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This has been a great month for Revolving Compass. It received the Versatile Blogger Award from Nicole Anderson of Camping for Women. And it also got into the directory of top travel blogs in India 2017. For a blogger, every award, every recognition no matter how big or small is a proud moment. And to be recognized by a fellow blogger is the best that can happen to one. Because when we are recognized by a peer, it comes with the best judgement possible – about our work, our way of writing, our strength and weakness – they know it all. So, we are really thankful to Nicole and the Camping for Women who honored us with this great recognition.

The Versatile Blogger Award

About Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award is a peer award that is given by the bloggers to the bloggers. The fellow bloggers who recognize the hard work, potential, honesty and beauty of fellow blog works, have the potential to pass this award on to them. Those who get nominated must then write about the award, (1) introducing people to the Versatile Blogger Award itself. (2) Introducing those who nominated them .(3) Nominating fellow bloggers in the process. So, this post is about our bit of share about the knowledge of Versatile Blogger Award as well as the one who nominated us.

Who nominated Revolving Compass

Revolving Compass was nominated by Nicole Anderson of Camping for WomenNicole is a true international persona. After growing up in Australia she spent a portion of schooling time in Japan! And she loves to travel. She is a breast cancer survivor, rather I would call her a warrior. And now she is engaged and going to be soon married to her partner, whom, she met during her travel. Her website, Camping for women, is for the sheer love of camping amongst women. It calls out to all women campers out there. And it is maintained for the women who love to camp, by the women who share this love of camping. It is full of information and stories about women camping. And ever since I learnt about this blog, I have become a huge fan. Since one of my top bucket list items is to go camping one day!!

7 Things about Revolving Compass & us

balancing travel and day job
In Kodaikanal resort garden

We, the faces behind Revolving Compass, Abhishek & Neha, take this opportunity through the Versatile Blogger Award to tell you some things about us that you might not be already knowing:

  1. We hail from two neighboring small towns of Bihar, India. During our schooling, collage and even graduation, we were as far from the concept of traveling extensively or blogging as possible. We both did our software engineering and are full time Software Engineers.
  2. So, when we got married, and went on our first trip post it (No, not really a honeymoon as it happened couple of months after our wedding), we really loved it. It was like, we were introduced to things inside us, and outside, that we never knew existed.
  3. And then we slowly became a frequent traveler. Having traveled to many parts of India including Ooty, Pondicherry, Shimla & Manali, Kodaikanal, Lepakshi, Mysore, Goa, Hampi etc.
  4. Somewhere during these tours, our love for writing developed. But, then it immediately came to halt, along with our trips, when we met with an accident. Read the details of story behind our travel stories here.
  5. So, technically, Revolving Compass was born just a year back.
  6. And since the time Revolving Compass has been born, we have travelled profusely. We went to Jaipur, Udaipur, Ranakpur, Chittorgarh, Kumbhalgarh, Mahabalipuram, Coorg, Wayanad, Paris, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Amsterdam, Bern, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Lucerne, Mount Titlis and then to Kabini back home in India !! So, we have been trying to prove to our fellows and readers that it is totally possible to be in a day job and travel profusely, if you love to.
  7. We do fight on who is going to handle what all work with respect to our baby – Revolving Compass. But there is one thing for sure, we both love to travel and write and we passionately want for Revolving Compass to grow day in and day out.

Our nominees for Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Mohit & his Jaunting Journeys. We met during our blogging journey and since then there has been no turning back. Mohit is also a civil engineer by profession but a traveler at heart. He has countless travel stories to tell. He has been a real peer. We share our passion for writing, travel, and also give and take honest feedbacks. You can check Mohit’s journey and also connect with him at his facebook page Jaunting Journeys , his tweeter account and instagram .
  2. Dr Sudipto De & his Salt&Sandles. We love everything about Sudipto. Be his passion about his writing and travel or his creativity that reflects in everything he does right from the name of his website to the beautiful places and cuisines that he will introduce you to. He is also a very active contributor to the print media and a well known name in Indian blogging sphere. You can follow his journey at his facebook page Salt & Sandles , his twitter account or his instagram account .
  3. Suruchi Mittal with AllGudThings. Another fellow blogger who is also a digital Marketer, photographer and a dentist!! We totally love the way Suruchi writes about hidden gems of places around the better known destinations. She will introduce you to beautiful homestays, offbeat paths, lesser known stories from the travel world. And a lot more. Check out her blog and connect with her through her facebook, instagram and twitter profiles.

