A scenic drive from Cochin to Munnar

Cochin to Munnar is one of the most beautiful and scenic road trips that we have taken so far. We went to Munnar in November 2010. As a part of this trip, we flew over to Cochin from Bangalore. Then, from Cochin we booked a cab to Munnar. We had an early morning flight. So early that we were in Cochin by 10am in spite of the flight being delayed due to some fog. As we arrived at the Cochin airport , we were eagerly looking out for our cab driver. And there he was, standing with a board in his hand with our name on it. Soon, we put our luggage in and got inside the cab, all ready to start the trip. I was anticipating some exhaustion after the early morning flight and then a 3.5 hrs drive. Contrary to my belief, the drive from Cochin to Munnar was so scenic and afresh that…well, it earned an exclusive post of its own.

Breathtaking views

Cochin to Munnar
Mesmerizing scenery on way from Cochin to Munnar
The whole drive from Cochin to Munnar is marked with some remarkable views of the mountains and the valleys in between. So much so that the journey will be over but you will feel you didn’t have enough of it. Same happened with me. It was a little foggy, a little cloudy and overall a perfectly romantic weather. The views were simply amazing.

Waterfall on way from Cochin to Munnar

It is a little over 3 hours drive through scenic hills of Kerala, covered in lush green terrace fields of coffee, with black thundering clouds hanging over the top of the hills. There are several waterfalls that you get to see, some from far, some from more nearby, on the way. Eventually we stopped near a gushing waterfall and clicked some snaps. Kerala, it seems, is abundant in massive waterfalls.This waterfall is one of those, where the water is crystal clear and super white. Owing to the fact that we visited just after the monsoons the waterfall looked at its charming best. There is a provision to go all the way to the foot of the waterfall to experience it literally – if you understand what I mean.

Cochin to Munnar

Seriously, this was one journey where the natural scenery around was so beautiful that we wished we would go on and on and this journey would never come to a halt :).

Spice Garden on way from Cochin to Munnar

Our second halt was at a spice garden en-route to Munnar. Forgive me for not being able to recall it’s name. Anyways, what’s in a name 🙂 However, it was the experience inside the spice garden, every bit of which I remember.
This spice garden had plants and trees of almost all spices known in India. Also, it had different plants of medicinal and herbal value. No need to mention that Kerala is world famous for it’s spices and herbal oils. There is a guide present at the campus of the spice garden. He helped us walk through the premises, enriching us with knowledge about the different medicinal plants and spices – a great experience!! The garden also had a shop inside the premises from where one can buy medicinal oils made of eucalyptus and various other plants, hair oils and soaps, spice packets etc.
Cochin to Munnar
During this spice garden tour, we came across several plants and trees that had specific values. Only, we never knew. For instance, do you know why we add turmeric to almost all our meals? Because turmeric has antiseptic properties that balances out the effect of other spices in the food. And did you know there is a special brinjal plant. And then we saw the vanilla plant for the first time.

Off from Cochin to Munnar

After starting from the spice garden, we headed straight to Munnar. It took us almost a little over 3 hours to complete the journey. As we headed from Cochin to Munnar, the weather changed more and more. It was more cloudy and colder as we ascended the hills. On the last stretch, we crossed numerous coffee plantations. Through the mountain roads, moving in circles passing through the green coffee fields, we reached our hotel after this refreshing and not a bit tiring journey!!
The hotel was located a little downhill. But we had to go all the way uphill before we started descending to the hotel. Finally when we reached there, we felt not even a little bit tired. I loved the crisp air and the cold weather. It did rain a little now and then. Upon reaching the hotel, we had our lunch and then we took rest for sometime. And this brought us to the end of our Cochin to Munnar trip.
From Munnar, we headed to Thekkady for onwards journey and then to Alleppey, to stay at the backwaters. Then from Alleppey, we headed back to Cochin at the end of our 5 days trip. But, we wish we could have taken the Cochin to Munnar roundtrip because it is one of the best road trips we have taken so far in India. And, it has one of the most cherished memories of our Kerala trip.
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34 Responses

  1. Soraya @ Hello Raya

    Sounds like a beautiful journey! I would have anticipated exhaustion too with an early morning flight then a 3 hour drive – but good to know that the views and scenery were so fresh and breathtaking that it wasn’t such a tiresome journey.

