Did you know about TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore?

Did you know about TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore? We were introduced to the concept of dog cafes by the posts of fellow bloggers. And being dog lovers, we really liked the concept. Basically dog cafes are the regular cafes with the USP that you can take your pets along when you visit here. And mostly they have menu for your pet as well. Some dog cafes have their own dogs also, so does TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore.

However, initially we were not sure if something like a dog cafe existed in Bangalore. Intrigued, I just did a google search to find out. And to my delight as well as surprised I discovered one just in the neighborhood – TherPUP – started by Ankur and Vinayak.

TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore
A beautiful message on the wall of TherPUP

Being dog lovers and having a little kiddo who is equally crazy about dogs, we decided to head here today. And what I found upon reaching to this dog cafe was even more delightful than what I had googled about it. As we cobbled through the neighboring streets of Whitefield, with the help of our GPS service, we finally arrived at Whiterose layout, where TherPUP is located.

The first impression at TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore

From the outside, it looks like a quiet and simple site. But as we stepped inside, we immediately felt the vibrant atmosphere abuzz up with families, friends and couples. Right in front of the entrance gate is a shade with some tables and chairs set near them. We saw many families seated in this area, some with their pet dogs.

TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore
Inside the campus of TherPUP

On the left hand side of the entrance lies a verandah, again with chairs and tables set. And at one end of this Verandah is the counter of the dog cafe. Behind the counter lies the cafe kitchen. While adjacent to other wall of the verandah is the backside room in which many dogs were resting. Although it took some time for us to locate the first pet, but then soon they all started appearing one by one.

Take your pets along at TherPUP, dog cafe, Bangalore

At TherPup, the dog cafe, you can take your pet dogs along and let them have a wonderful meal of their own while you enjoy your own delicacies from the cafe kitchen. Also, dog lovers who don’t have pet dogs of their own can as well walk here and have a wonderful time with the dogs. There are eight dogs owned by dog cafe itself. Each one is very friendly, well behaved and a delight to spend time with. The good part is that these dogs look quiet clean and well maintained. And they also look healthy and taken care of.

TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore
The Verandah at TherPUP

As we entered inside, we found our seat near the Verandah of the cafe. And placed our orders. The place was already almost full with visitors. People were stroking and playing with the cafe dogs, as well as with each other’s dogs. Most of the space in front is free for dogs and people to run around and play.

The delicious food at TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore

We ordered some delicious pizza, pasta, coffee and a lichee juice. And our little one initially settled on a chair with us. However, the joy on her face, watching the dogs, was quiet evident. Especially when one or the other just ran past her chair.  And it was really difficult to contain her in that chair and make her finish her food. Finally I made a deal with her that she finishes the food and then we will go play with the doggy as long as she wished. And to my delight, she obliged.

TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore
Our food at TherPUP dog cafe

And I have got to mention, the food was also quiet delicious. We finished it at a slow pace, matching that of our daughter’s, savoring the hot delicacies. Finally, the food was over and it was time to head back to the canine friends and play with them, as promised to the little one.

Rendezvous with the friendly host dogs at TherPUP

After having our food we asked her if she wanted to touch the dogs and play with them. Although she very much wanted to, she was terrified to start with. Since she had never been up close with dogs as large as the full size golden retrievers at the dog cafe premises. However, her dog craze overcame her fear and she decided to give it a try, walking closely with us.

TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore

First we headed to the verandah. And our daughter joined the group of people playing with three dogs there. She has a wonderful time here. Afterwards we took her to the room behind the verandah where many of the other dogs were lazily lying around, enjoying the attention and love of visitors that was being showered upon them. Myself and daughter sat besides a big bulky black dog who immediately wanted all our attention. We started stroking his head and he soon closed his eyes to enjoy the affectionate touch.

Some time spent with little Bolognese at TherPUP

Whenever we tried to stand and go, this dog actually opened his eyes. And we could clearly see in his eyes the urge to not let go of us. We stayed there for some more time. And finally we decided to say good bye to this new friend. As we came out, and started towards the gate, the little Bolognese came running and started to sniff our daughter. I guess she was the smallest baby there, just like he was the smallest dog there. And he had found his friend amidst the crowd. No matter however much others were trying to seek his attention, he was constantly coming back to her, asking her to play with him in his doggy language. It was so cute and bemusing.