Nominees, here’s what you will need to do

First of all, congratulations Suruchi, Mohit and Sudipto for the nomination. We know you totally deserve it. Here’s your task, that comes with the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Thank your versatilie blogger award nominator/presenter on your website, and link to their website.
  2. Select bloggers and nominate those you feel are worthy of the award
  3. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things that they might not be already knowing about you
  4. Display the versatile blogger award by linking it to your post!!
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28 Responses

  1. Indrani

    Congrats on you award. Got to know you better in your about me section.
    Congratulations to the successive winners too.

  2. Louiela Ann Analista

    Receiving awards is such an honor, congratulations…. With these awards, we are then being payed off and gives us the the inspiration to be more assertive to make the websites grow… keep up.

  3. thatguywithstories

    Dear Abhishek and Neha, all the best for your travel related endeavors. I hope that your passion for travel continues for very many years. If you are passing through Delhi, give me a shout. I am always happy to meet my travel blogger friends.

    • Neha

      Great to know you to Swayam…will definitely reach out to you when we plan to visit Delhi

  4. Cai Dominguez

    Congratulations! the 7 things about you is really interesting. Keep up the good work. I’m now checking the site of bloggers that you nominate. 🙂

  5. Aldrick Agpaoa

    Hi, guys! I’m so happy you got nominated on this one. Wishing you all the best in the blogging world!

  6. Sandy N Vyjay

    Congratulations on the Versatile Blogger award. I am sure this is just the beginning and you will go on to win many more laurels. Happy travelling and sharing of your experiences.

  7. Ami Bhat

    Nice to know you better Neha and Abhishek. Keep that flame of travel going. You guys are doing an awesome job! Congratulations on this award and cheers!

    • Neha

      Thank you so much Ami! The encouragement of peers like you really keeps us going..

  8. Marjorie Gavan

    Is the versatile blogger award the new Liebster award? I have been seeing it making rounds on blogs and I noticed that it shares the same mechanics as the Liebster award. Anyway, it’s nice to know some things about you guys. Sometimes we go around blogs and we forget that they’ve been written by real people so this is such a refreshing read. You are lucky that you two get to travel together. I hope to have a similar fate someday.

    • Neha

      Thanks Marjorie. The two awards are different. Since there are no established awards in the blogging fraternity as such, most of the awards are given by peers to each other and the format is kind of similar

  9. Karie

    Congrats on winning the Versatile Blogger Award and getting into the directory of top travel blogs in India 2017. I have recently started my blog ( four months ) and I always look for inspiring stories. I really admire you guys being software engineers and still finding time to travel and follow your passion. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. ambujsaxena05

    Feels like a warm community is awarding a meritorious blogger. I wish to congratulate Neha and the team at Revolving compass for another one under their belt.

  11. swatisinha09

    Congratulations. I agree with you that a recognition from a fellow blogger is extremely satisfying. Here to many more such awards

  12. Nicole Anderson

    Dear Neha and Abhishek – I am so happy you accepted this award as your blog is just so interesting, full of information and so enjoyable to read. Congratulations also for your achievement of being included within the directory of top travel blogs in India for 2017. I always look forward to reading the wonderful posts you share and I even hope to read about you having fun camping one day! Thank you also for your lovely words about Camping for Women and I wish you both and your blog every future success.

    • Neha

      Thank you so much Nicole for your beautiful words. And thank you once more for considering us for the nomination in the first place. It was a pleasure to know you better through this award.. 🙂 We love your courage and camping for women…looking forward to camp with you some day 🙂

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