The Peepal Tree Kabini : A Boutique Homestay

Recently we got a chance to travel to Kabini in Karnatak, India. And we got an opportunity to stay at The Peepal Tree Kabini, a beautiful and stunning homestay. This resort is located at the back water of Kabini River. And it provides complete tranquility to its guests.

The Peepal Tree Kabini

About The Peepal Tree Kabini

The Peepal Tree Kabini is a boutique homestay. It is located at distance of around 245 Km from Bangalore, on the bank of the magnificent Kabini backwaters. Also this homestay is surrounded by verdant landscape, endless greens, undisturbed calm and fishing in the wild. It has 22 aesthetically built cottages and this property is spread over 2 acres of serene land close to the forest and water bodies. Every cottage is owned by a different owner. Some have kept their cottages for private use. While other cottages are managed by the team of The Peepal Tree. You can experience the best of hospitality along with a homely stay during your stay here.


The layout of this property reflects simplicity with elegance. All cottages are aligned in two rows facing a pathway which runs in middle starting from entrance gate to river backwater bed, where the property’s boundary ends. And each row has 11 cottages. Further, the pathway is nicely decorated with various kinds of plants on its sides. And in front of each cottage there is a small lawn which contains various kinds of plants including decorative and flower plants. Towards the end of the property there is a big garden or we can say a plantation area. And this area is full with various kind of trees. Also there are many mango trees. Overall the layout is very aesthetically planned and it feels great to take a walk inside The Peepal Tree Kabini.


Each cottage in The Peepal Tree Kabini is independent and self-sufficient units with all modern comforts and amenities. Every cottage consists of two bedrooms, one living room, well equipped bathrooms and a kitchen equipped with basic amenities. The cottages partially reminded us of the homely and warm stay that we enjoyed at the Lodge at Wah in Palampur and the hospitality of the staff reminded us of the “at home” feeling that we experienced while staying in Casa Coorg during our visit to Coorg in recent past. In short, it makes for a beautiful hybrid version of a resort with all the homely charm.

The Peepal Tree Kabini
The front view of our cottage at The Peepal Tree Kabini


Both bedrooms are decent in size and feel quite airy and spacious. Each bedroom has one queen size bed complimented with wardrobe to keep your personal stuffs. Out of the two rooms, one is air-conditioned. Also, ceiling fans are provided in both bedrooms. Our bedroom window overlooked the vast stretch of farm and then the river bed beyond them. We could see the animals grazing there and some boats rowing. The window faces east. So, we also got a spectacular view of the sunrise across the farm next day morning.

The Peepal Tree Kabini
Our room at The Peepal Tree Kabini

Living rooms

The living room includes a basic Television set with DTH connection. Also it includes a sofa set , one shoe rack and a four seater dining table. Overall, living room is quite decent in size and adds completeness and homely feeling to the cottage.


The Kitchen includes a refrigerator, where you can keep your personal stuff. Also, it contains some complimentary refreshments. The kitchen is further equipped with a microwave oven and an electric kettle to prepare tea,coffee or heat water. So I will say, it has sufficient setup to prepare a quick beverage or snacks. Also, there are complementary snacks , tea, sugar and coffee sachets provided in the kitchen. Complimentary water bottles are also present in the cottage.

The Peepal Tree Kabini
A view of the living room and dining tables in the cottage

Dining Area

At the end of one row of cottages lies the dining area. And it is not just a dining area, but it is dining cum library cum game area. It is built like a large cottage. Which is covered with large glass windows on all sides, something that gives a very airy feeling. While a major portion of the dining area is covered with table and chairs for the guest to have deliciously prepared meal. At the same time, there is a rack full of various types of books, magazines and subscriptions at one end – a mini library. Also, there are bicycles stacked at the farther end of the dining area. And indoor game equipments placed inside here.

The Peepal Tree Kabini
A view of the part of dining area where the bicycles are parked

The good thing about this setup is that there are various children books in the library, kids bicycles as well as small indoor games that the kids can play with. Thus plenty of options are present which will interest kids and will be helpful in keeping them engaged.

Food & cuisines

We got an opportunity to taste all the three important meals of a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner during our stay at The Peepal Tree. On the day of our arrival it was already lunch time by when we arrived. So, after basic check-in formality and room allotment, we were served warm and freshly cooked lunch. And I must say it was very impressive. After the journey from Bangalore to The Peepal Tree Kabini, every one of us were feeling starved. So we were eagerly waiting for some delicious solution for this prolonged starvation.  And I must say, food served by them precisely met our taste buds.

