The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

Since 2017, it seems like the year of experiencing homestay for us. With Norwood Greens and the Lodge at Wah in Palampur, Casa Coorg, Peepal Tree Kabini and several others. And just when the year ended with a great stay experience with Jaswant Niwas staying here for 2 days in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, little did we know soon we will be experiencing yet another homestay. This time, it was The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru.

The Courtyard Homestay Chikmagaluru

Over the past several years we have traveled to many different weekend getaways from Bangalore. These include Coorg, B R Hills, Pondicherry, Goa, Hampi, Mahabalipuram, Ooty, Munnar, Alleppey, Mysore, Kabini etc. But we didn’t have a chance to visit Chikkamagaluru so far. One thing that we clearly know, was that when we head to this town of coffee, we are going to stay in a coffee estate. And that also in a homestay. Since we have heard a lot about the traditional homestay experience in Chikkamagaluru.

The house at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

So finally, last weekend we stayed with The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru. This homestay has all the elements that one looks for in a homestay. To start with, the house is done in a very traditional Karnataka style. Located at one side of an almost 10 cares coffee estate, it is a small and beautiful cottage. The center of attraction in the house is the central courtyard. As it’s name suggests. On the front side of the courtyard lies the living area. With traditional sofa and wooden swings, this is a perfect setup for a family to spend some time together leisurely. On either side of the courtyard lies the entrance to two rooms. Thus, in total there are 4 rooms in the Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru.

The Courtyard Chikmagaluru

The other end of the courtyard contains an wooden almirah which contains extra bed linen, indoor games like chess, ludo, carom etc. extra crockery and cutlery and some towels. Near the almirah you will find some outdoor game equipments as well. On the opposite corner is a can of drinking water for the guests. All over the varandah as well as in the courtyard, you will notice small details that complete the overall traditional decor of the place. Like a copper kettle lying on a traditional wooden chair, traditional trunk for storing goods, beautiful traditional decor in the center of the courtyard, small copper artifacts and so on and so forth.

The rooms at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

The rooms at the Courtyard Homestay, Chikkamagaluru are done in very simple yet comfortable style. Each room has a double bed with comfortable cotton linen and small bedside posts to hold some of the items. There are wooden cupboards and a full size mirror that make for walking closet and vanity. And each room has an attached bathroom. The bathroom has provision for hot water, but not through a geyser. The hot water is provided through a traditional boiler. So, you need to tell the host or caretaker beforehand, in case you need hot water.

The Courtyard Chikmagaluru

The patio of The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

As you step out of the house, you arrive at a patio. At one end of the patio lies an wooden swing and some chairs. While on the other end lies the dining area. Since, the dining area is open, it is very airy. We enjoyed all the meals we had here. And we really felt it was very thoughtful to have the dining area outside the main house. Since this further ensured cleanliness. Just outside the patio is a small garden with beautiful seasonal flowers as well as roses and others.

The Courtyard Chikmagaluru

The hospitality of The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

As we have always felt, the hospitality that you feel at a homestay is combined with the warmth of a home. And so was the case at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru. While the owners themselves stay in the main town of Chikkamagaluru, there is a caretaker at the premises to take care of the guests. He is very helping and welcoming. Since the time we step foot at the homestay, he ensured that we had a comfortable stay, taking care of everything big and small. We took his cell phone number and would call him in case we needed anything. He was always there to help. There is a cook also at the premises who cooks traditional meals, tea and coffee. And is always available to help you out with anything else, with a lovely smile at her face.

The food at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

The Courtyard Chikmagaluru

Expect traditional and homely food at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru. As mentioned, the cook resides at the premises. The package includes all the three meals for a one night stay – lunch, dinner and breakfast for the next day morning. She will cook native and homely food right before the meal time. You can ask her or the caretaker what is there to eat. And in case you want to change something on the menu, you are most welcome. We had very nice traitional kannada meals while we were here. These included Ukkarisida Rotti, lemon rice, idlis with sambhar, kesari bath, payasam and many other dishes across our meals to cherish alonside curry and curd preparations. The food was so homely, even our little daughter had her meals well.

Apart from the food, you can ask for tea/coffee anytime you desire and it will be made available for you. In fact, along with the evening coffee, we also had some fried pakodas. Plus, a glass of milk for my daughter was also available when we had our tea/coffee.

