The Kambly factory store experience at Switzerland

Our endeavor with Kambly factory store happened en-route on a day trip to Bernthe enchanting Swiss capital. We stopped at the Kambly factory store of cookies before heading further to Bern. And, there couldn’t have been a better start to the day. Although, Switzerland is world famous for it’s sweet delicacies, particularly the swiss chocolates and cookies. Kambly factory store stands amongst the top few stores across Switzerland and throughout Europe for it’s delicacies. As we pulled our vehicle in front of the store, little did we know what to expect next. The obvious thought was – yet another cookie store, whats different!!

Kambly factory store
Paper butterflies adoring the Kambly cookie store

But it turns out, everything about Kambly factory store is different. To start with, you will be amazed by the length and breadth of the store. As you step inside the store, you will be greeted with the sweet enchanting smell of the cookies and chocolates. And then, you can start exploring the neatly stacked racks of the store. Which contain more than 100 varieties of cookies!! Moreover, on each rack, there is a tray with a heap of cookies that are displayed on that shelf – all available for you to try and taste. You can even pick a plate from the in-house cafe and then pile it with as many cookies as you want, for tasting.

A cookie tasting ride at Kambly factory store

As we started tasting the cookies, we soon realized what the magic of Kambly factory store is. It was hard to stop, and it was hard to make a choice. Every single cookie variety tastes great. Some are chocolate coated, some are salty, some are plain like biscuits, some are filled with nuts. But all taste amazing. And even before we realized, we had our stomach full of the delicious cookies. And we knew, we had to skip our lunch today. Not only us, but even the little one had fun choosing her cookies, tasting some and then giving her verdict. Racing through the racks, playing hide and seek, she did taste quiet a few cookies and totally loved the experience.

Burning the calories after cookie tasting

At the end of the store there is a cycle set for you to exercise. Looking at it I thought – what a thoughtful setup. After the guests load their stomach with cookies of different varieties – they can finally even burn these cookies out at this bicycle. With a big LED TV in front which will take them through the amazing swiss countryside as they do the paddling. Now, this is so thoughtful. This means even the health and calorie conscious can try a few cookies without getting into that guilt trap and then later they can burn their calories happily on this bicycle 🙂

Finally, we made our selection by picking a few different varieties from the 100s of cookies. Only if we had more space in our luggage and the international luggage limit were more – we must have bought much more then. It was really really hard to narrow down to select few. Anyways, we had our cookies packed! We saw other people who had come from nearby towns and villages shop here. Their carts were full of cookies of all the different varieties. And we couldn’t help but feel a little jealous 🙂

Kambly factory store
The vast stretch of racks filled with cookies to taste at Kambly factory store

More offerings at the Kambly factory store

The Kambly factory store employee was generous enough to show us around a little more, before we left. Apart from the cookies they also have many different varieties of swiss chocolates. Particularly popular are the dark chocolates. But there are different varieties available, with different percentage of cocoa. And then milk chocolates are also there. Then there are cute gift packs of cookies and chocolates, wrapped in beautiful cardboard boxes and transparent polybags, adorned with ribbons. Completely fell in love with these cuties. They must make for a perfect gift.

The Kambly factory store employee told us that they do supply cookies all over Switzerland and to other European countries as well. And we strongly hope that they soon start to export far and wide – to all the other parts of the world so that we won’t have to contain ourselves with just a few packs of the delicious cookies and chocolates.

There is a cafe as well, inside the premises of the store. Where you can get other delicacies like pastries, bread preparations and coffee. In case you want to rest a little after you stuff yourself with the cookies or in case you are just tired after all the walking around, this seems to be the perfect place to rest your feet. And in case you want to energize yourself with a cup of coffee then also it is a perfect place to head to. Although, we gave it a skip since we were too full. And we had to get going for our further journey to Bern.

Kambly factory store

Sweet story of Kambly factory Store

There is a story about how the store came into being. And it is even more beautiful and heart melting than any of the delicacies that it has on offer. The story goes that there was a guy who fell in love with this girl who lived in the beautiful swiss countryside. She as well wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. But, she couldn’t make up her mind to leave her beautiful countryside – so much in love she was with her village. So, he agreed to leave his job. And leaving everything behind, he came to live with her.