The Peepal Tree Kabini
A nice and homely breakfast spread at The Peepal Tree Kabini

A special mention must be made for the rotis (Indian bread) which were so soft. Overall, It was a sumptuous and delicious lunch with verities of items on the table. So, we were both satisfied and filled. And we had similar great experience with dinner and breakfast next morning . Apart from the skills of the cook, the courteousness of the staff stood apart. While we had our meals, they kept asking us now and then what we needed. And they kept replenishing the dishes as we ate.

Activities & Recreation

Guests have various options to opt for recreation activities. Some of the activities that you can indulge into while at The Peepal Tree Kabini are:

  1. Indoor games
  2. Outdoor games
  3. Reading books from the library
  4. Enjoying in the swimming pool that also has a toddler’s pool included
  5. Taking a walk along the backwaters of Kabini river
  6. When there is ample water in the backwaters, during and post the monsoon months, you can enjoy boating on the river as well.
  7. Bird watching.
  8. Star gazing.
  9. Watching the cattle graze into the fields across the backwaters.
  10. Temple Visit: Unfold History Through the ancient temple of Bheemana Kolli Sri Veera Bhadreshrewara Temple & remains of abandoned temples built by Chola Dynasty. (On Saturdays only)Our Stay at The Peepal Tree.
  11. Village tour and a jeep safari along the backwaters.
The Peepal Tree Kabini
A view of the swimming pool at The Peepal Tree Kabini

Our experience at The Peepal Tree Kabini

Arrival & Check-in

We arrived at property around 1:00 PM. We were total 5 adults and one kid of age 3. So, we stayed in two cottages and they were allotted next to each other. We happily settled in these two cottages. While the staff went into full swing to prepare our lunch. Thereafter, we had a delicious lunch.

Abhi, the caretaker at that property informed us that at 4:30 PM they will provide complimentary village tour and further will be taking us to backwater area near the forest where we can sight herds of deers and elephants. So we had 3 hours of spare time in our hand before that. Hence we decided to do some exploration across the property during this time. So we started with a walk within the property itself. It was a cloudy day and we enjoyed our walk along the pathway which passed in between the row of cottages. And our little one was happily chasing butterflies flying in and out of flowers planted along both sides of pathway. Further we visited swimming pool. And it was yet another attraction for the little one.

Visiting river area back of resort

The Peepal Tree Kabini
The Kabini backwaters behind The Peepal Tree Kabini

After swimming pool we passed through the plantation area to reach the end of the property. There is a small gate at the end of property beyond which there is a vast stretch of open green fields. And further ahead comes the bank of the river. Actually it is the backwater of Kabini river and  the green belt around that.

All of us stepped out of the gate and strolled towards the back water. And, it was an amazing feeling. Fresh air and breathtaking views from all around greeted us. We were feeling like free birds and fatherly light. . And this is exactly the feeling which we constantly keep missing during our stay in city. Thus compelling us to look for such vacations. Overall, this place is completely in accord with this need. So, if you are looking for a quick weekend break from the cities, look no further. Kabini and The Peepal Tree can be your perfect retreat option. After spending some precious time here we came back to our cottages and took some rest.

On village and backwater tour

At 4:00 pm we came down to dining area and asked for tea and coffee, which was served in another few minutes. By that time the driver with his Jeep had also arrived. He was supposed to take us on to the village tour and the backwaters tour. At sharp 4:30 PM we started from the resort for our complimentary tour provided by The Peepal Tree Kabini. And I must say this tour was awesome and each one of use enjoyed it to the fullest. First we drove through the bumpy village roads. Waving and greeting the locals who were so excited to see us.

The Peepal Tree Kabini
A boat that we spotted while riding along the backwaters

Then we finally came to an end to the road. And there was a vast meadow that stretched in front of us with hundreds of cattle grazing here. Some villagers were around, each looking after their own herd of cattle. Beyond this meadow glittered the backwaters of Kabini into the evening sun. On the father ends across the river, we could see dense forests. We saw big groups of spotted deers grazing just outside the forests. And our guide informed us that one side of the forest that we were looking at was the dense Nagarhole reserve forest while the other side marked the borders of Bandipur National Park and reserve forest.

Finally, after staying here in the meadows for a while, we drove back to the resort. But this time around we took the almost non existent road right along the banks of the Kabini backwaters. It was a much more exciting and delightful drive through the meadows.

