privileged seat, right on the side of the stage, having a perfect view over the dancers. It was such a special show!

    • you are making me jealous Joanna. One thing that we missed here was the dance performance. Since we had a train to catch later in the evening, we couldn’t stay back to watch the performance. But ever since, I have heard very good things about how wonderful this performance is

  24. this haveli is absolutely beautiful.i am a fan of these kinds of places you can see so much culture in INDIA .would love to visit one day

  25. The Bagore ki Haveli is filled with hints of local culture and tradition of Udaipur, Rajasthan. You have shared your experience very well. I like the pictures especially. I had visited Udaipur but didn’t get a chance to visit this museum. Next time for sure !

    • Thank you! The haveli indeed houses glimpses of the culture of Rajasthan and also of the good old times when the place was inhabited.

  26. Beautiful place. And what an elaborate post describing everything. Loved the photographs, vibrant just like the state.

  27. I went to Jaipur couple of years ago but never got a chance to explore other parts of the Rajasthan which has colorful and rich history. Bagore ki Haveli museum looks splendid and gives the glimpse of the colorful cultural heritage. I’d love to visit there some day in my life!

    • Definitely Ana. Rajasthan is so vast. We also explored hardly half of it. Definitely have plans to return for more.

  28. This is very comprehensive. Brilliant images and supporting text. It’s an excellent guide and I shall be sure to use it if I ever visit.

  29. To be honest I’m not sure whether I’d be freaked out or fascinated with the puppets. But I think I’d still want to go there if I ever have a chance because of the story especially of the Indian wedding. And also I am naturally a curious person so definitely this is something that I’d like to check out.

    • I can understand Marjorie. And I hope you will definitely enjoy it when you happen to be here. Just like we did.

  30. Marlene Marques

    The place seems quite interesting. Why do you think there were so few visitors in the premise? I love this places were you can get a feeling on the local culture and history. Thanks for the suggestion and all the wonderful tips!

    • Not everyone is interested in Museums perhaps Marlene. That’s why there were so less people inside here whereas there was a big queue at the old lighthosue besides it, to climb the stairs and see the views from there 🙂

  31. I wanna visit this museum so much. It must be such an interesting place! Love the architecture, it looks so fairy 🙂 Great post 🙂

  32. This picture brought back many memories from my trip to rajasthan Neha. Love how you have captured the different details of the galleries in the bagore haveli. And, as always, love the pictured 🙂

  33. That is such a pretty museum. I always like visiting museums and learning about new things.

  34. Whoa! What an awesome architecture. The puppets themselves look a little bit creepy though.. Never been a big fan!

  35. Bagore ki Haveli museum looks splendid, loved the architecture and artwork there. We visited Bagore ki Haveli only last November but we did only the folk dance show which happens every evening. Due to lack of time we could not visit the museum. The puppet museum looks amazing, we would have loved to visit it. Thanks for this post and walking us through the wonderful museum.

    • Thanks Rashmi! It was just the reverse for us 🙂 Although we visited the museum but the same night we had our train back to Jaipur. So, we couldn’t stay for the evening show. I later read about it in your article! Will definitely enjoy the show on the next visit

  36. I spent my first anniversary with my boyfriend at this spot. Our hotel in Udaipur was right next door! The puppet museum seriously has me enamored although I did love the cultural dance performance in the courtyard come nightime. Missing India more than words could say right now…

    •! Nice to know about your experience. It must have been so enthralling that even now you are missing India so much…why don’t you pack your bags for India once more? There is so much to experience here.

  37. I had missed visiting Jagdish Temple and Bagore ki Haveli on my visit to Udaipur. This helps and now I know exactly where to go next time I head to Udaipur.

    • Thanks Prerna. I am not surprised, Udaipur has so much to offer that we all tend to miss something in favor of something else 🙂 (You should check our post about 10 things we missed on our Rajasthan Trip, but wish to have done) . But then it is such a wonderful land that we are bound to visit again. And the next time, we can cover the rest.

  38. Rajasthan is so colourful and even every lane has a story here. I haven’t yet visited this haveli museum but will definitely cover it in my upcoming Rajasthan trip.

  39. I’m very intrigued by the vivid description of the museum that you’ve given. It gives a lot of insight into the culture of Udaipur, considering I’ve never heard of it….it’s exciting to know of such hidden gems! I wish you could have posted more pictures especially of the part where the family puppets are talking and seemingly standing in the living room!!!! Awesome post!

    • Thanks Bonita. We will add more pictures as you suggested. It is definitely a wonderful place to visit

  40. India has such a rich cultural history, and I don’t think I even know of 1% of it! Thank you for showing another beautiful museum of theirs.

    • So true. Even after been born and brought up in India, there is so much even we have not explored so far.