TherPUP dog cafe Bangalore

Finally, after playing with this one for a little while, we decided to head back home. This cafe has been such a discovery. After talking to them I came to know they have started operations almost seven months back. And they are already gaining quiet some popularity in the neighborhood. We are definitely going to be a regular customers. And we would suggest every dog lover who is in Bangalore or who visits Bangalore to give this place a try!! Not only did we see human bonding with the canine friends here. But we also saw dogs playing with each other and delighted to find company.

Here’s a link to the facebook page of TherPUP for further information : TherPUP Dog Cafe

In conclusion

PS: Research and study have proved that dogs boost our mood. And also help us fight depression. In face, they have proved to have better effect than medicines in many cases. The unconditional love and affection that they impart makes us forget all our worries in their company. They are stress busters and also help us stay active. It’s great to own a dog, but it is not possible for everyone to own one, due to various reasons and constraints. But the rising concepts of dog cafes, dog houses and other animal care shelters where we can go interact with the dogs and spend some time with them, is really great. With the disclaimer that these dogs are taken care of properly.

TherPUP is a dog cafe in whitefield, Bangalore, India. Not only can you take your pet dog along here and treat them with a meal alongside yours. But you can also play and spend time with the pet dogs at the cafe. A great place to take your kids to and spend some time with them

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  1. I have not been to this cafe but there is a dog hotel- called Hotel for dogs (duh!)) in Sarjapur which was an amazing experience. They even have a swimming pool for dogs. :P. I would love to just drop by to this cafe. Not a huge fan of dogs but not averse either. However, my daughter unlike yours would rather stay at home.

    • I have heard of the hotel Ami. It’s more like a luxurious place for your own pet dog to enjoy it’s vacation 🙂 But dog cafe is a therapeutic center that uses these beautiful pets to heal people who head here to spend some time with these charming friends. It’s good your daughter is not a fan of dogs. Mine insists to bring one home every other day 🙂

  2. The Bolognese dog looks so cute and friendly. Your kiddo definitely enjoyed visiting this dog cafe. I have not visited a dog or cat cafe yet. There are some here in the Philippines but I do not think my friends have visited them either. I’d better check them out soon.

  3. Aww this is just the cutest thing ever! Such a great incentive!!

  4. This is amazing! I have seen cafes with cats but I’ve never heard about it that they were also around with dogs. This would definitely be my place to go. I probably won’t leave anymore ;).

  5. It is amazing that there are plenty of these places nowadays! It is a great way for your dogs to socialize!

  6. So many cute dogs here! We have a bunch of cat and dog cafes in Bangkok too. There is one a husky cafe!

  7. I know my nephew would love it here and I will definitely take him here when he is in town next time. The dog in the photo playing with your daughter looks super adorable and I am pretty sure I would never leave him as well. Great place for dog lovers like us in Bangalore.

    • I can assure you Soumya your nephew will love the place and the friendly dogs

  8. Wow never heard about it. But seems like #amustvisit. We too are dog lovers. Will visit for sure.

  9. I feel terrified seeing dogs in my personal life. But I appreciate the idea of having a restaurant where dogs are allowed with the guest. I am sure that this is quite a god place for dog lovers.

  10. travellingslacker

    Great to see such dog friendly spaces coming up in India. Although there is a scope for a lot more of them all over the country. I don’t have pets but I know people who would love this space.

  11. I never knew about the concept of dog Cafes! It is purely new but interesting to me. I am not at all a dog lover and feels scared too. So not going to be on my list but think my husband and one of his friends in Bangalore will surely wanna visit this cafe.

  12. I love dogs so much and this actually seems like a dream come true! I had heard there was certain stigma towards dogs in India but I love seeing this! The food looks amazing as well so that is deffs a bonus as well haha.

  13. We do have lots of restaurants and cafes in the US where pets are allowed! Glad that Bangalore also has dog cafe. I’m sure it will be paradise for all the dog lovers!

  14. This is an awesome idea. The cafe looks good with a nice ambiance. Even the food sounds delicious. Good to know about a dog cafe in Bangalore. We would definitely visit it next time we are in Bangalore with our kid and my doggy.

  15. I’ve heard of cat cafes before and they sound like a good idea. I’m glad there is dog cafes although I’m sure it takes a lot more effort to run a dog cafe.

    • I always thought it’s harder to manage cats. I had both cat and dog as pets 🙂

  16. OurSweetAdventures

    Incredible business model. Dogs and all pets for that matter really do boost your mood. We went to a cat cafe in Milan once and it totally changed our day. We were not having the best day and when we arrived here we ended up staying for about 2 hours. We are now searching for one where we live. Having great food at the cafe is always a plus but for me personally it wouldn’t matter because the dogs would make everything better.