Next morning

Next morning we got up early to the chirping of birds. And after watching the beautiful sunrise, we took a walk in the fresh air. Further we got ready and came over for breakfast. We were greeted with numerous delicious items. We filled ourselves and started again on our trip back to Bangalore.

The Peepal Tree Kabini
A lovely morning view from our room window at The Peepal Tree Kabini

Reaching The Peepal Tree Kabini

Located at a distance of 245 KM from Bangalore and at a distance of 75 KM from Mysore, The Peepal Tree Kabini  is easily reachable via road. Most of the stretch of the road leading to the property is in good condition, except the last 2 KM stretch which is not well laid out. But still it is easily drivable. So one can use their own private vehicle or can hire a cab to reach here. Also you can reach to Mysore which is very well connected to all parts of the country. And from there you can hire a cab for The Peepal Tree Kabini. And KSRTC buses from Bangalore and Mysore also ply till Kabini. From there you will need to hire any cab or auto. But it may prove a little cumbersome as most of the properties in this area including The Peepal Tree Kabini are little inside the village, to provide great views of the backwater. So better hire a cab from Mysore or Bangalore itself.

Our Thought

Overall it was a pleasant stay at The Peepal Tree Kabini homestay. The property location is great, property setup is done nicely and staffs are very courteous. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, then it is a perfect one. We relaxed, watched beautiful bird species, read some books of our interest, tried on the bicycles, gazed at the stars and walked along the backwaters. Overall, we spent some quality family with our family in complete tranquility. It was a perfect, beautiful weekend. If you are looking for a similar getaway, it will be a perfect vacation spot for you.

Tips on visiting The Peepal Tree Kabini

  1. Wear comfortable cotton cloths. Best is to choose earth colors so that you can blend with the surroundings and not distract the wild animals if they happen to walk closer.
  2. Take a pair of binoculars along. They will really help you spot the animals better.
  3. Once you take a divergence into the village from the main highway, keep asking locals for directions. Maps and apps might trick you as most of the properties are located in the middle of wilderness.
  4. Help keep the area plastic free. Don’t leave plastic bottles or poly-bags behind.
  5. Be a little watchful at night. As you are closer to the natural flora and fauna. Although it’s not an issue in The Peepal Tree Kabini as it is located more towards the village than the jungle.
  6. 2 days are sufficient to plan a weekend retreat to Kabini.
  7. Do drop an email to The Peepal Tree Kabini with your details and confirm about your expected arrival time etc. for a smooth experience.
  8. You can reach out to the staff in case you need anything. Even better to take their number in case you want to give them a quick call.

PSThough we were invited by The Peepal Tree to stay over with them at Kabini, the views and opinions expressed here are solely our own and completely based out of our own experience during our stay here. 

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  1. Alexander Popkov

    Lovely locations for a home stay. I love home stays and this is one of the best I have seen. Good suggestion those who travel the area.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful review of a boutique home stay. I referred my customer. We Are Pradeep From Mysore Based Travel Agent We Provide Cabs Services To Mysore To Kabini

  3. I like the idea of staying in a place with the amenities of a resort and also the comforts of home, so the Peepal Tree sounds like a great place to stay. Its also nice to have attractions on site as well as a tour and other things to see nearby. But most importantly, it looks VERY relaxing!

  4. This place really seems cozy and comfortable, Neha! Do you know the recipe for the rotis? It looks delightful!

    • Of course Agness..we do prepare rotis everyday in our household here in India. Although theirs were extra soft for sure

  5. kabini has been on my list for quite a few years. Its a pity I haven’t been able to make a trip though I have crossed the surrounding national parks multiple times. But after reading this review, I want to visit real soon. I have always considered staying in JLR property in kabini but Peepal tree seems to be a good discovery. I shall definitely have this in mind when I plan my visit.

    • You should plan your trip towards March-May time period Sindhu. Since it is summer, a lot of animals tend to come to the river banks for water and spotting them from the resort is a delightful experience

  6. A nice weekend getaway where it is nice, quiet and serene is always good for the soul. I like rested weekends where I can also experience something new.

    • If it were possible, I would love to skip the chaos of the city as soon as the weekend arrived, and rather be at a peaceful and serene destination as this one

  7. Pretty simple and cool accommodations. We love it that it offers a lot of great sceneries and potentials for adventuring. That breakfast that features local food is really great; in many hotels where we stayed, they only offer the typical Western breakfast viands.