Over a period of time, he started to think what to do next. And that is when he thought of starting to make cookies and sell cookies to the village. Since he was good at the art, soon their cookies started getting popular. And from the native village, the words spread to nearby villages. Soon, people from far and wide started coming for the cookies. And that is how the Kambly factory store started expanding. So much did it expand that now, almost 100 years into existence, it is one of the oldest, best and largest cookie producing centers in Switzerland!! My takeaway from the story – the man followed his heart, respected his love – and did what he knew best to do – and success followed. The rest is history.

The Kambly experience

Now, the Kambly store has much more to offer beyond the cookies tasting and buying. There is a whole lot of ‘Kambly experiences’ that you can have at Kambly. These include : (1) special cookie making sessions that you can enjoy with your friends or family including kids or even your office team. (2) You can also celebrate special occasions like your kid’s birthday as a part of the Kambly experience. The birthday celebration package includes a freshly baked cake, fresh drinks for the guests and also a special surprise gift for the birthday boy or girl!! (3) You can as well enjoy a  few hours of your weekend at Kambly experience with your friends and family, enjoying a fine aperitif accompanied by regional specialities.

How to get to the Kambly factory store

Getting to Kambly is really easy. You have got multiple options to choose from. Best is to take a train from Bern or Lucerne to Trubschachen. It is called ‘Kambly Train’. And it was specially started marking the 100th birthday of the Kambly  factory store in 2010. Besides, you can also rent a car or self drive to Kambly. There are also many guided tours conducted en-route from Lucerne to Bern that stop at Kambly. And then there are some specially for Kambly. So you can also book one of these. Although, exploring on your own would be much more fun.

The Kambly train runs from Tuesday to Sunday. The one that comes from Bern runs twice in the day – at 9:36am and 3:36pm. It arrives in Kambly at 10:11am and 4:11pm respectively. The one from Lucerne departs 07.57am / 11.16am / 1.57pm and arrives at Kambly 08.44am / 12.13pm / 14.44pm. Apart from this, there are hourly direct trains from either of these stations to Trubschachen , whose timetable can be looked up at the eurorail website.

Tips on visiting the Kambly factory store

  1. The most important thing when visiting here is to keep your stomach light. Since there will be a lot cookie tasting to be done.
  2. Carry a water bottle with you. Since, you will need to drink water after so much of cookie tasting. The store also has drinking water provision towards the back side, and you can refill your bottle from here.
  3. There are washrooms available at the premises, towards the back side.
  4. Provision for at least 2 hours when you visit here. Since you will need time exploring all the different varieties of cookies and chocolates available at the store.
  5. If you are booking for one of the Kambly experiences like birthday party celebration or cookie making session, then book in advance by calling them directly and specifying your requirements.
  6. The store is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm and on the weekends from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

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  1. wow… the best part I like most, with all honesty, is the cookie-tasting… 🙂

    Have to take note of this Kambly factory if destiny will take me to Switzerland 🙂

  2. Oh, I LOVE the idea of having exercise bicycles set up so you can eat without guilt – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that in a food factory before!! My problem is that I’d want to try every variety – it must be hard to go there and limit yourself to just a few. Maybe the trick is to spend the whole day by eating for awhile, then cycling for awhile!! I wonder does anyone do that, haha!

    • I myself didn’t want to miss on a single variety while tasting. Everything around seemed so delicious. And it was indeed very difficult to make a choice. There are so many varieties that it would take someone with an enormous appetite to be able to just taste all of those

  3. bruceschinkel19

    This looks like such a fun place to visit, I’ll definitely have to get there the next time I’m in Switzerland. I love the option of taking a cookie making experience!

    • I would have loved that myself, had I got a little more time. Do let me know how the experience is once you get to take the lessons

  4. Before coming here, we’ll definitely not eat and come in hungry and devour a lot of cookies. Hahaha! But we’re really fascinated with the place; it has the ambiance of a library rather than a cookie store. Which is awesome!