    • Neha

      It wasn’t at all a tiring journey Soraya. The flight duration was very small. And then the drive was one of those which you wish not to end 🙂

  2. TravelingMel

    I had no idea there was such scenery in southern India. It’s quite beautiful. I’d love to go swimming in that waterfall. Is it one you can slide down?

    • Neha

      Sadly no, the rocks below are not inviting but rather rough. So, the area around is fenced and you only get to see it from a distance

  3. Abigail

    There is something about the sight of waterfalls that just makes me feel calm and relaxed. The one you featured here is so beautiful. I love large waterfalls and just listening to their sound!

  4. kathy (from walkaboutwanderer.com)

    I have done this drive! It was an organised trip with a company called GoMowgli which as a budget backpacker I would really recommend. I do feel that it would be great to do alone also if you have access to a car. The waterfall was a nice break up of the trip and I do love a spice garden especially if you can get natural products.
    Thanks for your post. It has taken me back to 2015 🙂

    • Neha

      Thanks Kathy. I guess it was equal fun in a big group. When you have even more people to cherish with you and discuss what you are feeling at such a beautiful place

  5. Ticker Eats The Worldt

    Roads Trips are always wonderful and the hidden treasures that they hold are what make them all the more special. The waterfall looks beautiful and as you pointed out that it was after the monsoon season, I am sure the water was pure and refreshing. The green views are of course what makes this route stand out.

  6. saraessop

    I love road trips with beautiful scenery and this certainly is a beautiful and scenic road trip. I’ve been to some parts of India but not this part. I’m going to add it to my list of things to do in India when I go again.

  7. Only By Land

    That sure is a scenic drive. I just googled it to exactly where you drove! The sites you stopped at and photographed are well worth planning a Cochin to Munnar trip.

  8. Hendrik

    A spice garden… Thats nice, I can already smell the herbs and plants 🙂
    Also this waterfall seems to be very impressive – especially after the monsoon I can imagine these white and clear masses of water – must be very impressive! Biggest Waterfalls I saw so far were in Iceland so I can imagine how it must have been to stand there 🙂

    • Neha

      Well..you have got quiet an impressive imagination. Whatever you said is absolutely true. It was just like that. The aromatic smell of herbs and spices. And a beautiful waterfall, although not very massive, but when you get near it, it is wonderful 🙂

  9. abcdefghizzy

    They don’t call it God’s Country for nothing right? While I knew about the canals, I had no idea there were so many waterfalls! It makes sense though because of the yearly monsoon season. Kerala is at the top of my list, I still kick myself that we missed it during our monthlong trip around India.

    • Neha

      You can always return back for more. So, don’t worry. India has so much to offer. And kerala is one of the most beautiful states that I have been to so far. So, next time when you come back, you are going to love it even more

  10. The Travel Ninjas

    We love road trips when someone else is driving and we can just enjoy the ride. The gorgeous scenery between Cochin to Munnar is perfect for this type of road trip. And we always stop for a waterfall too.

    • Neha

      Wow..that so sounds like us 🙂 We also prefer to travel by cab so that we can enjoy the route from the back seat 🙂

  11. Beverly Ann Adriano

    I really wanted to go to India someday! this is one of the reasons why.

  12. Madhurima Maiti

    This has always been in my bucket list but somehow it never happened till date. I loved your post and and the way you wrote. it made me feel like I am driving through the roads. Thank you for this lovely post 🙂

    • Neha

      Thanks Madhurima. The drive is indeed very lovely. Do take it the next time when you get a chance

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