Must have during travel Part 1 : Electronics

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Now a days there is a huge list of things one must have during travel with them. Some time back we wrote about how we continued traveling far and wide after having our baby. And the secret behind it – a bunch of travel friendly products for kids and toddlers that really helped us make our life traveling with our baby super easy and convenient. Along with the tips for traveling with toddler, that we have learnt and discovered over a period of time, touch wood, now it’s a breeze traveling with our kid.

Post this , we got a lot of enquiry from our friends and readers on what other products we use during our travel in general. That add to the convenience. And also, help us be efficient with our travel plans. So, we have decided to start a series on the same. And in this first part, we introduce you to some of the electronic items that we always carry where ever we go.

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An easy and portable pen drive

Actually, a very small pen drive, which can fit in any corner of the purse. But it’s of enormous use. It helps us store the soft copy of our important documents. Including our tickets, hotel vouchers, important contact details and what not. We normally carry our laptop also along with us. So, with a pen drive we can easily transfer data & print data stepping into a cyber-cafe or using our hotel’s lobby service. This way, our useful data is at our fingertips as and when we need it. Also,Β not to forget – it can as well store lots of songs and some movies and videos for road trips and those boring layovers and flights :). A must have during travel.

Must have during travel
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A compact Power Bank

We carry a small and compact power bank with us. Since we do visit remote places. Just a couple ofΒ months back, we visited a homestay in Wayanad where there was constant power cuts. And the drive was also a long one. When you are traveling for longer durations. Or, you know there are chances of power cut in your destination, better to be equipped with a power bank. It can help you charge all your other electronics including your phone and camera – whether you are on the move or stationed. A must have during travel now a days.
Must have during travel
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Universal travel charger

Well, I always have this question, why the world can’t be a little more symmetrical here. It would be so much easier for a frequent traveler. But anyways, it’s not. So much so that even the sockets tend to be different in different part of the world. And thus what comes to our rescue is a universal Β travel charger adopter like the below one. With this you can travel worldwide, tension free that when you arrive there, how are you going to fit your phone charger into the alien socket available πŸ™‚
Must have during travel
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Memory Card

Well, after all, a holiday is all about making memories. And we all capture memories during our travel. So much so that the phone, the camera everything tends to overflow at times. (Yes, that reminds me, I do have to make some space in my camera before the next trip !!). And what helps us here is a nice memory card. Easy to carry, easy to fit and easy to store. A tiny memory card that can help us capture lots of memories during our travel. Β This is our next must have during travel.

Must have during travel
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Amazon Kindle

Well, this is not something you can’t do without. But this is something everyone is bound to fall in love with. Many a times, when we travel, we need books and magazines to help us fill our time. During long queues, during the airport layovers, during the road trips and even in the hotels. After all books are our best friends! Moreover, we also need them to be our guide at times. There are so many guide books available for all the places. And we can just grab one to the destination we are headed to. How amazing it will be?Β But imagine carrying 100s of hard copy of books with you. How will you carry them? In your limited backpack. No way! Right. That is where Kindle comes in.

I know it has many amazing features. But the ability to carry my whole library with me in one small and compact device is what overpowers everything else for me. And it is my must have during travel. I have used it everywhere I have been. When I read a book on the beach or poolside in Goa. Or when I read one on that lovely window seat at the Lodge at Wah.Β Or when I had one always with me during those road trips around India. (And everyday while I commute to work..well ok, I know that won’t count)

Must have during travel
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An amazing camera

One thing that none of us wants to miss at. A must have during travel far or near. We have had experience with multiple cameras. But we intend to elaborate on that sometimes later. For now, let us emphasize the fact that a camera is a must of must to carry with you. I have seen people take pictures using phone or ipad, but for me somehow, the experience doesn’t match that of a camera at all. I need one all the time. Even if I am going out just in the town to explore a new place. I have a friend who carries her camera randomly and comes up with such lovely snaps that I am completely bowled over every time I peek into her camera.

Don’t want to carry a heavy DSLR or SLR tucked in your belt or hung in your neck all the time? No problem, here is a compact one to serve most of your purposes. And also doesn’t take up much space in your luggage:

Must have during travel
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Do help us grow our list by letting us know what other electronic essentials you carry during your travel. Do they help in making your life easier? In what possible ways? We will love to hear back from you.

Happy traveling!!

Travel essentials that are must have during travel - electronics that you must carry with you for convenient travel. Pen drive. Camera. Multi socket adopter.