Coffee estate at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

Morning and evening, we roamed around in the coffee estate of The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru. The estate is full of tall trees under whose shades the coffee plants thrive. Also, you will see pepper plants creeping along the stem of each of these trees. While pepper was not ready for harvest when we went. But, coffee was mostly harvested and was put for drying. Yes, the coffee is harvested, dried and then sent for processing. And upon processing, the homestay sells it’s own coffee. We very much wanted to buy but they were out of stock when we visited. If you want to buy some coffee while you head here, inform the host beforehand. And he will make sure that you don’t return without one.

The Courtyard Chikmagaluru

The walks that we had in the coffee estate were particularly refreshing. Although the night we stayed here, the next morning was very chilling. Still, everyone went out for a morning walk into the estate. And we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Activities at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

One will really enjoy if heading here with a group. Even better if you can book the whole homestay. That way you will have total privacy and the whole place to yourself. While the place is perfect to simply relax and laze around over a weekend, there is a lot more that you can do here. Here’s a list of things that you can do while at The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru.

  • Trekking through the coffee estate
  • Visiting the Deviramma Temple which is just 3.5km from the homestay
  • Enjoying freshly brewed coffee
  • Playing indoor games
  • Playing outdoor games
  • Enjoying a bonfire (you can ask beforehand for the hosts to arrange it)
  • They also arrange safari and treks, you need to inform in advance and it attracts extra charges


Our overall experience with The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru

We went to the Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru for just a weekend. We started from our home on Saturday morning by 6:00am and we were at the homestay by 12:00pm. While we settled in the house and refreshed ourselves after arriving here, the cook prepared a lunch meal for us. After having lunch, we just relaxed for an hour or so. While our little one was busy exploring the area. In the evening, we visit the Deviramma Temple. When we came back, we enjoyed steaming coffee with pakodas. And then simple chit chatted sitting in the courtyard. Thereafter, we had an early dinner and retired to bed by 9:30pm. Yes, I know that is pretty early. But for us city dwellers, the absolute peace that we felt at this homestay, away from the noise of the city, this tranquility was enough to put us to sleep so early.

the Courtyard Homestay Chikmagaluru
A beautiful morning at the Courtyard Homestay Chikmagaluru

Next day morning, we had a walk through the coffee estate before breakfast. We checked out after breakfast. And while on our way back to Bangalore, we visited some mountain peaks in Chikkamagaluru and the Belur Temple and Halabidu temple. We were really satisfied with our stay here, including the homely atmosphere, the tranquility, the warmth of the hosts and the cook and the tasty homemade food. Overall, we had a very relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. So, in our opinion that makes The Courtyard Homestay, Chikkamagaluru a perfect weekend getaway from the bustling city of Bangalore.

General tips on visiting Chikkamagaluru

  • Chikkamagaluru is a district in Karnataka, India, famous for it’s coffee plantations. It is fondly called “the coffee town”.
  • The main town of Chikkamagaluru is located some 250km from Bangalore. Further to the main town starts the hills wherein most of the homestay and hotels are located.
  • The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru is located on the main state highway itself, almost 30km further to the main town of Chikkamgaluru. And it can be easily located on google maps.
  • Network connectivity is a little low inside the homestay perhaps due to the dense trees surrounding it. But if you head to the main gate, then the connectivity is good.
  • The weather of Chikkamagaluru is moderately pleasant almost all through the year. Carry a light jacket when heading here.
  • If you happen to trek, carry comfortable walking shoes. There are several beautiful trekking trails around the town of Chikkamagaluru.
  • And if your purpose is just to relax amidst the greenery, you can head here for just a weekend.
  • But if you want to visit the places around Chikkamagaluru like the mountain peaks, waterfalls, trekking paths, temples etc. then stay for minimum of two nights instead of one.
  • All the basic necessities will be available in the main town of Chikkamagaluru. So, no need to worry about anything.
  • You can either self drive here, or hire a car, or take a bus from Bangalore or Mysore to Chikkamagaluru.