    • In India mostly you will find a mix of Indian and western food in resorts and hotels. While in homestays, you will find cuisines closer to home – basically local cuisines combined with some other dishes that anyone can have

  8. If you want to head out to the country, a cottage stay is definitely what everyone has in mind! I liked how it was a hybrid resort with a homey charm. The pool with the view definitely caught my attention and I like how the offer a variety of activities for the guests.

    • You summarized it right. Definitely a great blend of options for a family getaway

  9. OurSweetAdventures

    I was hooked from the very first photo. I really want to try this place out. I may never leave the cottage area. The surroundings look so nice. It is nice to see that they have a good meal selection and activities.

    • Give it a try. We will love to hear about your experience when you do 🙂

  10. The Peepal Tree looks like the perfect place in Kabini. The location and surroundings look so tranquil. I’d love to take the backwater tour, it’s bucket list for me in India!

    • Great to know that. Then you must visit Kabini and Kerala when you come to India – the two places for great backwater experience

  11. Wow!! That breakfast spread looks yum. I love your review. Very detailed. Also the sunrise…LOVE it!

  12. Neha it is a well written detailed review and i always like your honest opinions. The peepal tree homestay actually reminded me of your Palampur post. It exactly looks that lush and serne. It is nice to know that they arranged complimentary village visit and staff was really courteous. Would love to check this property out once around Bangalore. Thanks.for sharing.

    • Thanks Suruchi. I am glad you liked the review. The staff really stood out when it came to making us feel at home. That is what a homestay is truly meant to be, isn’t it. I am delighted that you remember the palampur experience as well

  13. What a beautiful homestay!

  14. Rahul Khurana

    Homestays are the best options. This one looks so simple and yet so beautiful. I can see lots of activities to do here. Kabini is a wonderful place and would love to visit it someday. 🙂

    • Homestays are becoming the trend. And why not. They give us the luxury of hotels and the comfort of our homes.

  15. Beautiful, peaceful, green – I love Peepal Tree homestay! And the breakfast looks like a blast!

  16. I wouldn’t mind staying at Peepal at all. That view at the back is gorgeous. I’m a bit half-hearted about the interiors but I think it’s fine and decent (don’t mind me, I’m just more into modern and artistic designs). But I like the feel of the place though, looks like a perfect place for some peace and quiet.

    • Definitely the look and feel of this place is earthy and closer to what an Indian ethnic home looks like. So, not modern. But then we all have our own preferences 🙂

  17. Looks fantastic i would like to try the food

  18. So lovely! I’m always amazed by cottages, they give you that private feel compared to hotels. And these look just right, spacious and comfy. Love how you can wake up to the garden in front of your window. 🙂

    • You are right. They give you this homely feel and that is why homestays are becoming more and more popular

  19. Homestays are always such wonderful unique experiences and this looks like no exception! It sounds like you were really able to both relax and explore, which is the very best combination!

    • Yes, we were able to relax and explore, as and when we liked. So, it was a wonderful experience.

  20. The cottage has a home-feel vibe and I love that the place has a bike rental.

    • Yes, you can take any bike you like and ride inside the property or even out of the campus on the village road or along the fields that lie near the river

  21. I would love to stay here and check the place out. That food looks totally amazing. 🙂 Thanks for the advice.

  22. I’d totally love to spend a couple of days there! The food looks tasty, the river views and pool are amazing and I love that you can rent bikes there!

    • Great to know. If you happen to travel to India, I will connect you to the owner

  23. My second blog on guide to India. You are amazing.

  24. The Peepal tree Kabini looks like a beautiful place to stay. Seems like there are plenty of activities to try. The swimming pool also looks very inviting. Would love to stay here.

    • A perfect getaway for a relaxing holiday where you want to enjoy the activities as per your own schedule!

  25. that looks lovely! 🙂 I love homestay ideas and the breakfast looks exactly like my taste. I really love asian breakfasts 🙂

    • Great to know that. Then you will have a great time if you get to stay here

  26. swatisinha09

    Great place to stay. I can already see how lovely a time my kids will have here. Thanks for sharing !

    • Thanks Swati. It’s our pleasure to share about such places with fellows who share our love to travel 🙂 The kiddo will definitely enjoy here for sure

  27. Looks like a very peaceful and calm place! Seems like you had an amazing time! Your photos are wonderful, make me wanna visit Karnatak right now! Thanks for sharing !