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112 Responses

  1. Huh! I like the Universal charger! I think I should get one for my next long term travel! And I don’t have kindle yet, I have hard copy books! But these are so cool, camera shouldn’t be missed out!

  2. Great tips! Most of these, I already have in use. My universal adapter looks a lot different than that one thouh.. ha ha. It has so many parts, but it works so I’m ok with it. I totally see why this kind of posts are so valuable, like you mentioned the one with traveling with kids. When we first traveled with our baby, I went through so many blog posts about how to make traveling more comfortable.

    • You are right Paula. In our own case, we picked bits and pieces of information from different blogs and learnt over a period of time about these devices that can make our life easier. So, we thought to compile all our knowledge in one place to benefit other fellow travelers

  3. Add some earphones and minus the Kindle. I tend to use my phone for the kindle app. Makes it a lot easier. Rest of course, are a must

    • Yes, earphones are also a must. I tried reading kindle books on phone, but returned back to my kindle because I love the experience on kindle which is so close to real book.

  4. Great post and really useful. The power bank is so needed. The amount of times we’ve been in a remote place and electronics die. Great idea to make people aware of these things because you sometimes forget them. Thanks for sharing

  5. This is absolutely must have list of things on your travel. I had once difficulty as I forgot to travel Universal Travel adapter. I would also like to add enough memory cards for your travel pictures here.

    • You are right Parna..some readers suggested hard disk drive too for backup. Both memory cards and hard disk drives are great ideas

  6. digitaltravelg

    Great post and items.

  7. I carry all of this, and all are important while traveling. Great informative post. Thanks for sharing

  8. PackYourBaguios

    I carry all of these except for a Kindle. I use to be a big mystery reader, but since starting our blog, that has gone out the window. My #1 is my camera. I love my Canon Rebel!

    • Actually you are right. With our blog, our reading choices have also changed. But still, the reading continues for us πŸ™‚

  9. travellingslacker

    I actually carry an 1TB HDD with movies and stuff along with the laptop. I need to work and the entertainment is also taken care of. It is good to carry some good books but then the bag gets too heavy for its own good.

    • Wow..thats great. You carry your whole collection with you. I guess we should also start doing that

  10. filliabarden

    I don’t bring any pen drive with me, nor a power bank. But a camera is a must πŸ™‚

  11. These are actually must have gadgets during your travel. We tend to carry a little bigger portable charger though. There are so many things that have become essentials over the years.

    • You are right, there are countless things that have become essential over time πŸ™‚

  12. Through this blog post you have shared the quint essential electronic gadgets required but I am not too much of a camera person, so i carry a phone with a high resolution camera. It helps me get through the day!

    (Ambuj Saxena)

    • I am not that much of a technical person. Not sure if a phone can suffice in all the situations. I prefer the camera. But if you are successfully traveling with your phone camera, I need to update my phone info πŸ™‚

  13. I agree with having a universal travel charger! I once lost mine in a country that doesn’t have Apple stores, and it was sooooo frustrating!

  14. I am not a reading person during my travels so Kindle not for me but yes for all others. Honestly; i was not carrying pendrives earlier on my trips but i am gonna add this for sure now. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. A power bank can save you so much hassle when on the road, especially when you travel in remote areas where electricity is a luxury. I need to replace mine because it broke down, your post just reminded me that I need to do so before leaving on my next trip. And I agree, never leave without your awesome camera! πŸ™‚

    • Really, a power bank has become such a need now a days that we travel far and wide to remote areas

  16. There are so much that I would like to bring when traveling, but that is not always possible. I have worked around a system that at least works for me when it comes to electronics. It is actually only 5 electronic gears that I do bring. It is my camera, mobile phone, additional SD-card, power bank and a PC with reliable battery. With all these I know that I will be able to communicate no matter where I am as well as safely upload my photos to the cloud. Of course, I will need to find some accommodation from time to time with a fast wifi πŸ™‚

    • That sounds brilliant Jesper. Great that you have got it all covered with just 5 devices.

  17. Along with this I like to carry a monopod, a phone with gps and a warning to not use free wi-fi. Many cases are happening in India where phones and laptops get hacked with public connections on airport, station etc. Though great post Neha πŸ™‚

    • Wow..thats for that info Jatin. I am really not aware of it as I have not used free wi fi too often in the public places yet

  18. These are all great gadgets to bring not only when traveling but even when you’re just going somewhere important. When I attend blogger events, I carry these things with me: power bank, memory card, and digital camera. When I travel, I bring all of these and I even bring my laptop in case I need to transfer all the photos from my memory card.