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  1. Sugandha

    We recently planned a visit to Chikmagalur in a group of 8 people. We reached this place at around 8 at night. We read a lot of reviews about this place and we were really excited to experience a stay in the middle of coffee plantation. But, to our surprise the place was exactly opposite to how we expected. I would give a negative value to their hospitality. It was no less than a service you get in a lodge kind of place. The rooms were damp and stinky with no maintenance. There was no provision of hot water and when we asked them about the extra bed, they gave us extra mattress instead of the bed. The furnitures were so old that they actually broke when a kid was sitting using them. The food there was pathetic and they said that the cook is available only before 7:30 pm. Secondly, when we called the owner of the place, he said that there is nothing that can be done and this is all that you should expect after paying 20k for a night’s stay. Coming to the food, it was pathetic and lacked any taste. The campfire also was a big disappointment as they did not have enough wood and had to burn papers which could last only for 5 mins. They just had one person to take care of all the needs. The owner was very unwelcoming and had a very bad attitude and was least concerned about the comfort of the guests. The next day also, we struggled for food and hot water. I would not recommend anybody to stay here after the horrible experience. Also, if you are at all planning to stay here, I would advise you to carry your own water as we could see dead insects in the drinking water.

    • Neha

      Oh..I am so sorry to hear about your experience Sugandha. When did you visit the place? Our experience was quiet on the opposite side. Sometimes we have to set the expectations accordingly when we visit homestays. They are not hotels. So, we can’t experience hotel kind of hospitality with multiple staffs at our disposal, availability of food at flexible timings and luxurious furnitures. But of course, at the same time, the rooms shouldn’t be damp, the water shouldn’t be infected and the owner has to be absolutely warm and welcoming. Basic cleanliness is a must.

  2. FS Page

    The Courtyard Homestay in Chikkamagaluru seems rustic and luxurious at the same time. The rooms are awesome, so seems the food. I would love to visit the coffee cultivation in Chikmanglur. On my last visit to Udupi, I was so packed with other things that I missed having visited here. Stay at this homestay seems like a complete package with such lovely activities offered by them. I would consider this homestay as my stay option on my visit there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Teja

    There’s something a bit Balinese about the layout. I like the notion of living a kind of semi-outdoors routine, like eating meals outdoors. Once I thought to build a house that facilitated this, but life went a different way. It is lovely to be hosted like this though, I think.

    • Neha it? These kind of country houses are really lovely. Not only attractive, they are very scientifically built. They are good for all weather conditions, well ventilated and all

  4. Manjulika P. Sehgal

    I have recently developed a liking for homestays and I must stay you had great experiences. I like the simplicity and the personal touch to little things at the Courtyard. Authentic food and interaction with locals are two factors that pulls me towards homestays. I would like to explore this one because I have not been to Chikkamagaluru yet.

    • Neha

      Great..when you head to Chikkamagaluru, definitely check this place out. But see if you can stay here with some friends or family. This place will be best enjoyed if you have it completely at your disposal and you have company at the premises.

  5. saakshirajat

    All these homestays are my favorite option to stay. The homestay you mentioned looks very peaceful and relaxing. I will definitely try this one out on my next trip to Chikmagalur.

    • Neha

      Sure Saakshi. Although if you have a company while you head here, it will be even better. As it’s a small home, and will be best enjoyed with some company at hand.

  6. Shaily

    Wow! Such a lovely stay! Looks like you had a relaxing and fun time. The place looks traditional and beautiful with lush nature around. The best part is the home cooked traditional food. I’ve never tried a homestay during my travels. I’ll be trying this option on my next trip. Looks cool!

    • Neha

      Thanks Shaily. You have got to try a homestay on your trip. It is a wonderful experience to stay in one.

  7. Adrenaline Romance

    Cool homey place! I like it that the owners did not “modernize” the place. You mentioned mountains, waterfalls, and coffee fields—-we’ll probably spend more than a night coz we love to trek around these places.

    • Neha

      Great to know, your choices of places sound so similar to ours. So, we can surely tell you are going to like this place

  8. David

    The Courtyard Homestay Chikkamagaluru looks like a nice wee place. It would be cool to take a wander through the coffee estate too

    • Neha

      Definitely David. It is so refreshing particularly if you trek around or wander in the coffee estate in morning or evening

  9. Nathan

    I could definitely spend hours strolling through the coffee estate which boasts of great natural scenery with all the greenery around! 🙂

  10. kjaroundtheworld

    Seems like a really relaxing place. Would definitely not mind spending sometime here. Love the outdoor space very much. It looks so inviting.

  11. Paula - Gone with the Wine

    Looks like you guys had a nice weekend. I like the list of activities, there is plenty to do there. Do you think a week there would be too long? The picture of the food just made me hungry.

    • Neha

      A week should be very nice. you can trek around a lot of beautiful paths around and explore the place thoroughly

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