  41. makinghermama

    Wow! What an amazing museum! So rich with cultural history. The photos are stunning!! My boys would be all over the weapons section!!! Thanks for sharing.

  42. It is such a beautiful museum. I love visiting museums and seeing beautiful sites such as these. Very nice!

  43. It’s interesting to read that so many people are reacting to the photos of the dolls with fear (or something similar). I wonder if it has something to do with all the movies we have here in North America that contain cursed or evil dolls!

    • I replied exactly the same to some one else’s comment here. the movies have made the dolls appear scary. These puppets are actually cute

  44. I visited here when I was in Udaipur back in 2015! I remember finding it really interesting, from the slightly disturbing puppet museum (there’s so many of them!) through to the turban exhibit. I remember the giant turban that was on display in there in particular! Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there some models of world monuments such as the Eiffel Tower on display here as well?

    • Yes you remember it right Joe. Even those models are there. And I also found the huge turban very amusing. And coming to the puppets, the more I am reading words like ‘scary’, ‘creepy’ and ‘disturbing’, the more I am feeling glad I didn’t grow up watching the movies and TV shows that make these puppets and dolls seem so scary. I actually love them, and wanted to take some back home with me but couldn’t get the time to shop for them

  45. sridharsalian

    You just took me through a walk of this museum. So many things to see and enjoy Indian cultural part of it. Haveli’s are something that I want to explore in my next trip to Rajasthan.

    • To go to Rajasthan and not visit at least one Haveli would be like doing injustice to your trip. So, you definitely should!

  46. This looks like a great place to visit. I love to visit places like that, full of culture and history

  47. This is such an interesting museum. I would say they remind me of dolls and sort of look creepy, but it seems almost everyone on this post is creeped out by puppets. Haha. I blame being scared of dolls on watching Chucky as a child. The temple itself is beautiful. Too bad you didn’t get to stay and watch the dancing. I would have loved that.

    • Right , after seeing so many comments from people that they find the puppets/dolls scary or creepy, I am intrigued. I guess it is the movies and shows that relate the dolls to the dark and play with our psychology – they are responsible for it 🙂

  48. Andrea Broom

    Wow, I didn’t know there was so much to do and see in Udaipur. I think the puppets are pretty neat.

  49. love the pictures thanks for sharing The buildings have so much personality not to mention the little statuettes

  50. I think it makes such a difference when the building itself is beautiful as well.

    It certainly sounds as though there is something to appeal to everyone here!

  51. nomadicfoot

    i have been to udaipur but did not know about this place. its looks such a good place. dolls are so beautiful. will surely gonna see this place in my next trip.

    • Sure..Udaipur is such a rich place with so many things to do and places to see.. even we had to miss some. Until you plan to stay here for days its not possible to cover everything

  52. The architecture is fabulous. I’m not sure about the puppets though!

  53. This does sound like a very unique museum. It’s so cool that they have several museums dedicated to distinct, unusual, but completely worthwhile subjects. The puppet museum looks so fun. I had no idea that they were an important part of the heritage of the local culture.

    • Even we were surprised that the museum had such host of cultural information inside it

  54. The Haveli is just so stunning! The decor and construction is bedazzling. The puppets are vibrant and lovely. Such is the indian culture, richly preserved and loved!

  55. ashlynsargent

    I thought the puppets looked creepy at first, but on second glance they do seem really interesting! This looks like a museum worth visiting!

  56. I dunno what it is about puppets, but they always seem to scare me! These ones are arranged in such a cool fashion with such great colours. Your tips when visiting will come in very handy when I do my big trip after my contract is up in March of 2018!

  57. For me, puppets are a love and hate relationship for me. I am usually afraid of puppets and anything that resemble humans. Probably, it will scare a little bit of me but going here is still an experience that is worth keeping.

  58. India has a very diverse culture. Puppets usually creep me out but they look interesting.

  59. im not really a fan of puppets.. i think i also dread them to some extent but i dont mind visiting this place! i love the color and mystery in each section! how long does a tour in the entire museum take? i may have missed 😮 but anyway, thanks so much for sharing about this museum.. another must visit in udaipur i believe!

    • We completed the trip in about an hour. And coming to the puppet thing, you should have a look at them closely once, these are more like cute dolls than the scary puppets 🙂

  60. The Bagore Ki Haveli Museum looks fascinating! I love that there are different themed exhibits, and that there is delightful outdoor space to enjoy.

  61. Thanks for sharing this. I’m planning a visit to Udaipur in coming weeks.

  62. chikinensis

    Wow! There’s so much to see and do in Udaipur! India really has a diverse culture and I would truly be in awe to experience it first hand. I would surely love to look into this post again whenever I would be visiting Udaipur real soon! 🙂

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