    • You are right Nadine. These are becoming part and parcel of our life

  19. Good list of must have gadgets for travel. I sometimes wonder how I traveled without them couple of decades back.
    I have a ready list to check before I set off.

    • A ready list is really handy. Because I have realized over my travels that out of all the things, 80% are repeat no matter which part of the world you travel to

  20. I would agree with these choices although a lot of times I will bring a kindle and not end up reading it on the trip. W should really upgrade our camera but we just make do with the simple powershot compact one we have. The power bank is definitely a must as it has saved us many a time.

    • Correct. Even at times I don’t get time to indulge in my Kindle. But then, thats the point of carrying a Kindle. It hardly takes space, so, even if you are not able to read it, you can still carry it, isn’t it πŸ™‚

  21. I am all guilty of carrying more weight in gadgets than any other necessity! My only concern while carrying all devices is having a great cover and instruments to keep clean and good shape while on the go!


    • Thats a very good point Parampara. We must maintain the gadgets well for optimal results

  22. These are some of the things I carry whenever I am traveling too. I haven’t yet warmed up to the idea of a Kindle since I prefer the physical touch of a book. Universal travel adapters and Power banks _ i usually carry at least two.

    • Thats great to know Soumya. Carrying two chargers is really worth, particularly if we travel as a couple/family with more members to make use of it

  23. These are all great ideas and most of them are on my personal list to. Although I know a Kindle is much more practical I still love a traditional paper book πŸ™‚

    • I can relate Maria. I was like you with my books until I tried on a Kindle and then never looked back πŸ™‚

  24. Great list! Battery packs have become such a critical part of our packing these days. They are so light and convenient now.

  25. Absolutely agree! Though I would add even some device or way to properly make sure they don’t get stolen or ruined. t’s crazy how much tecnology changed our lives and our way of travelling. Just the thought of travelling without camera or Google maps makes most people panic!

    • Technology dominates our lives now a days..we can’t imagine living without all these instruments

  26. Oh dear, this is something I wish I could have leave it to my husband but funny enough he has no clue about electronic πŸ˜€ hahaha so ensuring we have electronic essentials during our travel is hanging on my shoulders. Thank you for this great post!

    • are the tech expert in your family! That’s really impressive.

  27. This is a great list of things you must have during travel, but I actually haven’t brought a camera on the road for a long time …

  28. Yes! I take all of these on my travels, except for a USB pen drive & Kindle. I can see how those can be beneficial so I will keep them in mind for my next trip, thanks

  29. Totally agree about the power pack, such an essential travel item

  30. These are great tips for essential travel electronics. We usually just use our phones or the cloud to store copies of important travel documents, but there are common case where those could be lost or unavailable. Having another small convenient backup like a pen drive is a smart idea. The power bank is also a life saver.

    • Thanks! Actually for cloud you need network. And with phone – yes the chances of loosing it are high on travel. So, one more backup helps. Plus it gives convenience of plugging it anywhere and taking a print of the document if required using the pen drive

  31. Yey I completed the list except for the Kindle. Not sure if it will help me along the way, but all other essentials are already in my backpack. These are really helpful to keep you moving and kicking for the next 2 days. πŸ™‚

    • Great to know that Andi. Kindle makes sense for book lovers, or even if you tend to carry guide books with you on the trip, maps etc. , then it can be a sleek storage for all of that, at your convenience and more handy than your laptop in certain situations

  32. I love my universal charger! Great for travelers.

  33. traveldejavu0

    Thanks for this great list! I have to buy few items from this list. and Imma gonna do it very soon! Cheers!

  34. Michelle du Toit

    I completely agree with all the items on this list! I have a DSLR camera but I also love my Olympus TOUGH TG-4 – it’s a tough, compact camera that is also waterproof and it’s been a heaven-sent to take amazing underwater photos of our snorkeling adventures. It’s fallen on so many rocks and cliffs and it’s super strong – highly recommend it!

    • Wow…thats great to know. We are actually evaluating some lenses and some underwater cameras. We will check this one out

  35. Yes, all of these are such life savers! I’ve been wanting to get a compact camera, but I’m constantly torn between taking photos and living in the moment whenever I travel. Haha!