    • That is so true. I know it very well, I had a pet for almost a decade and how he always cheered us up!!

  17. My husband is definitely going to like this place..I am scared of dogs so am gonna skip the cafe. But it is nice to see such Cafes popping up in the city, good for dog lovers.

  18. I’ve seen and heard of cat cafes but this is the first time I’ve seen one for dogs. I love the idea! There are so many mistreated animals its wonderful to see a place that offers sanctuary!

  19. What a great idea! Shame we don’t have anything like that here in the UK.

  20. Sushmita Thakare Jain

    Neha, thank you for sharing on my next visit to Bangalore will be there! Thank you for sharing such an amazing place 😀

  21. Omg this looks so cute I love dogs so much and as mine recently passed away I am now looking for other ways to pet dogs all the time haha. I had never heard of the concept only of the cat version I would love to visit one!

  22. we got the similar cafe in Tbilisi Georgia as well and I need to check it out. My husband and I recently got a dog so now I am looking at dog-friendly places all over the town 🙂

    • Oh..thats great to hear. Hope you will get a good one very soon where your pet will have a great time with you

  23. Jenni Petrey

    It sounds like a wonderful place. There used to be a Pet Café near us but unfortunately it closed down, was a really lovely too.

  24. I have been growing up with dogs around me, but I have actually never seen a dog cafe. The closest I have seen is a normal cafe with small serving station for dogs along the side. Usually a water bowl so that dogs can get some water during hot summer days. Nice to see that there are dedicated cafes for dog owners. We might not have a dog at the moment, but I know how hard it was sometimes as a kid when we tried to find a cafe to eat. Not many that made it possible to bring the dog with you. 🙂

  25. I’m not really into animals but this cafe is a great place for dogs and their owners. You’ll also learn so much about your pet and gain new friends

  26. This is so cool. Good for these folks for blazing new trails in Bangalore. The dogs really add to the decor as well. Whats cuter?

  27. I had heard some ladies in my apartment mentioning this place for their pets. Great to see it in your blog. I don’t have pets, else I would have surely visited this place.

    • It’s a welcome place for both pets and pet lovers who don’t have pets Indrani.

  28. Hey Neha is it common in India to have pet cafes? and do you have other pt cafes like in JP they have owl, rabbit and cats… Here in the Philippines we have dog and cat cafe… I find it therapeutic to visit in these places.. I’m glad to hear Bangalore has it!

    • I am not sure about other cities of India. I guess the trend is just catching up. But this one is a really nice one and I hope others also come up soon

  29. I wan’t knowing such place exisits until i read your blog post.
    Being in Bangalore, i would love to visit this unique cafe on the weekends! it looks so cool. Also share this to all my friends.

  30. I am not fan of animals, I can tolerate my sister’s dog but that’s it. Despite being an original idea and it looks nice on the pictures this cafe is not the kind of place for me. I will let you on FB the contact name of Alina, who is always looking for travel guest posts related with dogs.

    • I can understand Elisa..this place is strictly for people with pets and those who love/like pets. Others wont be comfortable around here.

  31. I’ve never heard of this before, but I’ve seen across my newsfeed a couple of times this week. It’s a neat concept.

  32. This is very interesting. You can get your pets along and enjoy a meal as they get busy around. So they have separate food for pets too? What does the name TherPup mean?

    • Exactly..a meal for the pet as well 🙂 TherPup stands for Therapy Puppies.

  33. I have never heard of a pup cafe before. I have visited a cat cafe in Vienna, which I loved, but I think a pup cafe is much more excited because dogs actually want to play with you, rather than cats, haha. What a brilliant idea!

    • We have not been to cat cafe Joanna. But I did have a cat as a pet when I was small. So, I guess I would like both equally

  34. As a dog-lover, I LOVE this! Very fun idea for a restaurant, and such a cool place to feature! Thanks for sharing.

  35. Oh my gosh. Dog Cafe?! Yes, yes, yes!! Sounds like your daughter had a great experience here. I will definitely be checking out future dog cafes. Nothing would make me happier than eating brunch (my favorite thing) and petting random dogs (another favorite hobby of mine) :p

    • haha..you will definitely stumble upon one in your area Erin. Since the concept is catching up fast.

  36. Very cool concept and I am sure people who love dogs will love that!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  37. kittytocity

    I love this concept! I also think it is smart that some of the cafes offer food for the pups as well. I live in Colorado and we have several breweries that allow you to bring your pooch. What a fun way to enjoy a meal!