    • Thanks ada. The place is that’s what’s captured here 🙂

  28. I really like the piece about the food. Hmmm, the rotis and spicy curries are much better in the country itself than the Indian around the corner of my home town 😉 Isn’t there a possibility to do a cooking class in the peepal tree kabini?

    • They don’t have a provision for it as of now. But I am sure they will honor your choice if you want to take a few classes. Because that’s inline with their concept of being totally informal and flexible. I won’t be surprised if they invite you to their kitchen at once.

  29. I think this is a great place for retreat. I could see myself connecting to nature more at this place. The activities are also fun! I was hoping to see your photo of star gazing though!

    • Oh…we didn’t really click any photos at the time of star gazing. It was a nice peaceful walk along the property road while watching the stars. And while we did that, we got talking how when we were small kids, from small hometowns, we used to gaze the stars almost everyday from our roof top. While now dwelling in the cities that are so lighted up even at night, we don’t see stars at clear nights also…. 🙂 sometimes, we bloggers also become like those travelers who want to just live in the moment and forget everything else, including clicking the pictures I guess … 🙂

  30. If only I had the money to travel to India…my best friend is from there! Reading your blog post was enough for me to imagine I was there in person!

    • Thanks! Thats what we also do, when we can’t travel physically to a place, we travel virtually there through the writeup of others and it’s really like being there ourselves

  31. I looks like an awesome little place to stay! the breakfast looks really nice too 😀 – there is nothing more important than quality family time – and for that this type of place is just ideal!

  32. The cottages look so lovely! I like that you can rent bikes to have a tour around!

    • Right Ilana. The bikes are lovely to ride along the village road or on the banks of the backwaters

  33. I have heard Kabini has great leopard sightings. That’s the primary reason why I want to go there. You gave me one more reason through this blog. I am always on a lookout for amazing properties like this. I am impressed by the activities and the food they offer.

    • You have heard it right. Mostly people go here for spotting the wildlife. you can also do safari in nearby nagarhole or bandipur national parks. And then you can relax end of the day in a tranquil property like this one

  34. Looks lovely- I have yet to make it to India but when I do the food will be one of the highlights for me since it’s one of my favorite types of food in the world!

    • Great to know that Brooke. And then Indian food has got so many varieties. You will have countless dishes to try

  35. The Peepal tree title is so cute and catchy. Homestays are always fun and relaxing thing to do. Glad you had a warm stay at this are. Actually refreshes mind and can do any indoor or outdoor activities! The pool looks inviting too!

  36. Seems like a nice resort. Kabini resorts are generally priced high. Keen to know what the prices here are like. There seems plenty to do over two days as suggested. Definitely a great weekend getaway.

    • The prices are around INR 9500 per room per night inclusive of all the activities and meals that the resort provides.

  37. Have been to karnataka several times but never heard about this place. Looks so nice and well organized

    • Kabini is a river and the area is named after it. The resorts are located along the backwaters of the river here. And there are reserve forests nearby. It is almost a one hour drive from Mysore.


    I’m feeling a safari vibe from looking at your pictures. It’s so nice to be close to nature & wildlife!

  39. The Peepal Tree looks like a lovely place to take in the beauty of the Kabini backwaters. Loved the location, seems to be so calm and tranquil. A peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore.

    • You summarized it in the apt words Sandy N Vyjay. It it like that

  40. Wow! A new option there. The amenities and activities sound good.
    Another weekend destination fixed for me now. 🙂

  41. This looks such a cool place, I love an intimate boutique hotel. The surroundings look gorgeous

  42. I would not normally consider a homestay, but this post has persuaded me to consider one in the future. Interesting post with great pics- well done!

    • Thanks Janine. As to a homestay, several boutique homestays are coming up in India. We happened to visit some this year, including the Peepal Tree, Kabini. They are a perfect hybrid of homestay and hotel – combining the best of both these worlds. So, you will definitely enjoy a place like this

  43. meghnam212

    This place sounds like a good visit for a relaxed weekend stay away from the hustle bustle of city life… The pictures are very serene =)

  44. Thanks for a wonderful review of a boutique homestay. As an aggregator of homestays i know how important it is experience the local ambience and culture. The bedrooms and the meals look amazing!

    • Thanks Ambuj. it is really a worthy location if someone is looking for a home away from home and a relaxing few days to spend. I could easily spend enough time here reading the books from that mini library and cycling around

  45. maryoleksiuk

    Thanks for the tips! Very interesting article

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