    • Right..the long rows of cookie racks do look very similar to a library..but instead of books you get to taste delicious cookies 🙂

  5. You had me at getting fresh cookies! I’m so going to visit one day, and make sure I come on an empty stomach. LOL, love that they let you burn off the calories by riding a bike. Off to search for a ticket to Switzerland…

  6. This sounds like something I would love to do! I mean who doesn’t love cookies! It looks like so much fun!

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips. It is very tempting,. hope I could drop by there one day as it’s just a couple of hour drive away from Milan.

    • you are stationed at Milan. We did cross the city but couldn’t stop there. Will like to visit next time

  8. Wow, this post left me craving cookies! Great post with awesome information. Kambly seems like it has a lot of options for things to do!

    • Kambly definitely has full cookie and chocolate experiences lined up it’s sleeves

  9. This is awesome!!! I love the bicycle burning cookie calories! That is genius and needs to be brought over to the U.S. right now! It sounds like there really is a lot to offer at the factory. I would go here in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing.

    • It was our pleasure to share this experience with our readers. Thank you for reading it 🙂

  10. Eat Well Explore Often

    This sounds like so much fun! I would love to go here and try all the cookies!!

  11. Ah you went to Switzerland, so envious! I dream of living there actually and master my French. It’s interesting to learn about this factory, and you got to eat cookies, that’s awesome! Would love to visit this factory when I get a chance. The origin story is so romantic! A man moved there for the woman he loves, makes me sigh…

    • Who won’t dream to live in Switzerland one day Marge. I too dream of that. Maybe one day we can be neighbors 🙂

  12. I have such a sweet tooth, I am drooling over this store right now! I almost need to avoid it just to make sure my wallet doesn’t end up empty. It is incredible that they have bikes too! Great post, thanks for sharing!

    • The risk of emptying your wallet is definitely there Missy, since the cookies are so delicious.

  13. I am not a cookie nor chocolate person but your article makes me curious about the whole experience! And the way that factory came into existence is cute! I would be curious to know the percentage of visitors who uses the bikes though!

    • Its good for you that you don’t have this kind of sweet carving. You can enjoy the experience here from a different perspective

  14. I knew about Swiss chocolate but Swiss cookies are new to me – this is something else I need to try! Sounds like delicious fun 🙂

  15. What a cool spot! I loved the tip, make sure you have a light stomach so you can eat more things! So true. I love seeing places like this. It’s always a highlight. I have such a sweet tooth, I just can’t say no!

  16. I wish I could see the cookies!! I bet they were delicious!

  17. I have never been to a cookie tasting! That sounds like so much fun. And how thoughtful of them to put bicycles to help you burn off those calories.

  18. You had me at “cookie tasting ride”, seriously, who knew this was a thing?! I’m glad you added in the tips, that’s going to be really useful.

  19. My heart literally melted at that story of the man who left his life and job for his love. The countryside treated both of them well because they found happiness in each other and through people who taste their cookies. Switzerland is so magical! <3

  20. Wow, actually visiting a factory of many known products is also my dream. What you have experienced is really true and possible. Anyway, I’m happy that you were able to amble around the factory and you really have enjoyed it. I also love the fact that you are
    very detailed when you write which would be an easy for me to understand on what to expect hen I get here. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  21. Are you sure one should spend only one day in Kambly factory! I can spend almost a week ! I love cookies, I devour them when they are in sight (Quite similar to shoot at sight orders). I would love to cycle as soon as i get full!

    • ha ha.. I am not really sure they would let you taste their cookies for free for that long 😛 But yes, one doesn’t feel like leaving. Even if you don’t really eat anything, the sweet aroma of baked goodies itself is as attractive to make you stay

  22. Hi, Neha! It looks like you had a grand experience at the Kambly Factory Store! I enjoy eating cookies and I’d love to do the special cookie making session someday!

    • They do have cookie making sessions. If you happen to visit here, do go to the store

  23. This sure is a good place to visit when we get to Switzerland. Our family is travelling in a few weeks and we hope to visit Kambly Factory Store. Thank you for giving us a more detailed information and amazing pictures of the place!