    • Great to hear you have so many such pubs in Colorado. Things are just starting off here and it’s wonderful to see such establishments as TherPUP coming up

  38. WhenTwoWander

    Awesome, dogs are so loving and can make you feel so much better about things when you’re having a tough time.

    • So true. The name TherPUP is actually derived from that fact only..it’s abbreviation for ‘Therapy Puppy’

  39. I love this, I have been to a cat cafe before but this sounds great too. I bet the dogs love it. The food being great is also a bonus, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Matt. It’s our pleasure to share about these lovely and upcoming places.

  40. I’ve heard of cat cafes of course but not of dog cafes – great to hear of India being a leader in this, for me anyway. So wonderful to read about this, I’ve been to Bangalore & may have to go back in the summer so I’ll 100% pop in, this is way too cute to resist

    • Thats great to hear Sheena. When you plan to visit here, do drop me a note. Maybe we can catchup as well 🙂

  41. That sounds awesome! I’ve heard of cat cafes before, but not a dog one. I love dogs, so this would be a dream for me!

    • Looks like cat cafes are trending as much in the world. But being a dog lover even I dig up for info about dog friendly places and thats how I dug this one up

  42. Such a fun concept! We have some cafes in our neighbourhood that allow pets on the patio, but having them treated as just another customer seems like a lot of fun to experience.

  43. I am too scared of animals to touch them! But I love cats and dogs and this sounds like such a fun place. I have heard about Pet cafes before but never seen them. Thanks for showing us. There is a pet spa here in Doha where dogs and cats are pampered!

    • Great to know about the pet spa Oryx. Even I am a dog person but during my childhood, I had all kind of pets at some point of time – cat, cow, birds and what not 😀

  44. Thats nice! They do have cat cafes so why not for dogs? Good business idea, suppose its doing good.

    • Yes, the business idea is fantastic and so is the treat for the pets and pet lovers. We want them to do good, so spreading the words about them

  45. backpackingdetours

    It would be so much fun to see all the dogs. What a great idea. I would love this while we are traveling.

  46. Ha! I could see this type of place being a HUGE HIT in Los Angeles. EVERYONE here is obsessed with dogs, and brings them everywhere! Ha Ha!

    • Why not! And then there will be some dog crazy people who might not have dogs of their own, yet they will get to play with the pet dogs of the cafe

  47. onelazychic

    this place is so spacious and heaven for all dog lovers. My daughter really love dog too so we went to dog cafe where she can play with so many dogs there.

    • Wonderful to know that! Kids and dogs share great bonds. My kid is ready to play with any street dog. So under compulsion I had to hunt for a place like TherPUP for her where the dogs are clean, vaccinated and all.

  48. Awww! What a fun place to visit! Cute pups!

  49. what a great idea, Im surprised I haven’t seen these in South America given how much the locals dote on their dogs (and dress them up!) lol.

  50. Great idea for people who have a dog and for the dogs that can socialize there too. I’m sure my Golden boy Trigo would love it!

    • Definitely Maria. It is a great place for the dogs to socialize as well

  51. I’m glad the dogs here were so friendly and your little one got to play with the dogs. They’re such wonderful creatures! In Korea, I’ve been to one dog cafe and I was sad not all the dogs were friendly. Compared to Korea, the cafe food looks so delicious!

    • Oh..thats sad. The foremost requirement is for the dogs to be friendly. However, as per my knowledge about them, it depends on what kind of breeds the cafe is keeping. Often some are more aggressive than the others. And the cafe should do it’s due diligence and keep the mild and friendly breed dogs

  52. Nicole Anderson

    What a wonderful place for all dog lovers to experience! This cafe is on my definite must-visit places when I get to Bangalore. Can’t wait!

  53. Sheena Benedicta

    I’ve been here and LOVES it great post.

  54. Such a great social concept for pet owners! Always a bonus if the food is great too! Thanks for sharing!

  55. I love dogs so this would be right up my street!

  56. Goind to India this year. Hope your article will help me to discover more things. Thanks.

  57. I loooove dogs. How I would love to go here.

  58. emmaeatsandexplores

    Such a cute idea! I’m a dog lover but we can’t have one so I’d love to go and visit somewhere like this once in a while to get a cuddle fix in!

