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Guest post by Josheph Anderson

Failing to know what gadgets will be able to help us out when we are traveling. Well, this is pretty much the story with all of us. We can’t take all the stuff that is in our home while we travel, right? So, we’ve to pick stuff smartly. Actually. there are lots of gadgets like sleeping bags, comping tents, and backpacking tents. These make your great journey  and traveling with best experience from awful to awesome. So, here is our list of Travel gear for when you’re on the go. Let’s dive in.

Luggage tracker

First Thing first. To start with, let’s face it, while traveling the one most annoying thing that happens with commuter is that they somehow lose their luggage somewhere. And most of such scenarios happen while boarding and de-boarding. So, there is a need to make use of something that will not only be able to help us from tracking our luggage down when it’ll go missing. But also, will make us feel secure and safe. So, imagine, how convenient it will be if we were not to worry about out luggage getting lost.

This is where our first travel gear, a Luggage Tracker comes into the picture. While a Luggage tracker is nothing but a small devices fitted with a GPS chip. But, it can be conveniently monitored via your smartphone. And also through PCs via the app. There is a device called ‘Trackdot’ that uses the GSM technology to send and receive alerts to the owner. And the only downside of this tracker is that there is a monthly, yearly and a lifetime subscription fee. The fee has to be paid to get the tracking functionality to work. When the device is under 30 feet from you, it starts sending a notification.

A high capacity Battery bank


Power banks are very popular travel gear these days. As, the smartphone won’t last for more than 12 hours a day on a normal day of usage. So, people have been purchasing power banks from many manufacturers nowadays. One of such battery pack travel gear is offered by Anker. The Anker PowerCore sports a whopping 20,100 mAh battery inside that can charge your smartphone almost ten times (Varies with smartphones). Thus, this is a must-have accessory. Particularly, while you are traveling. As there is a lot of chances of traveling to places where we often don’t have a steady charging point. And this is where the use of such battery bank travel gear comes into play.

Multipurpose Wi-Fi router

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Now, who doesn’t wants to remain connected to the outside world while they are traveling? Well, in this era where people have this tendency to remain connected to the internet 24×7, staying away from it, can be a bit annoying. This is especially for those who are bloggers. Or who are invested so much into their business that they need to check for many things online.

This next travel gear is just perfect for such people. HooTooTripMate Elite Wireless Travel Router. Which is a multi-purpose Wi-Fi travel router. Apart from providing a Wi-Fi Hotspot supports. It also does streaming audio, video and other media to other connected devices by just placing any USB drive in the USB port of the router. And a 6,000 mAh battery is sufficient to run the device of many days. This 6,000 mAh battery can also be used as a power bank for charging other devices. All of these makes it an all-rounder travel gear.

Waterproof Phone case

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The Fre Series Waterproof Case is for all the people who like to have fun while being drenched in the pouring rain. This would be the ideal case for all the people who are planning on having an adventure trip in a water park. Not to forget, if you are visiting a beach or even if you are attending a poolside party, you can prevent your phone from being wet. And while trekking, or traveling to remote destinations, it becomes all the more useful. Thinking to travel during the rainy season but afraid that your phone might get wet and damaged? Well, this is then just the right travel gear for you.

A Selfie Stick

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We all have come across the idea of taking selfies on the go. And while traveling also we all wants to click the perfect pictures of ourselves, without having to ask some stranger for the favor. After all, selfies are the fashion of the era. But, with so many people accompanying together it is very had to capture everyone in the same frame while clicking the picture. And this is where the selfie stick comes into the play. You can always enjoy taking great pictures with the Fugetek Professional High-End Selfie Stick. It can extend up to 49 inches and have support for the GoPros cameras also.

Final words

Well, there are still a lot many things left for us to enlist. All the above-mentioned items are pretty much the basics that you might just need while traveling. Please let us know in the comments about your personal favorite gears that you like to take with you on the go. For instance, if you are into hiking and camping, choosing a sleeping gear that best suites you can be tricky. Checkout this informative post on the best sleeping pads for backpacking . And we will be happy to include some of those in our article in future. Telling you about the best possible models that are available in the market.

Author Bio

This is a guest post by Josheph Anderson. Joseph Anderson is a writer at He is an avid camper and loves exploring new technology related to Fitness, sports and biking. He loves learning new things and Providing his reviews on the same.

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25 Responses

  1. sumit


    loved the concept of the luggage tracker, let me see if i can source one .. nice article btw 🙂


  2. Marion Halliday (Red Nomad OZ)

    I’ve never thought of having a luggage tracker before – it looks like a really useful piece of equipment, especially for travel in areas where things are more likely to go wrong!! I’d rather pay upfront than have a subscription fee, but the whole concept is very appealing to anyone (like me) who has ever had lost luggage!

  3. Aditi

    You have packed just the right travel gadgets here. I cannot leave my hotel without a power bank. A luggage tracker is something I haven;t tried yet, but should be a good bet to buy. Cheers!!

  4. Katchutravels (@Katchutravels)

    I ‘d probably pick the Wifi router which acts as a portable power bank.

  5. Agness of aTukTuk

    The battery bank is a must for me, especially when I’m on a road trip! Excellent ideas, Neha!

  6. Rishabh & Nirali

    We’ve not had much luck with luggage trackers but some of the entries like the power bank and waterproof case can be invaluable!

  7. Katherine

    I’m interested in the multipurpose wifi router. I’ll have to look up more info about it. I’ve been looking for a device to be connected once we go jetsetting haha. The fact that you can use it as a power bank doesn’t hurt! 🙂

  8. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    Wow, I get to read another great travel gear tips. I rarely read an article like this and I’m happy that I came across your blog. I like how you have listed everything in your blog. I really agree with all what you have written here as they all very important. Bringing a powerbank is really a great help whenever I travel, especially when I get to deal with long drive. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    • Neha

      Thank you so much. I am glad you like the info that you found here.

  9. Lydia Smith

    I couldn’t agree less with all that was written. Who goes far without a power bank? Not me…..

  10. Marge Gavan

    The powerbank is a must! Especially when I rely on my phone for photos and as we know, high-end phones get battery drained easily. What I want to buy now is a waterproof iPhone case, I seriously need it.

    • Neha

      You are right. We do rely on our phone a lot now a days for pics, navigation, recommendation and many more things. So, definitely, we need a power bank handy to charge them anytime anywhere

  11. Namrata

    Wow such an amazing article.. Multipurpose wi-fi router and luggage tacker are in my wishlist now 🙂

  12. Penny

    I’ve never checked the luggage tracker out before. In fact I did not know that actually existed. Definitely going to take a look at it!

  13. Sandy N Vyjay

    Travel gear is really important. With the advances in technology the gear that we lug along on our travels have also increased. Laptops, cameras, tripods, the works! I love the idea of a luggage tracker, it would be so convenient.

    • Neha

      You are right. A luggage tracker will be so convenient and helpful

  14. The Jerny

    battery bank is a must among all these! maintaining your devices’ batteries while on the go are a huge deal nowadays :3

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