  24. Omg this place sounds like heaven.I love the fact that you can taste the cookies and then burn the calories later..haha..It would be my dream come true to visit a cookie and chocolate factory !! Also the story is really sweet and I like your takeaway from it 🙂

    • Right Karie, to be able to taste the cookies before making your selection is really an advantage

  25. Like the idea of being able to shed some of the calories on a bike, very good

  26. Ohoo, tasting cookies, you say! 😛 Love it, I’d probably stay there the whole day. And I’d come back for that cycling experience to spend the next day at the Factory. 😀 I was always a fan of cookies and I can only imagine the variety of them in Switzerland, yummi! 🙂

    • ha ha.. I bet if you come back the next day for that cycling experience, you won’t be able to resist yourself from having even more cookies

  27. I envy your visit to Kambly store. I wonder why I’ve never considered a travel to Switzerland for cookies and chocolate. I’ve heard a lot about the country being the best producers of chocolate but I had thought it was hyped. Your detailed post has reassured me and I’d give this a try. It’s worth visiting.

    • The taste is definitely different and unique. The quality of their dark chocolates is unparalleled

  28. An activity that involves cookies… where do I sign up?! Sounds epic 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  29. That is a chocolate store I would like to visit. I am gonna gain in a lot of unwanted calories once I am there.

  30. This is my kind of place! Swiss cookies? Say no more! Is there an entrance fee to visit?

  31. Always love to visit and see how different things are made. Going to a cookie factory would be a big hit with the family

  32. Nice. I sure love Cookies and Chocolates more. Wish I could afford to go there.

  33. Nice. I like cookies very much. Wish I could afford to come here.

  34. Nice post, and great information on Kambly factory, I especially liked , burning the calories after cookie tasting

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  36. Wow! True love! <3 The story behind the store sounds as sweet as the delicacies that they're selling! 😉

  37. I guess this will be one of the favorite part of our Switzerland trip. We both droll over and are big fan of Swiss Chocolates and cookies. The story behind Kambly store is really interesting and romantic. Actually, he followed his heart and the success followed him. I am sure your little one would have been happiest here.

    • You are right Suruchi. The experience was great for her too. And what a lovely story indeed. If you love cheese and chocolate, you will love it when you go to Switzerland. They are both mouth watering delicacies to try here.

  38. Loved the story of the Kambly factory! Definitely cookies done with love 🙂 .. made my mouth water too!

  39. This is a really ‘sweet’ store.The Kambly factory store seems to be oozing with the goodness of cookies. I loved the way it has been decorated with paper butterflies. The sheer size of the place is so great and finally the fact that there is a cycle to burn all the calories that you consume there is so appropriate 🙂

    • So true, it is an attractive store with great decoration, delicious mouth watering cookies, a small cafe tucked in a corner and then finally the bicycle to burn your calories 🙂

  40. This sounds delicious, just the sort of place I like to visit! Yum!

  41. Having a cycle set in this carb-loading and mouthwatering cookie factory is really thoughtful and unique. I just couldn’t imagine the aroma of the cookies swirling all over the place. For sure you really had a gastronomic experience trying out a variety of flavors and stuffs. Hope to try one in the future 🙂

    • Sure Blaine. This is like a factory outlet and the prices are also reasonable. I hope they start shipping to far and wide.

  42. Oh my that’s something right up my alley! I love tasting food while abroad and so fun they offer cookie making sessions as well!

  43. This is really cool. I’ve never been to Europe especially in Switzerland but I will highlight this one.

  44. myglobalattitude

    Aww, wish i was in your shoes because i love cookies! Not too good calories-wise but not a bad idea when you get somewhere like Kambly.

    • It didn’t hurt at all with the calories because after the visit, we had a full day tour of the town of Bern where we did tremendous amount of walking

  45. Oh I would so love to go there… cookie testing… wat could be better in life

  46. thank you for the very detailed information. stunning pictures too!

  47. This is very interesting. Never been to a factory store while traveling. This sounds amazing. I’m sorry if I missed it, but do you get to the see them being made or is it just a store? But, either way, it’s amazing!

    • This is a factory store but the team Kambly arranges for cookie making sessions if you make prior appointment with them , or, on special requests.

  48. Wow! What an in depth post about a cookie and candy store! Who would have thought there could possibly be that much information to give. Also, who would have throughly they’d put bicycles in? That would probably just make me feel guilty.

    • Ha ha.. the bicycle actually helps people get motivated to try some mouth watering cookies that they may be so tempted to have but would be restraining themselves because of the calorie cautiousness.

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