    • Exactly Emma. We also loves dogs but can’t have one at home right now. So, this place will be our go to place whenever we feel like playing with some dogs

  59. annalisanuttall

    Awww how cute. I wish we have something like this where I live. xx

  60. Awww so glad your little one had an amazing time! I’ve seen a couple of animal cafes (dog, cat, owl) and I gotta say, dogs are still the best 😛 I might be biased because we have a furbaby at home but they really are a man’s best friend!

    • Totally agree Ivy. Even I am biased when it comes to dogs. I had one when I was in my school, and we had so much fun together. Definitely, there is a reason dog is called a man’s best friend

  61. blofmitt

    There is a brewery in our area that does something similar to this. It’s a great concept for food & animal lovers alike.

    • Totally. I just hope with more and more of these places coming up, there is less commercialization and the animals are well taken care of

  62. What a fun and family friendly concept!

  63. This makes me so happy to know that people are as enthusiastic about their pet as I am! And, secondly the food looks delicious. Kind of surprising since the atmosphere is for both humans and dogs haha

    • It is like a sweet surprise..isn’t it? A perfect place for both dogs and human

  64. Really cute idea 🙂 All good for kids, adults and dogs! I went to a similar place in Ireland. It was really nice 🙂

  65. Andrea Broom

    This is such an awesome place to go in India!

  66. Dog and cat cafes seem to be increasing in popularity these days. It’s nice that this is one you can take your own dog to as well as others though.

    • Right Kate. Some cafes that I read about just have some pets but don’t let you take your own pets along. Some others are there where you can go with your pets but the cafe doesn’t have any. I guess this one is a perfect blend of the two

  67. This is a very popular concept back home in Melbourne, and there are in fact some cafes designed entirely for dogs with menus for dogs as well 🙂

    That pasta dish you had looked delicious as well!

    • Wow..really nice to know that. When I visit Melbourne, I will make sure to visit a dog cafe. Are they having their own dogs, like this cafe?

  68. I think I read about this on another blog. It must be quite a popular place.

    • O wow…this is recently opened in Bangalore, India. Few months back..

  69. TherPUP sounds so cool. The food looks great and the whole experience seems really fun and heartwarming. Thanks for this great tip.

  70. How interesting! I don’t have a dog but I can imagine people who have or are dog-lovers would love this type of place. And great food as well!

    • Totally Patti. Having a pet is not an option for us currently, but we love dogs. And we absolutely loved the place

  71. Awww, the dogs are so cute. But I am more of a cat person. It’s nice seeing more and more concepts like this appear in every towns’ corner. Even in our area, there’s a number of opening cat cafes and dog cafes!

    • Delighted to know that Andi. Would love to visit similar places in other towns also

  72. This is just fabulous! What a great concept, we love to take our dogs EVERYWHERE. They are our first children after all 😀

    • Exactly!! Thats why this place will have a great appeal to all the dog lovers

  73. Very interesting concept. It’s unfortunate that we are so far away from this place. It looks like a good place to meet with fellow dog lovers and let your dog socialise with other dogs in the area.

    • Absolutely Csecsi..it’s a wonderful place to socialize with pets

  74. Haha no I had no idea, but such a cute place though!

  75. nomadicfoot

    its really good to know that people are taking these kind of initiative. Its good to see a place where your pets can enjoy the moments with you.

    • That is so true. Many a times its a pain for pet owners to leave their pets behind at home while they head out. Since pets become an integral part of the family.

  76. This is so cool… I am not aware that dog cafe exist 🙂 And the dogs have even there menu, they are indeed the special guest/costumer… 🙂

  77. Aww that’s so adorable! I would spend hours and days on places like this! It’s a plus if they keep the place clean and stink free. 🙂 Dogs (pets in general) really do take your stress away and makes you a little happier – fact!

    • Completely agree Sarah. The hour that we spent here at TherPup was so refreshing and rejuvenating

  78. We have never heard of this place before! It is so special and we love it, we are animals lover and owners of a dog. We’d like to have one in our city too 🙂

  79. I love this idea as an avid dog lover. It would make me so happy to relax and pet some doggies. And they really do love us more than they love themselves. Also glad the food was really good. Always the worst when places have an ecclectic idea with bad food and drinks. Thanks!!

    • This place is so well maintained and clean that I really was surprised.

  80. This is indeed a unique cafe, do not see many of these in India. I never knew that one existed in Bangalore itself. It is definitely a great place to head out to with your best friend in tow.

    • It’s the first dog cafe of Bangalore and only 7 months back it got operations. I think that’s why not many know about it as of now

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