    • I can understand that. Sometimes I choose to just live in the moment (And let Abhishek click the pics πŸ™‚ )

  36. A great list and I couldn’t agree most with getting a good camera. Certainly, I have only just got into photography seriously since starting my blog and it is a little heartbreaking to think of all the places I’ve been that don’t have any evidence of. Anyway, awesome post and thoroughly enjoyed

    • Thanks Gareth. Definitely we can now take pictures from phone and ipad and all. But the quality and memory can’t match that of a camera.

  37. Useful article. Electronics can make our lives incredibly convenient on the one hand, but also be insanely distracting on the other.

    • Thats so rightly said. But in today’s world, it’s difficult to live without them, however much damage they do to us at times

  38. Awesome List! I take the majority of these on my travels but I have never though of taking a pen drive as I back everything up on my laptop but that is a great idea to have a spare copy.

  39. What I really want to have is a camera. I only use my phone and though it takes decent photos nothing still beats the quality of a real camera. I just need to save up first before I’d be able to get one.

    • You are right Marjorie..nothing can beat the quality of a good camera. It’s so much fun to take pics when you have a good one

  40. These are my essentials while travelling πŸ™‚ especially my loyal camera!

  41. Great list of necessities to have on your trip. You are right, although not a necessity, a Kindle is something you would fall in love with along your journey. Everyone needs a good camera and memory disk as well to capture those great family moments. Thanks for sharing.

  42. One thing that I always carry is the universal travel charger but I should really invest on a compact power bank. It really is helpful in remote places.

    • it has helped us so many times when we were about to run out of our phone battery

  43. All of these are so essential for travel. Camera and power bank are a must for me among these. Great tips on the products here!

  44. I wholeheartedly agree with taking a kindle while travelling. I used to carry a few books with me when I first started travelling and my goodness they add weight to your pack. Very helpful list.

  45. Andrea Broom

    these are all great tips for traveling with all these must haves especially the electronics. I love having to do list with things I need when traveling. Thanks

    • Thanks Andrea. Indeed there are so many things big and small to take now a days and carry with you while you travel

  46. My first thought was ‘oh great, what new gadget must i purchase next’ but luckily, i already have all of these and could not imagine travel without hem

    • Wow..great to know that!! Indeed all these are like must haves for travel

  47. I absolutely agree with you, although unfortunately lately I realized how little energy is left after a long exploration day to read… πŸ™
    One thing I would add: as an individual traveler, organizing the next stages of our travels on the way and as a blogging-photographer keeping our blog alive and processing our pictures: I could not do without my laptop… πŸ™‚

  48. Very useful article. Coincidentally, I was arranging a trip of a Australian customer to India and forwarded your blog post to help them in the last minute preparation while boarding the plane to India to stay in an Indian home!

  49. This is some real helpful information. It could come real handy to traveller. Thanks for sharing!

  50. Technology sure does make travel a little bit easier. I have many of these products for myself! I have the kindle app on my phone, so I just read on that and it eliminates one thing to have to bring!

    • You are can have kindle app on phone and laptop. But for me, nothing beats the experience of reading it on the kindle. Since, it gives the feeling of reading a hard cover book, without straining the eyes

  51. I agree with these travel essentials! Electronics is an integral part of my travel esp when i need to work on the road…

  52. a pen drive…I would never have thought about that and always struggled when needing to print something! Thanks for the tip; now I feel stupid that I did not find this so easy solution on my own πŸ˜€

  53. I hadn’t thought of packing some of these things on my travels and often get caught out having to buy things while I’m away. Great list.

  54. Ah, the boon and bane of technology. We love it and we hate it, at the same time. And the list is growing. Soon, drones will become essentials too πŸ™‚

    • You are right…I remember, when I was small, we just carried a small camera with us. No mobile phones, nothing else. The list is growing, but it is also making the travel more convenient

  55. hellobackpack

    A laptop! Actually, we both currently carry a laptop. Not really convenient, but when travelling for a year we find it very handy.

    • A laptop is a must for travelers who need to be connected to the internet while they travel. We also carry our laptop with us. Only sometimes, we go to remote places and don’t have wifi there. Then it’s like a forced break from rest of the world

  56. Good list. Nowadays the list of electronic gadgets seems to be growing. Hope some day technology revolutionizes things to such an extent that all the gadgets can be combined into one. The universal adapter is a must, especially when traveling out of the country.

    • What a wonderful idea. Imagine not having to carry all these different things and that just one gadget would be sufficient..

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